First Rock Wall Climbing Experience

Here's a product of my spontaneity today...

I just found my new hobby... errr should I say stress reliever! :P

100_9614I have always wanted to try wall climbing at Marco Sports Avenue and its just earlier that I have finally done it! It was my first time to do wall climbing and I say its more fun to do so. It was a very tiring sports and at the same time very challenging.

I have reached the top on walls 1 and 2 but unfortunately I just almost finish wall 3. Arrrhhhggg!! I really wanted to finish wall 3! In fact I have tried a couple of times but my hand and body already giving up. Sad... but Im gonna have to try hard next time coz I bet ill be battling with muscular pain tomorrow. :D

The videos background song is You Set Me Free by Michelle Branch. It's my LSS so that is why I use it. It does fit in a way coz somebody inspires me to be free! :D
Being spontaneous leads to a more well-rounded person. Also being spontaneous means having the guts to try new things and push one’s comfort zone. ^_^