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Looking Forward For Social Media Influencers Summit

It has been awhile since I attended a summit or a gathering of fellow bloggers and social media practitioners. So when I learned about Social Media Influencers Summit that will be happening in Cebu, I got interested and tought of joining. Was even more hype up when the organizers sent me an invitation to attend the event. This could also be a chance to visit some friends who's in Cebu. (Wooohoo!)

Social Media Influencers Summit

Social Media Influencers Summit will be March 16, 2013 at JCenter Convention Center of JCenterMall at Mandaue City, Cebu. There are around 300 social media influencers and users expected to attend th event.
The summit’s theme is the summation of two words: “Trending” + “Forward”
“Trending” means “the general direction in which something tends to move.” Each individual or company may have separate goals, but the ultimate goal of any “Social Media Influencer” is to create a buzz for its cause to make it appear on the “trending” topics of the social media networks.
“Forward” is being used to depict the innovation/presentation that each social media influencers should do to reach and influence the target audience. Buzz is not created by all. It is practiced by those who had mastered it. And this craft is fast changing with the dynamic preference and attitudes of the social media users.

Aside from the summit there were activities set before and after.

Cebu Bloggers Society Appreciation Night 2013 and Social Media Influencers Summit Launching.
February 15, 2013 (Friday) at 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Harolds Hotel
Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City

Social Media Influencers Summit 2013 JCenter Convention Hall
March 16, 2013 (Saturday)
JCenter Mall, AS Fortuna Avenue

Mobile Trip 2013
March 17-19, 2013
On Selected locations

What Im looking forward on the event?

I am looking forward on hearing our very own CDObloggers President Vic Marion Madriaga, who will be talking about Social Media Success Story for Advocacy. His one reason I want to attend the event because I want to give my support.

Much more than that I am also interested to listen to the speakers since they will be tackling interesting topics on Social Media and its impacts. Here are the speakers and their topics:

  • Maria A. Ressa - Social Media Influencers Summit 2013 Keynote Speaker

  • Vic Marion Madriaga - Social Media Success Story for Advocacy

  • Maria Irene Aserios - Impact of Social Media Influencers in national and Local Politics

  • Mary Jane Cabrera - Community Social Media Influencers at Work: The Iloilo Bloggers Experience

  • Hannah Almira Amora - Facebook Success Story: How we raised One Million Pesos in Three Months

  • Atty. Ethelbert Ouano -Minding Social Media Rights and Responsibilities

  • Janette Toral - Am I a Social Media Influencer

  • Fitz Gerard Villafuerte - Maximizing the use of Social Media for your Business

  • Lisa Marie Mirasol - Social Media for advocacy Success Story: One for Iliganof Iligan Bloggers Society

With this line up of speakers I would surely looking forward to go home with lots of inspiring stories on being a social media influencer and also how to be an effective social media influencer.

I cant wait for March 16, 2013!

Social Media Influencers Summit is sponsored by Megaworld Corporation, Smart Telecommuniction, J Centre, Blue Water Resorts, Pinoy Great Deals, Click Photo ClubBluewater Maribago. With Partner Organizations; iNewMedia Online NetworkCebu Bloggers SocietyCebu Blog Camp, Ilo-Ilo Bloggers, Google Business Group Cebu.

Social Media Day in CDO! #smday

Earlier today I joined CDObloggers Social Media Day celebration. This celebration started year 2010 initiated by Mashable to recognize the digital revolution. Now on its third annual Social Media Day celebration CDOBloggers group organized Social Media Day CDO for Kagayanon social media users. Cagayan de Oro City was one of the 461 cities who joined Mashable Social Media Day Meetups.
Social Media Day in Cagayan de Oro was held at BFB, Limketkai. I was not supposed to attend the gathering but for some lucky reasons and kind people I made it and attended the event. A few minutes after I arrived the fun started and the Pizza and drinks was served. A perfect timing for hungry me! :D
While enjoying the pizza CDObloggers President Vicmadz had another exciting brain exercise and asked us to introduce our self by using an adjective on the first letter of our name. If your curios how I introduced myself... It's V for very sexy.. :D
Most of us who attended in the celebration already know each other except for Jerick who came all the way from Iligan City and Onin, Sanasanz friend. Nice to meet you guys!
And oh! Ah come back CDObies also came Yani and Bryan.
Our special guest on the celebration is Mindanaoan who shared a lot of her experiences, perks and some disadvantages in being one of the influential social media user.
There was a raffle and three lucky peeps namely Robstroy, Yani and Roxanne, won web hosting from Congrats y'all!
The class picture! There were some people arrived right after this class picture though. So its not a complete class picture. :D

Big thanks to our awesome sponsors:

The CDObloggers 2012 Kickoff!

