My First Scary Plane Travel

I and my fellow CDObloggers travel Manila today. Some of us will attend the WordCamp and the others are going to spend weekend in Bagiou. This was my first time to travel Manila and my first time to travel by plane. I have heard some funny and unforgetable experiences from cousin and relatives on their first travel by plane already and now I finally had my own stories to tell too.

My first experienced was scary... as in very scary! 

We travel through Cebu Pacific Air 390 and boarding time was even delayed in a couple of minutes. When were in the air we experienced turbulence since the weather was not good. The moment the plane starting to get a little bit of shaky I was really scared. Oh my gosh! We even experienced a 3 seconds rush. Its like the plane is avoiding something and just wheeeewww... I cant really explained! Some of the passengers already vomited because of that sickly feeling. 
I know what we had experienced just recently was not really that scary to regular travelers but man that was way to much for a newbie. 
Anyways, that's it folks I'm going to rest now. I just hope when we go home to Cagayan de Oro the same experienced wont happen again. :-)