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My friends from college invited me for a Christmas party. It was a karaoke night since the party was held at Willsbar KTV. This gathering dont usually happen since lately everyone has been busy with each career and family, infact 2 are missing out because they are not in town.

This probably one of my few appearance on every events Dallavags has. Ever since before I have always been the "bee", jumping from one group to another group of friends. I could say I have lots of barkada's and they all stick together as time goes by while as for me I'm still flying everywhere. I more often miss out a lot so when I came in my usual reaction and response was "Really? I didn't know that?".


December is also the birthday of 2 of our barkada's Carol and Red so opted to celebrate it also. I even joked that in 2014 Christmas party should be celebrated in September so I can have my birthday cake too. hehe


I was so busy on that day that I really taught I couldn't make it. And since I had so many things to do, I opted for an outfit that is comfortable and casual. This probably my usual get-up lately, top with blazer and a shorts.

oot - Blazerz and shorts

oot - Blazerz and shorts (1)

oot - Blazerz and shorts (2)

oot - Blazerz and shorts (3)

Kikay Monday: Korean Food + Ice Cream

Mondate with friends... Since each of us are busy during weekends my friends and I decided to see each other every Monday to go out, window shopping, eat, drink coffee and whatever "kakikayan" that we can think of. Its our way of catching up and de-stress.

Pizza Foodtrip

This month Ive been crazy over pizza. It started one lazy Saturday, I got hungry but I was so lazy to go out and buy something to eat. So I tried the pizza delivery service available here in Cagayan de Oro. I have several choices but I first tried Pizza de Oro. I ordered 1 box of De Oro Overload Pizza which left me craving for more because it was so delicious. I love the white sauce and the crunchy crust. And so the next day I ordered 2 boxes of De Oro Overload Pizza again. By the way, delivery is for free without any minimum purchase.

The second pizza delivery Ive tried is from Bianos Homemade Pizza. I ordered 1 medium Ham n' Pineapple and 1 regular size Hawaiian to accumulate an amount not less than Php 200 since minimum purchase of Php 200 is free delivery. If you purchase lower than that then they will charge a delivery fee of Php 30. My fave so far is the Hawaiian.

Next, pizza foodtrip with 3 friends at Big Flat Bread (BFB). We ordered the bigger size of Knickerbocker Pizza, Lasagna and a 2 liter drink cooler. You may wonder how we manage to finished it all. Well, there's what we all call "balot" or "pasalubong". lols... Supposed to be marami kaming uubos kaya bigger size inorder namin kaso iniwan kasi ng insan ko at ng boyfriend niya (LQ ang show kasi!) at hindi din dumating isa ko pang insan na naligaw saan ang BFB ( kaloko talaga!).

Kuya Johnny's Birthday

I just had a food-filled visit at Kuya John's house today. It was actually a long overdue plan since a few weeks ago his wifey Ate Sharon got sick. Both ate Sharon and Kuya John has been a dear friend of mine and even if Kuya John and I are no longer workmates we often hangout just to chill and food trip. Its nice to hangout with them since I learned a lot about practical living and how to be a better mom. And I can be myself when Im with them too. They are my picture perfect couple because they may have opposite personalities but they always complement each other- my inspiration that marriage ain't bad after all.

One thing I will never forget about this couples is that napaka-caring, toughtful and maalaga. Just like today, its Kuya Johnny's birthday I didn't actually expect that they will prepare something but when I arrive at their house pina-ubos agad ako ng isang plato ng spaghetti kasi nga im too thin na daw. hehehe... The celebration was just simple pero busog talaga ako. Happy birthday Kuya John and thank you Ate Sharon for the yummy cakes that you baked, I so love it!

Speaking of the couples toughtfulness, when I went home they gave me a heart-shaped cake for pasalubong to Justine and my mom. ;)

Justine requested me to put on the icing flowers that I take home.

GAPACU-ED Family Get-together

I am honestly excited for this... The other day I shared the link of my GAPACU-ED Family blog on Facebook and tag some friends with a simple message attach "I miss you guys!". After a while Janice commented and suggested a get-together since she miss all of us also. The next day everyone is commenting they want a get-together and told me to organize the event. Oh no! I want a get-together too but right now Im so busy with work so I suggested if we all plan the event. So I created a form from Google Docs for them to suggest the when, where and what of the event and shared it in there Facebook inbox. However, I know not all are going to check Facebook more often and others don't even have an account so if your one of us go and sign the form: GAPACU-ED Family Get-together to help us plan! See you soon all!
I also created a new form: Get-together Planning!

Foodtrip with Friends

I was craving for something delicious and unusual to eat this evening and so I invited Carol and Jane to dine with me at Mandarin Tea Garden. We had a great time bonding and enjoying our full blast dinner. Carol ordered a Beef Brisket Rice Toppings and Avocado shake.

