What I Wore | Knitted Top and High Waist Denim Skirt

Hey everyone! How was your weekend?
As for me, it was a weekend well spent. 
I just started watching Hart of Dixie and really getting hooked on it. So this TV show just ended its last season this March 2015 and I just learned that there will be no season 5. And that rumors has it that in season 4 the episodes not getting interesting. Im still far away though, Im still in season 1. And since I am still very interested in it, will see. 
I just love Rachel Bilson in this TV show. She's drop-dead gorgeous. I also love her outfits, so chic!
Anyone of you watched Hart of Dixie too? 
Now, about my outfit... Talking about denim being never out of style. This high waist skirt has been mine from college days. And that's more than 10 years ago... And it still fits me?! Wow!  I remember buying this with my girl friend... Risa. We both have the same skirt, you know that matchy-matchy fashion we do with our besties. ;D
On my top, I also shop this with my other besties... Dee has her fave pink knitted top while I have it my fave color, blue. ^_^
Do you also shop matching clothes with your friends?