CDOBloggers Inc just recently inducted the new set of officers for the year 2012 last February 26, 2012 at Lokal Grill. Members had fun chill-out and bond! Everyone had a blast singing there hearts out, showing off all there powerful pose and use all the strength in just one game. Yeah, im not kidding it was one hell of a game that our President Vicmadz organize. (-.-) Will definitely not join on another game the President will organize. lol
Anyway, after the videoke the induction took place. Officers as well as members had an oath taking ceremony and then signing of Memorandum of Agreement(MOA). Followed by a message from the Founder/Board Member Chiq Montes and the newly appointed President Vic Marion Madriaga.

Cagayan de Oro Bloggers Officers for 2012

President: Vic Marion Madriaga
Vice President-Internal: Venus Mabale
Vice President-External: Roxanne Hambre
Secretary: Jacques Agbon
Public Relations Officer: Eleanor Aguilar
Treasurer: Rob Gunayan
Auditor: Elva Agbon

As one of the set of officers we will word hard for this year and hope to gain more active members. We already set out a project plan for the whole year that you will surely look forward. Please do check the activities below and save the dates. We hope to meet and greet you all. ;)

For Membership Sign-up: 

Read more from fellow CDO Bloggers:

Me on Social Media Promotions

I know I've been off the hook in this blog for a month already but anyhow ill post updates soon. For now I just want to invite all who are interested to learn about blogging, web marketing and working from home.
I will be one of the speakers of CDOBloggers 3rd Blogging Workshop. I will be sharing my knowledge on social media promotions. Unlike my previous talks this one I think is more on the serious business talk. I'll share a bit of an overview on my topic...

Social media has different web based technology tools which allow folks to connect quickly online to share reviews and information. Regardless what type of media you will be sharing online, with the click of a button you could already reach local or global audiences. As a matter of fact Youtube is the second largest search engine in the word and in the US, there are 149M active Facebook users, 70% log in once a day. So imagine the impact in using this on web marketing and promotion along with other popular and interactive social media platforms.

To know more on maximizing your social media promotion CDO Bloggers group will be having a 3rd Blogging Workshop on October 22 · 1:00PM - 5:00PM at Loreto's Grill and Restaurant.

Buy tickets now because seats will be limited. Ticket is inclusive with not only the web marketing tips but also with 1 snack and certificate.

And earlier today, I just received a packaged from Miss Aileen Apolo-De Jesus with Google freebies. This freebies will be swags at the workshop. You might be the next one wearing this hot items from Google so buy you're tickets now!

For more details visit: CDOBloggers 3rd Blogging Workshop

The CDObloggers School Tours

As a way of sharing and helping others on the awareness about blogging we CDObloggers are having a series of School Tours to different schools and universities. This free workshop on blogging will help students understand the concept of blogging, encourage confidence in writing an online journal to enhance writing skills, share knowledge and get an idea of the endless possibilities online.
Photo from Em Cortez
Last March 2011, the first CDObloggers School Tour happened in Cagayan de Oro College (COC). It was attended by the Mass Communication students. I was one of the speakers sharing about
  • Content Development in Blogging
  • Richard shared How to Customize your Blog 
  • Edu on Blogging Ettiquette 
  • And Mike on the About Us of CDObloggers Organization.
The students were very attentive and silent that adds up the nervousness I felt from the start. Even if that was no longer my first time to talk on workshops I still feel nervous. Well, I always has this speakers dilemma of whether or not they are going to understand everything I discussed in front. :D

The second CDObloggers School Tour happened last August 13, 2011 at the Mindanao University of Science and Technology (MUST). It was attendend by more or less 270 Information Technology (IT) students. When we arrived, the AVR was already roaring with noise because they were having a little program before the workshop. The topics discussed were;
  • Blogging and its benefits by Chiq
  • Different Types of Blog by Me
  • Blogging Ettiquette by Edu
  • About CDObloggers Inc by Vic
The students were very alive and responsive so the minute I step on the stage my nervousness flew away. They are also attentive and you can see that others even take down notes from our talks. Which really gives us, speakers, a boost of confidence that they are listening to everything we shared.

