Rock The Vote Concert in CDO

Friday, July 31, 2009

Held at XU Gymnasium last July 31, 2009 was the Rock the Vote 2010 Concert. Many students from several schools in the city attended the free concert.

The concert started at 6pm and was hosted by TJ and Maxx of Mag-TV. First to perform was the local artist in the city namely: Upstart, Twin Chicken, K9, Tabularaza and Dahong Palay.

Next to perform was Sandy David and TJ Ortiz who serenades the audience with love songs.

Then Fr. Jet Villarin, Atty. Alex Lacson, Cong. Teddy Casiño, Cong. Risa Hontiveros and Sen. Kiko Pangilinan was ask to be on stage.

Headed by
Fr. Jet Villarin, a prayer was offered for the recovery of former President Cory Aquino.

After that everyone in the Gymnasium was ask to turn on there celphones and raise it up while the the gymnasium was covered with darkness for the commitment ritual.

Luke Mijares was next to perform after the commitment Ritual. And everybody was having fun since Luke speak in bisaya and accomodates the audience aside from having a nice voice. (Pag sure oi!)

After Luke Mijare's performances
Atty. Alex Lacson, Cong. Teddy Casiño, Cong. Risa Hontiveros and Sen. Kiko Pangilinan gave their encouraging message to Register and Vote and practice our rights to change the face of Philippince governance.

The Spongecola make the crowd go wild when they start to performed. Yael really satisfy the fans and give them a closer look of him, standing at the sound system.

Last to perform was Hale. But we did not finish the concert because it was late and we still have work the next day.

Special thanks to Miss Irene Aserios for the invitation and media passes of CDO bloggers. And photo credits to Sanasanz.

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