Second Birthday Bash for Robstroy!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yeah, you read it right! Due to public demand we celebrate Robstroy Birthday the second time on the exact birth date at Magman's place. The birthday bash was successful through collaborations of food gifts. The following CDO bloggers are the sponsors: Magman (for the Venue), Lhawzer (for the Lechon and the Ride), Sanasanz (for the Coffee Crumble Ice Cream and photos), Goma (for the Softdrinks and ice), Me (for the Rice), Elva and Ding (for the Cake). Happy Birthday Robstroy!

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  1. wahaha. hapit ko nangluod. hehe. joke. sayang kaayo to akong first comment kay it was a tribute to robstroy whose skill online i really admire. na wala na akong literary inspiration mao nalimtan na nako ako exact words. hehe.

  2. Hala sorry nins... i was not aware inato diay ang setting sa ako comment.. :-(


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