How Do you Keep Life Together Without Losing it?

I just saw this movie Trailer of "I Don't Know How She Does It" and I cant wait to watch it. Somehow I somewhat relate to the story. The story is a comedy centered on the life of Kate Reddy, a finance executive who is the breadwinner for her husband and two kids. Yeah, definitely like me but I only have 1 kid.

So the movie will be release on September 16, 2011. Starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Pierce Brosnan, Kelsey Grammer and directed by Douglas McGrath.

Cityville Addiction

I don't know if this is worth blogging or not but ill blog it anyway. I so regret the day I gave in to friends request on Cityville. Since the day I played Cityville it has been part of my everyday online routines (and I hate it). This game has wasted a lot my time just playing. Boo! I even beat the levels of my friends who started playing this game months earlier. I think Ive been playing almost 2 months yet. However, this game has also been an ultimate recreation when I got bored at work so fair enough. Who knows, this city I created in Cityville will be a dream come true. Lols. Anyways, for those of you who doesn't have any idea on what Im talking about okay ill explained to you what is Cityville.
Cityville is a game in Facebook developed by Zynga last Dcember 2010. This game is played through building houses, businesses, community buildings and land expansions. If you already build houses and businesses you can then start collecting rents and sales respectively but you need energy to do this. The energy is earn every 5 seconds and accumulates every time you level up. There are also completing goals in order to unlock businesses, community buildings and decorations or earn rewards like energy, coins and experience. The experience is a blue star that will be a headcount for you to level up, so each level needs a corresponding number of stars in order for you to succeed to another level. Each level unlocks new houses, business and community buildings.You can buy houses and business at the build menu through your coins or city cash. There are also limited editions house and buildings depends on the theme. The themes can be Greek, French, German and many more.You can also invest business to your neighbors and build headquarters in your city. Every time your new investment is approve by your neighbor your headquarter will go higher also. And in visiting to your neighbors you will earn energy, coins and and experience. Confuse?! You will understand this if you start playing Cityville on Facebook. I started without any idea how to play this game. No worries Sam will teach you on how to build your city. Now who is Sam? Again you will get to know her when you start playing Cityville. :P

Curious about how my city looks like? Here's some snaps I took...

Mom's Phone

I can't help but blog about my moms phone. It's actually just a China-made phone but mind you it has features which I envy and how I wish for my phone to have it too. I specifically bought  and choose this mobile phone for her because of its usability and features. So here's my review...
The phone has QWERTY keypads. I like it coz I could easily teach mom how to text message. The advantage of QWERTY keypads is that she will just press the letter once to create a message.
It has Radio and TV. Well, this is the major purpose I hastely bought her a phone months ago because Justine and mom often fight because of the TV. Justine loves watching cartoons and when mom want to watch certain TV series at a certain time they often fight because Justine dont want to switch off the cartoons his currently watching. So to end wars I bought mom a TV phone. Initial plan was to buy another TV but since its going to be use occasionally I choose a TV phone instead, for more functionality also. Oh! what a coincidence its Sharon Cuneta on TV my moms fave celebrity. :D
Next it has flashlight. Mom always wanted to have a handy flashlight which she can use at night. So its really a plus that the phone has it.
Last loud speaker. My mom kinda having problems on hearing (blame it to the age?! hehehe) so with a loud speaker she could easily hear the phone ring or when using radio and TV. Now its me who's having problem with the volume because its to loud. hehehe And yeah before I forgot, the phones camera is not a high-quality 12MP as it claims to have. I like the funky style on its back cover.
However, no matter how much I love its usability I still prefer my S5233W Samsung phone because its my blogging buddy. The WIFI connectivity and image quality of my Samsung phone is something I can't trade to my mom's phone. :)

Why do I Like Blogging?

  • I like blogging because I like the feeling of sharing information and my thoughts.
  • I like blogging because I like the idea that through my blog I was able to express my feelings.
  • I like blogging because I am able to help others on the information or tips I posted.
  • I like blogging because I was able to go travel with pleasure; Manila, General Santos, South Cotabato and many more to come. (fingers cross)
  • I like blogging because I have the reasons to take photos everywhere, anything and everything. lols
  • I like blogging because I can have free access to events.
  • I like blogging because I can sometimes eat for free at the newest resto in town.
  • I like blogging because I have an extra income.
  • I like blogging because I became a speaker at blogging workshops and impart my knowledge.
  • I like blogging because I am able to meet lots of people.
  • I like blogging because I met Matt Mullenweg in person. ♥♥♥
  • I like blogging because its the reason why I am a member of CDObloggers Inc.
  • I like blogging because I met this wacky people!

