What I Wore | Crop Top, Jeggings & Boots

How was your week so far?
My week started with laziness. 
Ive been trying to post here on my blog since last weekend but cant find the words to say. Even the simplest one. (>.<)
So today, amidst laziness and painful menstruation I tried my best to compose a blog post...
Here's an outfit I wore when my friends and I went out for a new restaurant discovery here in Cagayan de Oro. We check out Macey's Cafe which is a cool place to hangout... I'll share more about this place on the next post... Lets talk about the outfit for now.
The crop top was a birthday gift to me by my pretty friend... Risa. My girls really spoils me with gifts that are definitely my fashion fave. Lucky me!
If you notice, this are one of the rare moments of me in jeans err... in jeggings now, so to speak. Was inspired to wear jeans because of my new edgy boots that arrived just recently from DressLink.com. It has been my new fave since it arrive.

Dresslink Biker Boots
With its cheap price of 7.14 USD I didnt expect much. I picked this boots because I have been wanting to have one and was convince by the great reviews it receive from others who bought it as well. This review page really helps a lot specially if there is photos included. I even got one size up than my normal shoe size as per the advice in the reviews and they were right because what I have now fit just right with a little space allowance for my feet to breath. If I ordered in my normal size it would have been uncomfortable because it'll be too small. The quality is good, no smell. It has a fur lining from inside, which is very soft and the leather is also very soft. Overall its a worth it buy!
Have your tried ordering at DressLink.com as well?

Crop Top: Mint
Jeggings: Bobson Japan