The Unplanned Birthday Surprise

Last March 9, 2013 was the birthday of one of my recently close friend - Jenjacqs. I have actually planned a week before on how to treat her on that day but some unexpected things happened. And yes as usual planning and me are not good friends so what was originally planned doesnt transpired.

So let me take you how the day was still memorable and made Jacqs happy.

Our dinner the night before her birthday... the yummy bulalo. I have the pic of our busy kusinero of the night but im sure Macky will not like me uploading it for some secret reasons. hehehe Thank you Earl for the Bulalo and adobo, your not just the master photographer but your also the master chef!

Earl's Bulalo
Forgive me for the "best" quality picture because we were already hungry this is the only photo I got... (Ug Nagpicture pako?! :P)

And the hungry gang! hahaha

So this was what kept us busy on her birthday and a day before. Grabbed the photos from Child Protection Brigade Volunteers.


Child Protection Brigade Volunteers --Rhaine
The man behind Child Protection Brigade Volunteers --Rhaine. I will make a separate post about this humble guy and his noble cause.

It was still memorable because we got drunk waiting for the clock to strike 12 midnight. And I have the 2 bottles of El Hombre to blame for it. lol Come to think of it... its been ages since I got drunk. And I dont get it why on that day I got drunk?! Hmmm... anyways, enough said. It was so fun! I could still remember how Rhaine and I shouted a happy birthday Jacqs and hug her when the clock strikes exactly 12:00 minus Earl whom clueless that its Jacqs birthday but he did greeted her after. lol

El Hombre

Earl and Jacqs
Kusinero Earl and Birthday girl Jacqs

So on the day of her birthday we didnt get to hangout much. With an hangover feeling, I and Macky was still busy packing the kits for Makapaya Permanent Shelter Outreach. And oh yes, we missed ROTA's trekking for a cause activity on that day also. :( I will not drink tequila again! I hope I could keep my word. :P

Now fast forward to March 10, 2013 woke up early and along with Child Protection Brigade Volunteers we went to Makapaya Permanent Shelter. We distributed the sanitation kits, educational kits and snacks that we packed. The smiles of the kids and parents was all worth the effort!

Makapaya Relocation Shelter Outreach

Makapaya Permanent Shelter Outreach
Photo by Tom Udasco

After the Makapaya Permanent Shelter Outreach thats when the unplanned surprise happened. On that day, it was kinda like the "misfortune-turn-out-to-be-a-blessing-story" for me. You see I have limited money on that day because of my forgotten pin code, my atm card got locked out and I cant withraw my money. Arghh seriously Venus?! So I ask Jacqs why not use our Bigby's GC. Thank you very much Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant your such a saviour on that day! :D

So we ate lunch at Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant while the guys are left dining at Greenwich. We just made excuses that we are going somewhere but eventually we got caught and the guys followed us at Bigby's. So while waiting for our order, that's when I remember that Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant gives a birthday treat to celebrants. Since I was frustrated that my so called plan didn't happen I found a good way to make up. So I sneak out and treak Jacqs ill be catching wifi connection in my mobile. Ahmm... she must be that distracted that she didnt noticed that I have the most lame excuse. lol What happened next is what you'll going to see in the video with a little chessynes added in the end. ^_^

Super belated Happy Birthday twin sister Jacqs! Will write a separate post on my birthday wish for you. Since this post is so long already coz I got so many segways. lol It's never to late for it right?

Happy Birthday Jenjacqs