Kris Kringle Gift

Monday, December 30, 2013

Blogged earlier about CDOBloggers Night 2013: Thanksgiving Party... In connection to that will be showing you the gift I've received from our Kris Kringle. Before that though, let me tell you about the rules on our gifts. Everyone are encouraged to bring gifts and the gift must have an amount of PHP 49.75 excluding the wrappers or gift bag. You should also bring the proof of purchase for whoever cant bring the exact amount will be punish. Exciting right?

The gift that I've received is an awesome addition for my #OOTD's. A bracelet! It still had its tag on for PHP 49.75, bought at SM Department Store. It's so cool and I (obviously) like it.  The gift is from our newbie CDOBlogger member James. And speaking of, let me introduce to you our fresh and young newbie members of CDOBloggers... James and Andrew. James into food blogging and Andrew is into fashion.

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