The Silent War

Friday, July 24, 2009

I know we cant please everybody. Pero sana people would also consider kung ano ba talaga ang reason why she is doing such things.

I am involve in a trouble right now, where people trash talks/backbites me I really don't know why. Basta all I know is I was just trying to help. If i only knew that my help was not good. Sana sinabi nanlng sa akin not like talk it over with other people.

Last night, I heard about the negative things said to me... I don't know what happen... Siguro kasi pressure sa work at sa dami ng inisip. I reacted on what I heard then published some words na parang naghahanap ng away. Well, yeah I was really mad. Imagine my intentions was to help pero para sa iba TRYING HARD lang pala... TUPPERWARE. I know, I should not react that way but instead talk to the person. But I... call me a coward pero there are some things to consider. And what hurt most is that pinagtulungan pa ako. They may not say it but they did. Call me Drama or what ever like... Go on feel free! Anyway my intention is that to let this all out.

I admit Im not perfect, my English is wrong, my grammar is wrong, my pronunciation is a disaster. Go on laugh at me! Pero atleast kahit ganito lang ako my natulong din ako at wala akong inapakan na tao, sinaktan at pina-iyak dahil sa ginagawa ko. If they want me to get hurt, insulted, shamed, humiliated and cry... Well Congrats I did! And I thank you for that because its been a while since Ive been shamed, humiliated, hurt and cried. You let me remember I shouldn't feel happy and contented at all times.

I just hope you are happy now at what you just did... And pray that you will never experience what I feel right now. It hurts... a lot actually. It took me hours to stop me from crying.
To you who read this blog. Thank you for wasting your time. And I hope that if ever you will be in this situation or know the one side of the story of the war you are in, just discuss things directly to the person involve. Even if your just going to say "I dont like you and please cover your face when im around!"

And for the person/s involve. Always remember there are two sides of the coin, bigyan mo naman chance na mag-explain ang tao before jumping into conclusion. And juts tell me you don't like my presence Ill be happy to leave the group. If that will make you happy and will make the group progressive and ELITE.

Just leave me a message. ;-)

May God bless you!

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  1. Some people just can not accept others. It took me a while to accept that each of us is different from our genetic makeup to the outside look.
    Sometimes these difference can irritate, make us jealous, make us happy, hate or love the person.

    There are attitudes and personalities that are so easy to love and personalities that are sharp.

    Goddess, you are maybe feeling at your worst now, but take comfort from the fact that YOU had made them react that way. For it is a sign that you do not only exist but live life to the fullest.Someday you will look back and smile; yes, I made the right choice- I am being just me.

    I am proud of you as an acquaintance optimistically joining and socializing with other people. And part of that- - - are the negative feed backs.

    Take it and accept it and just be glad. God is so good.

    PS: Chat kinsa palag aneh nga comment kay pabarang kwoh! jukjukjuk lmao

  2. This is so grievously saddening. Venus, i may have been keeping my silence and I may have been absent from the "group" most of the time but I am aware of what has been happening--- to a certain extent only.

    I hope this blows over. I want to share sa group sana na in organizations, normal gyud ang naay alitan, intriga, chismis ug discontent. Ingon ana gyud ang Pinoy companies and organizations.

    I resigned twice na from jobs I loved because of intriga and tsismis unti i realized later na it seems most Pinoy orgs pala are breeding grounds of tsismis. Dili gyud ni mawala.

    The key is to be hard as nails but at the same time be open to the possibilities of conflict resolution. I think this comes with age and experience. Dugay ko nakat-on ani and i think i am still learning some more.

    I hope you will feel better tomorrow and the following days. Carry on lang gud as usual as if wala lang...


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