Foodtrip with Friends

I was craving for something delicious and unusual to eat this evening and so I invited Carol and Jane to dine with me at Mandarin Tea Garden. We had a great time bonding and enjoying our full blast dinner. Carol ordered a Beef Brisket Rice Toppings and Avocado shake.

As for me I ordered Machang, Fish Rice Toppings (Sorry I forgot the exact name) and Mango shake w/ Sago for drinks.

Jane ordered Humba, Avocado shake and 2 serving of Siomai.

I really had fun spending dinner with them and it was sad that we don’t have much time to extend our bonding since they need to go and continue with their work. After the dinner I dropped by at McDonald's to buy some pasalubong for Justine when the pretty Ninang's of my son; Risa and Marie called me. It's been a while since we hangout and had some girl talks so I grab the chance and treat them for sweets at Brewberry Cafe. I just had brewed coffee since I am already full. Risa and Marie enjoyed the yummy Chocolate Mouse. That was definitely a great bonding and food trip with friends tonight!