In behalf of my fellow CDObloggers group thank you very much to COC Mass Communication students and MUST Information Technology students. It was a pleasure sharing our knowledge to you and we hope we have imparted knowledge that will help you through.

For schools who want a blogging workshops feel free to contact us or email at cdobloggers[@] For more info about CDObloggers group just visit

My Bloggers’ Choice Award: Bukidnon Online

My vote for Philippine Blogs Award 2010 Bloggers’ Choice Award will be for Bukidnon Online because it provides readers with updated news and latest events. Bukidnon Online also aims to help promote the tourism of Bukidnon and also provide comprehensive info and guide of the best places that we should visit and check out. It also encourage and inspire for fellow Bukidnon people as well as bloggers to take part in making there voices be heard by sharing their own ideas and suggestions on any issue at hand. Additionally, Bukidnon Online is a certified Mindanaon blog which is truly worth voting for!

How about you? Have you voted for your Bloggers Choice Award? Vote now because deadline will be before 11:59 PM of December 11, 2010.

Bukidnon Blogging 101 & Make Money Online

It was a fun and challenging experienced yesterday during the Bukidnon Blogging 101 and Make Money Online at Malaybalay, Bukidnon. The event was organized by Miss Irene Aserios of and invited the CDO Bloggers as the speakers. This plan supposedly takes place months ago but due to schedules of both Irene and CDObloggers Group is so busy the event was always postponed. However, yesterday the event successfully concluded and the new Bukidnon Bloggers group finally emerged with a new set of core group. Together with 10 CDObloggers we travel Malaybalay early morning, 7 of us were speakers of the event and the other 3 are the support group.
As one of the speakers in the event it was not easy. I was not used in talking in front of a big crowd. And even though CDObloggers already organized several blogging events I still got stage fright. Well, during this series of blogging events I'm the person behind the cameras so my stage fright is justified. :D Oh! I remember I did experience being the speaker once. It was during one of our Blogging 101 forum this year but it was not a big crowd. Anyways, I'm so glad my talk went well and that I was able to share my knowledge to fellow bloggers and aspiring newbie bloggers.

The Bukidnon Blogging 101 would be one of my good memories to remember because not only I was one of the speakers but also I witness the organizational meeting of the new Bukidnon Bloggers group which took place after the workshop yesterday. I was happy that finally they have an organized group and active core that is willing to give time and effort to help promote not just Bukidnon but also Mindanao. And as I can see from their meeting yesterday the group will be very busy the next months because Irene already asks support from Bukidnon’s very own Migs Zubiri and some other big personalities that are willing to support the group and its cause.

Check out the Bukidnon Blogging 101 & Make Money Online participants blogs:

MFAT Soccsksargen Summer Safari On SunStar Davao

Photos grab from Ria's facebook

I saw this picture from Ria Jose in Facebook today. MFAT Soccsksargen Summer Safari was featured on SunStar Davao. My stressed-from-6-hours-travel (CDO-Davao) face was seen on local newspapers in Davao! Oh diba bongga! :D

Why I Like Ganda Ever So Much

Being part of the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 3 gave me the opportunity to know fellow bloggers not only from Mindanao but also from other places in the Philippines. In that event also I met the famous Manansala bloggers from General Santos; Avel ( and Orman ( And this is how I found out about Ganda Ever So Much by Orman Manansala.
When I first visit the blog I said "Wow I love the layout very unique!" yun talaga una ko na notice specially the hands on both sides of the blog and ofcourse the frog icon on the header which I fine weird at first. Hindi ko kasi gets eh… lols. Anyways, when I started reading his blog post I enjoyed it a lot. I remember the first blog post I read it was “Bakit katamad maligo pagweekend?” natawa talaga ako sa post na yun kasi nga totoo lahat. Since then I got caught up and then go on reading the past blog post. Ang maganda sa blog ni Orman is that the way he posted his blog post na patula so hindi ka talaga ma-bore sa kakabasa. Dalawa din sa sinusundan kung post ay ang emo-ness ever moment and the emo tips. Hehehe… Emotera kasi ako kaya relate ever ako sa mga blogs ni Orman. So whenever he shared his blog post on Facebook I click and read it talaga but not now anymore because I am already his subscriber. :P I admit hindi ko talaga na-isip eto not until I joined his first week blogversary contest which required to subscribe on his blog. ;)

Ganda Ever So Much!

Happy 1st Blogversary!

