Thank You For Another Year!

Im very thankful that I am given another year to explore. I thought this year would just passed by just like the other birthdays but thank you to my newly found CDObloggers family for making this day extra special. Even if you did made me feel bad this day but as Chiq Montes said "wala man to gituyo" because you taught I already know that you are going to surprise me. Thank you for the candles I blow and my first ever cake. No im not kidding! I dont really celebrate my birthday. There's a reason for it and I just hope someone will change this dumb thoughts or atleast show me that its ok to celebrate... lols (Im being dramtic na!). Anyways, Thank you also for the unending greetings in my Facebook Wall. Gosh! messages flooded there! Thank you to my KMPH family, plurk friends, and to some high school friends also.

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