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Wish Granted

Hi everyone! 
Gong xi fa cai to those who are celebrating Chinese new year!
Isn't it so exciting to receive items on your wishlist? 
If you remember last December I posted a Christmas wishlist. Who would have thought Santa been reading my post as well that some of them was granted... ^_^
And this are...
Gladiator sandals - Thanks to for a great quality shoes. It was actually delayed on the delivery but it arrived in time for the new year. Talking about perfect timing!

Floral watch - The bestie knows where to look for items I want. She took reference from my wishlist blog posts. She ordered this watch via for she cannot shop in the malls because she just gave birth to my new inaanak. 

Choker necklace - Last Christmas, the kiddo asked if we could buy a gift for me. He noticed that on our Christmas tree Ive bought and wrapped lots of gifts for everyone but no gift named for me. So he wanted me to have a gift to open as well even if I already knew what's inside.
What touches my heart the most is that, the thought that he wanted to buy me a gift, so I will have something to open for our New year gift opening tradition. He told me someday when he grow up he will surprise me with a gift. 
Forgive me for spazzing..... but my sons the sweetest ever!!
He wants to buy me a pair necklace that both of us can wear. We happily found this lock and key necklace along with this rare-to-find choker necklace at Vanity Box. 

Did you also have a granted wish on your wishlist? 
What are those items? Im excited to read them in the comments below.
Thanks for dropping by...

What I Got For Christmas

No this ain't for bragging the gifts I received but simply to show and say my utmost gratitude to friends who remembered me on Christmas.

My friend Risa got me this muscle tee from Oxygen. She really noted that muscle tees are one of my latest faves. Which reminds me to share my collections of statement muscle tees on my next post. ^_^ 

My friend, Dee, got me this two #OOTD worthy clothes. She said the model looks good wearing the draped maxi skirt and the crop tee in combo, so she bought them both for me. Here's a tip, she purchased this from an online sale at I managed to found it though... :D So incase you love it, here's the link for the draped maxi skirt and the crop tee.

This one came from my cousin, Nike. Im not a fan of leggings but still im looking forward on wearing this. This one is more like a ponte pants because its thick enough to wear as pants. I'm thinking of white top and a pair of boots to match with this. Watchatink?

Ponte Pants - They are a cross between a legging and a skinny jean. They are made from ponte – a thick, double-knit fabric with two-way stretch.

Lastly, got this candy glass from the exchange gifts in our neighborhood. Minus the candies though. I used it right after unwrapping it. We pre-picked the person whom we are going to wrapped gifts for and what I gave was a scented candles & diffuser gift set. I love it actually I almost dont want to give it. :D

Come to think of it I didnt get to buy any gift for myself. hmmm...
Anyways, kamsahamnida... salamat.. thank you everyone for sharing your blessing.

How about you? Did Santa tick any on your Christmas wishlist?

Kris Kringle Gift

Blogged earlier about CDOBloggers Night 2013: Thanksgiving Party... In connection to that will be showing you the gift I've received from our Kris Kringle. Before that though, let me tell you about the rules on our gifts. Everyone are encouraged to bring gifts and the gift must have an amount of PHP 49.75 excluding the wrappers or gift bag. You should also bring the proof of purchase for whoever cant bring the exact amount will be punish. Exciting right?

The gift that I've received is an awesome addition for my #OOTD's. A bracelet! It still had its tag on for PHP 49.75, bought at SM Department Store. It's so cool and I (obviously) like it.  The gift is from our newbie CDOBlogger member James. And speaking of, let me introduce to you our fresh and young newbie members of CDOBloggers... James and Andrew. James into food blogging and Andrew is into fashion.