Meron pala kaming bonggang picture ni Orman during Summer Safari in Gensan. (Thank you Orman sa paalala.) Taken by Robstroy at Pacman's Sports Bar. Oh diba ang Ganda ever so much talaga kami! :P

A Weekend of First Experiences: Day 2

Day 2

Breakfast at Dolores Farm Resort. This was another first for me since Dolores Farm Resort is located at Polomolok South Cotabato. Imagine, ang layo ng inabot namin!
Enjoy sa place kasi my swimming pools, zoo, and restaurant. Definitely a good place to relax and chill…

On the way to our next adventure dumaan kami sa Koronadal City. First time ko din doon!

Seven Falls Zipline Adventure in Lake Sebu. My first zipline experience happened here. Grabe ang ganda ng view na makikita mo sa taas and the thrill.

Lunch at Punta Isla Lake Resort. The never ending food trip is not finish yet. Ang ganda view sa Punta Isla it’s a great place to visit.

Ang sarap din ng cupcake from Rolee Bakeshop na pangtawid gutom while waiting for lunch to be served.

Snack at Merl's garden Resort. CDO bloggers didn’t get the chance to visit here since we went back to experience the Seven Falls Zipline Adventure. Enjoy din daw dito kasi may zipline din.

Coffee at Balai Bistro, Koronadal City. Dito na namin naabotan ang iba pa naming kasama sa Safari. Ang sarap ng coffee na barako nila.
Ginutom kami sa zipline kaya nag-order kami nang food and I tried Balai Bistro’s Lasagna. Ay naku, heaven sa sarap! Nabusog talaga ako. Sarap din ng tea nila I forgot to ask kung ano meron doon pero mukhang mascubado ang lasa.

Before going to our dinner venue we stopped at KCC Mall because Avel pick-up the Cassava Cakes from Kakanins At Iba Pa. Avel gave each one of us as a pasalubong and he also gave us a tour around KCC Mall. Mangha talaga ang mga CDO bloggers sa malls ng Gensan, 3D na mostly yung Cinema nila.

Dinner at The Red Tent Steakhouse. Ang sarap ng steak dito! Talagang nakakabusog ang lahat ng pagkain nila. Ang ganda pa nang ambiance.

Night Cap at Café Amoree. Hindi na ako sumama kasi im so tired na talaga.

Big thanks to Davao bloggers, Soccsksargen bloggers, Avel and Orman Manansala for the warm welcome and for accommodating CDO bloggers and most specially to Mayor Jun Acharon for our vehicle and the Lechon he gave at Piyesta and to all the generous sponsors.

A Weekend of First Experiences: Day 1

I just had a weekend full of first time experiences last May 29- 30, 2010. It was actually not just a series of first experiences but also a lot of travels, food trips and adventures. It was definitely a weekend I would never forget!

Day 1

Land Trip to Davao via Starrex. We left CDO at 4 AM and then stop at Jollibee, Malaybalay for breakfast. We also had an unexpected stop approaching Sea Gull Area because we had a flat tire. First ko sa Davao kaya excited ako sa trip!

Lunch at Ranchero’s Grill. When we arrived in Davao we headed directly to Ranchero’s Grill where Davao Bloggers waited for us. Busog na busog kami sa sarap ng food like kilawin, kinilaw, karagatan soup, seafood kare-kare, ranchero ribs, seafood platter, isda sa misu, pancit, vegetables seafood and fruit deserts.

Land Trip to Gensan via Bus. Magkakasama na ang CDO bloggers at Davao bloggers this time. The travel was fun since I get to see nice views. We passed so many Farmtowns... lols Travel to Gensan is another first for me!

Arrival in Gensan and Check-in at Ice Castle Experience. We were welcome by the owner Rey Billena. And nalaman namin na kaya pala Ice Castle Experience ang name ng hotel kasi 'it’s the hotel that ice cream built'. I like the design and decoration ng hotel simple and very comfy ang room gusto ko na nga matulog kaya lang the night is not over yet.

Aperitif drinks at Pacman’s Sports Bar. Kung avid fan ka ni Manny Pacquiao then you should not miss visiting this place in Gensan. Lahat ng memorabilia ni Pacman andito. Dito din namin luckily nakita si Pacman playing billiard later that night and that’s another first!

