Formal Evening Gown Styles

Hi everyone!
How do you decide in buying a formal evening gown? Or do you buy or just rent it?
Formal evening gowns are usually worn in formal gatherings like prom, homecoming, weddings, and 'black tie attire' occasions. Events which doesn't really happen regularly in our life. Well, unless you're a celebrity, politician, or a socialite where formal occasions happen almost every week though. However, for someone like me which formal wear occasions rarely happens, deciding on what to wear is really tricky. Here are some great tips I have learned so far...
  • Investing in a formal gown can be a good thing to do though so when cases that you are invited on short notice you will have something to wear immediately.
  • You just have to make sure that you buy a formal evening gown that can be worn more than once.
  • You can pick a solid-colored and simple design gown because they're simpler to mix and match. So it will not look that you're wearing the same gown as the previous.
  • Come to think of it after wearing it, you can even have it rented. ^_^
  • Take note also that evening gowns are available in many designs such as halter, backless, strapless, and many more, so make sure you know the shape of your body to know what gown styles will flatter your body figure.

Formal evening gowns that never go out of style:

One-shoulder - this detail seems to be steamier in some periods than others but it's still a timeless choice.
Halter - another classic neckline cut that will flatter all body shapes.
Strapless/bustier neckline - the heart-shaped.
Spaghetti straps - wide shoulders and top-heavy should avoid thin straps as they can look like two fragile threads on your wide/full figure.
V-neckline - a very flattering and sexy neckline that flatter all shapes.

The photos above are grabbed from JV Dresses where you can find affordable long dresses.
Have a great weekend!