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Sunday, March 06, 2011

It's 3am but me and my cousin are still wide awake and giggling while ransacking my dresses. I was actually checking out which dresses I don't wear anymore so I can give it to her. My cousin is so fascinated with my dresses that she ask to atleast try it on and have photos taken. So we did a photo shoot with my dresses. I was so willing also since it'll be a great exercise for me to get to know my not-so-high-end digital camera and admire my dresses of which if they could talk they would probably say "hey you! do you still wanna wear me?!" hahaha...

Okay... I only uploaded some pictures which I like. Forgive me with the effects... hehehe still trying to learn photo editing.

Just bought this dress at the tiangge...

I bought this at Chili Girl Boutique. If you noticed I often buy clothes in this boutique since most of their items are not so expensive. I've worn this only once during the 2011 welcoming. I gave this dress to her since it looks good to her than to me.

I ordered this one online, I just forgot which online store it though.

I ordered this at Let's Shop Online theres 2 of them actually, the other is blue was even use in a friends pictorials...

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