Sa Pacman's Sports Bar pa lang busog na kami sa drinks and food nila. Pero hindi pa doon natatapos ang kainan…

Welcome dinner at Le Jardin Arnevel's. We were welcome by Maam Nitz, the owner. It was an awesome dinner kasi ang sarap ng pagkain halos fave ko lahat. They served us with different kinds of food; Vegetables, Salad, Fish, Tahong, Crabs, Lechon. Ang ganda pa nang ambiance kasi dinner by the poolside gusto ko nga sana maligo pero too bad I didn’t bring any bathing suit. Ang maganda din sa place is affordable ang entrance at 20 Php makakaligo kana at you can bring your own food too. You just have to rent there cottages though, pero meron ding affordable na table and chair which is 50 Php lang ang rent. The place is also a good venue for special occasions and Maam Nitz caters food too.

Bloggers Grand Eyeball at Piyesta KTV and Resto Bar. Isa din eto sa hindi dapat pinalalampas na bisitahin sa Gensan. It was my first time to drink a Jell-O Syringe Shot, Gayuma drink and Rhum tea ang sarap talaga. Napansin ko din that they have spicy foods so kung mahilig ka sa ganitong pagkain then this place is for you!
Actually, nakakain ako nang ma-anghang na pagkain kaya na lagok ko ang isang basong Rhum Tea na akala ko Ice Tea! Lols…
The Bloggers grand eyeball that night was fun CDO, Davao, Gensan and Kidapawan Bloggers get to hangout and know each other. Ang nakakatawa that night was that ang reaction ng lahat pagsinabi na ang plurk nickname. Official tambayan ng bloggers na talaga ang Plurk. lols...

Big thanks to
Davao bloggers, Soccsksargen bloggers, Avel and Orman Manansala for the warm welcome and for accommodating CDO bloggers and most specially to Mayor Jun Acharon for our vehicle and the Lechon he gave at Piyesta and to all the generous sponsors.

CDO - Davao - Socsargen Bloggers' Tour / Soccsksargen Summer Safari

I'm packing my things right now for a weekend adventure in Davao and General Santos tomorrow. Its going to be a 3 days vacation and food trip. This is going to be exciting since its going to be my first time in both places and I will get to hangout with fellow CDObloggers, Davao Bloggers and SoCCSKSarGen Bloggers at the same.

I cant wait for the trip after reading the fun activities that in store for us in Gensan at Ganda Ever So Much. Weeeeeee...

My Succesful Blogging 101 Mini Forum Experience!

CDObloggers Blogging 101 Mini Forum was a successful today!
It was an instant plan to organize mini forums as part of our summer activities. So within a week we need to prepare a presentation for Blogging 101 since Red team was the first presenter. As the team leader I got stressed on how to handle things out since I’m not good in speaking in front of everybody. Most of my  group mates are busy and others don’t want to speak-up so I had no choice but to overcome my fear.
Anyways, Im glad that we pull it over and finish the event successfully. As well as help newbie bloggers the basics of blogging, setting up their own blog in free hosted and self-hosted, and content development. The feeling was great and happy!

Looking back a year ago, I was a newbie and don’t have any idea about blogging. I just created my on blog when I got to hangout with blogger friends -- the CDObloggers. I was thinking that in order for me to belong in the group I need to learn and experience what blogging is. So I set-up my first blog which is the “Something Learn and Discover” in this blog I just post whatever interesting things I discovered and learned. From then on I started experimenting from customizing my blogs template to learning to optimize my blog to gain more traffic in order to earn. And when I got confuse at something or need assistance I just ask help with my fellow CDObloggers whenever we get to hangout or meetings. I could say that joining CDObloggers has given me a lot of influence when it comes to blogging because aside from the fact that I get to network with fellow bloggers I was also able to participate into different activities and workshops that gave me additional knowledge. And now my latest accomplishment in this group was that I got the chance to teach newbie bloggers during the Blogging 101 mini forum. ;)

By the way, a big thanks to Smart Communications for our very nice freebies and to our venue which is Vienna Kaffehaus. The place was very great they offer nice service and comfortable function room at a reasonable price. It’s sad that on our SEO Mini Forum they won’t be able to cater us because of the scheduled power interruptions. Hopefully we could come back on our future mini forums.

CDObloggers Summer Activities

CDObloggers is back on track again! We plan different activities for this summer so join us and learn. Below are the blogging activities for April.

April 17, 2010 Blogging 101 Mini Forum
April 18, 2010 SEO Mini Forum
April 24, 2010 Make Money Online Mini Forum

VENUE: Vienna Kaffehaus
TIME: 3:00PM - 5:00PM

April 25, 2010 Beach Party



Dinner Before The Big Day!