As for me I ordered Machang, Fish Rice Toppings (Sorry I forgot the exact name) and Mango shake w/ Sago for drinks.

Jane ordered Humba, Avocado shake and 2 serving of Siomai.

I really had fun spending dinner with them and it was sad that we don’t have much time to extend our bonding since they need to go and continue with their work. After the dinner I dropped by at McDonald's to buy some pasalubong for Justine when the pretty Ninang's of my son; Risa and Marie called me. It's been a while since we hangout and had some girl talks so I grab the chance and treat them for sweets at Brewberry Cafe. I just had brewed coffee since I am already full. Risa and Marie enjoyed the yummy Chocolate Mouse. That was definitely a great bonding and food trip with friends tonight!

Friday Foodtrip with Friends

Together with friends last Friday, we went to Limketkai Mall for food trip and bonding. We first dine at Shabu-Shabu in the second floor of Limketkai Mall. It was my... or rather our first time to try dining in the place so we were amaze at how they serve their food it was like a picnic at your backyard. The restaurants ambiance doesn't really have that outdoor look but the way they cook or even grilled your food right on top of your table where you eat made me think that we are having a picnic. :D It definitely made our tummy full after finishing our order which is ofcourse their specialty, the Shabu-Shabu.

After dinner we went to Coffeworks for some coffee shakes and wifi access. But it did not end there since before going home we bought pizza at Yellow Cab and eat... eat... again.

Pre-Valentines Night Out with Friends

It’s Friday Night and everyone is in the mood for fun. First we spent our dinner at Mandarin Tea Garden with my former workmates. After dinner, some of us went home while the others went at Dad’s for a sing along. We had fun singing our heart out until the rest of the gang arrived and together we drink, dance and sing. But it never ended there, our next stop was in Pulse where some of us got already drunk but still we managed to dance.. dance.. and dance. It was really a fun night to remember. And even if I don’t have any dates on the 14th of February, I treasure that night I spent with real friends and have real good laugh. ;)

Foodtrip with Janlac

Last night Janlac and I had a crazy food trip. We headed to Limketkai since she craved for siomai and me for cake. we drop at Limketkai but it was already closed. We actually taught there is a midnight sale but instead it was Robinsons who was having a midnight sale. So we bought siomai there and a Crema de fruta from Cecil's.

And then ordered manhattan meat lovers pizza at Yellow Cab.

We were really laughing because we bought so much food and we haven't even finished everything since we're already feeling very full. It was one awesome night of girl bonding and sharing of everything including Janlac's passion to spicy sauces. OMG! My mouth was really in heat trying that spicy sauce in my pizza. I just realized that even if Janlac and I have different taste and likes we still manage to compliment with each other. The difference was never an issue for us to be closer with each other. :)


As I was checking my old stuffs that I kept in a box I saw this letter that Teddy Bear gave to me. It was a simple Christmas letter with a message and poem attached in it. The poem is written by Teddy Bear (Cecilia Cagape) dedicated to Tweety (Marie Ann Amarille) and Bugs Bunny (me) dated December 17, 1999.


Friends are so wonderful
They makes my day beautiful
When I'm lonely...
They are there to comfort me.

They are special
They are not artificial
But best friends are more special
Because they makes my life more normal.

Whenever I feel sad
They will not make me feel bad
Instead, they find a way
to make me feel not dismay.

Even we made our self cry
We still do the best we
We try and hoping not to fight
Because we're afraid to lose our friendship like a candle light.

They are always there
Ready to help me so desr
They take away my loneliness
And pour my heart with happiness.

In them, I found the real meaning of a true friendship
It is more than a relationship
Which no one can break, even a spaceship.

Because of them, My life seems enjoyable
Without them, It would be questionable
So Thank you Lord for Having them
As my wonderful Bestfriends.


GAPACU-ED. The name was composed of the sections we had in high school from freshmen to seniors at Cagayan de Oro National High School.(Galileo, Pasteur, Curie, Edison)
Dubbed as the noisiest class in the whole batch, this class composes of still unique individuals. It was always been misconception that the class is made up of a happy-go-lucky, out of reach, messy and weird individuals. The truth is that the class is composes of various exceptional, extraordinary and inimitable persons who unconditionally willing to all times to share whatever they have, who are eager to give their time and advices to those in need and who utterly open to each other. Although this class is composed of different characteristics (emotional people, funny, hardworking, war-freak) you can still say that this class is united in its own right with fond memories to tag along. Memories like the crying teachers (badlungon/stubborn), the Noli/Fili and the Activities in school (minsan palpak!) the rehearsals of the musical play (squat ky late!), the beach hang-outs (after exams!), the snack sessions after class (Gaisano Cogon Food Area)and the bonding that forever will bring us close. GAPACU-ED 1999-2002 is indeed a class that could make you 'Sholalang' and feel so young. We are the batch that as they say you need to "Check this out!

Forever you will remain in the biggest part of my heart... I miss you guys!