What I Wore | Pink Long Top/Dress

Hey everyone! Hope you're having a fun and well-spent weekend.
This long top or rather dress I'm wearing is not mine actually... A friend who is equally fashionista and more shopaholic than me purchased this online at Shopthiseasy.com.
At first glance, I know why she purchased this... It's because she loves pink. However, she told me she purchased this because she finds it very attractive on the model. ^_^ hahaha

Do you buy clothes because it looks very pretty and attractive on the model/mannequin? 

Well, I use to do this before, but not now anymore. Nowadays, when I buy I have to think of the comfort, flexibility, and functionality of the clothes.
Back to the dress details... 
Its cloth is suede fabric. The style is perfect for my friend because she is pregnant. The golden mask feather Corsage can be optionally removed if you don't like it.
Lastly, it was on sale so it's really a good buy.

The model that made my friend purchase this dress. Photo grab from the online shop.

Long top/Dress: Shopthiseasy.com