Mindanao Bloggers Summit 3 Pre dinner party was sponsored by Loreto's Bar and Grill. It was fun dining with our MBS 3 host Migs Hipolito, PBA representative Juned Sonido, PBA volunteers and MBS 3 Organizers. We were expecting other guests and speakers of the MBS 3 to join us in that dinner but sadly, they didn't arrive. Anyway, the food was great; our stomachs were in full tank mode lols. At least for a while we had fun playing billiards and singing videoke before heading back to Pearlmont Inn and continue preparing for the event the next day.
Thank you very much to Loreto's Bar and Grill!

Photos from Juned.

After Mindanao Bloggers Summit 3

Hello Sunday!
Aching body and stomach, watering nose, hard cough and manly voice. This is what I get spending 96 hours sleepless, restless and not eating properly. Who could think of sleep, rest and eat organizing that bloody Mindanao Blogger Summit 3 event anyway? If only we had lots of money and just hire an event organizer to do it all, then no sweat. Sadly the funds are small and even though we have lots of sponsors 80 percent of them are all ex-deal. And hey! Where could you find an event where organizers itself paid their registration fee for the event also?!? It may sound funny but I'm not kidding... The CDObloggers were that committed that amidst the struggles, problems and difficulties we've had the past months we still manage to go on with the event.
And despite the effort some manage to gave their bloody hell feedbacks on their blogs. I haven't read it and have no plans of reading it for now. Maybe next year I might read it but thanks anyway since he manage to comment about the event (Yun nga lang bad comment!). I just need to heal my "pains"... hahahah Whatever! Even if they will turn the world upside down we cant bring the past and correct the mistakes anyway. Actually, in the event some commented personally that it was successful. Just so you know this event would have been much successful if not because of the misunderstandings and churvaness happened!
Oh by the way! Thanks to the SPONSORS for the support, to the SPEAKERS for sharing their knowledge, PARTICIPANTS for sharing their time and to my fellow CDOBLOGGERS ORGANIZERS.

Chill! Ok ra na maka-recover ra mo!

Mindanao Blogger Summit 3 Poster!

Thank you very much to our generous sponsors for helping this event possible!

SM City Uptown Mall Blogging Entry

My Splendid Experiences @ SM City CDO

I rarely visit SM City Cagayan and if I do I see to it that I would surely enjoy every minute of it. I find it advantage when I visit in SM City Cagayan on my own because I get to be anywhere I want to enjoy and chill.
I usually love to have fun at the Arcade and play games. It feel so good to just enjoy and be a kid again. I also love to sing my heart out at the videoke booth not minding if I got the tune right.
Next, I usually don't miss to drop and shop at Artwork since I love the designs of their blouses. And I also spend much time at Department Store where I could look for affordable things or anything to shop that would satisfy my craves for dresses and shoes. I don't really shop to much since I only got tight budget for my outfits. However, I like to stroll around the shops and boutiques and do some window shopping for me to have some ideas of new fashion looks that I could use when I mix and match the dresses I got in my closet.
And if I got tired of strolling and just want to rest. I watch a movie at the SM Cinema. I like to watch at the Cinema because its very comfortable and the atmosphere is freezing that you would love to hug the person next to you. Good for those who watch movies and have tag-along friend or lover.
My last stop is my ever favorite of all, the food shops. I usually ate at Jollibee and order my favorite value meal which is the burger, fries and softdrinks. Or If I want a full meal I ate Chowking and enjoy the Pork Chow Fan, drinks and halo-halo.
Thats it Folks! I hope you enjoy my splendid experiences at SM City Cagayan. Im looking forward for more wonderful shopping and chilling experiences at SM City Cagayan especially now that they already launched a mall wide Wi-fi access.

Philippine Blog Awards in CDO

I am looking forward for the Philippine Blog Awards here in Cagayan de Oro. Even if my blog wasn't nominated my fellow CDObloggers were nominated anyways. I do hope they would win an award. This will be held at Pearlmont Inn after the Mindanao Bloggers Summit. The following are the nominated blogs of CDObloggers:

Bloggers’ Choice Special Award

Travels and Tours

Best News & Media Blog
Cagayan de Oro News Online

Best Business Blog

Negosyo Ideas

Best Hobby & Recreation Blog

Pinoy Experience Mountain Biking and Outdoor Philippines
Best Beauty Blog

The Doctor Is vaIN

Check out Philippine Blog Awards Site for more details.