The CDObloggers School Tours

As a way of sharing and helping others on the awareness about blogging we CDObloggers are having a series of School Tours to different schools and universities. This free workshop on blogging will help students understand the concept of blogging, encourage confidence in writing an online journal to enhance writing skills, share knowledge and get an idea of the endless possibilities online.
Photo from Em Cortez
Last March 2011, the first CDObloggers School Tour happened in Cagayan de Oro College (COC). It was attended by the Mass Communication students. I was one of the speakers sharing about
  • Content Development in Blogging
  • Richard shared How to Customize your Blog 
  • Edu on Blogging Ettiquette 
  • And Mike on the About Us of CDObloggers Organization.
The students were very attentive and silent that adds up the nervousness I felt from the start. Even if that was no longer my first time to talk on workshops I still feel nervous. Well, I always has this speakers dilemma of whether or not they are going to understand everything I discussed in front. :D

The second CDObloggers School Tour happened last August 13, 2011 at the Mindanao University of Science and Technology (MUST). It was attendend by more or less 270 Information Technology (IT) students. When we arrived, the AVR was already roaring with noise because they were having a little program before the workshop. The topics discussed were;
  • Blogging and its benefits by Chiq
  • Different Types of Blog by Me
  • Blogging Ettiquette by Edu
  • About CDObloggers Inc by Vic
The students were very alive and responsive so the minute I step on the stage my nervousness flew away. They are also attentive and you can see that others even take down notes from our talks. Which really gives us, speakers, a boost of confidence that they are listening to everything we shared.

In behalf of my fellow CDObloggers group thank you very much to COC Mass Communication students and MUST Information Technology students. It was a pleasure sharing our knowledge to you and we hope we have imparted knowledge that will help you through.

For schools who want a blogging workshops feel free to contact us or email at cdobloggers[@] For more info about CDObloggers group just visit

6 Reasons To Attend A Christian College

When you are thinking about what college to go to you want to consider many things. If you're Christian then one of these considerations may be your faith because there are many benefits that go along with going to a Christian college.
Here are 6 of those reasons to go to a Christian college.

For The Familiar Faith

The first reason to attend a Christian college is just the obvious familiar faith. When your faith is important to you then you want to take every opportunity to be in an environment that will be conducive to your faith. College is a large chunk of anyone's life who attends one so if you plan to be in this environment for years of your life then you want to go with the Christian choice.

For A Christian Point Of View

At a Christian college you are going to get the Christian point of view. You will not find this with normal colleges. When you have professors who understand and embrace your faith then you will receive lessons that are in accordance with Christian beliefs and that approach every topic from a Christian perspective. It is always nice to be in a place where people think more like you do so that you don't always have to feel like the odd person out.

For The Fellow Christian Peers

Anywhere you go your peers have a big influence on you. This is especially true during the college years so you want to keep this in mind when you are choosing a college. You don't want fellow students who will be going against your Christian beliefs all around you or you may be tempted to do the same. A Christian college makes it easier to uphold your Christianity and to not become one more person who is a Christian in name only.

For The Opportunity To Question Your Faith

A Christian college is a safe place to question your faith. You are not surrounded by those who would seek to undermine your faith but rather those who you can openly question your faith around without fear of negative consequences. When you are studying Christianity you will have questions and this is an excellent opportunity to raise those questions and maybe get some answers.

For The Christian Community

Going to a Christian college will also help to connect you to the Christian community that surrounds the college. You will be able to find volunteer opportunities and a support network that does not stop where the college grounds end. This is an opportunity for you to go out into the world while you are still in college to put your Christian beliefs into practice. After all, your actions are what really make you a Christian.

For The Quality Academics

You don't want to just focus on your faith throughout your college experience. You are there to learn about many things. This is another reason why you should go to a Christian college. Many Christian colleges provide high quality educations that will help you to be successful in whatever your chosen career field may be.

Tom H. Reinecker generally posts blogs pertaining to Christian colleges online and how students can research various online programs.

Korean Drama: 49 Days

Funny how at first I just disregard watching the Korean drama, 49 Days. Well maybe because after reading its synopsis I felt like its a fictional story and doesn't appeals me much. However, after seeing an advertisement on local TV that it will have a Filipino version, I gave it a try an downloaded it online. It turns out that it was a great Korean drama with a lot of life learning lessons on death and taking chances on life. The story is different from the usual Korean novela that I watched. I usually watched something humorous Korean drama because they would never fail to make me laugh out loud and feel good inside but 49 Days is far different since its a heavy drama. Yes, it has a lot of crying scenes but much more to that in this drama you learn to understand about pain, fate and love. After or even while watching 49 Days you will even stop and think of;

How good you live your life.
How many people is touch by your presence.
How much love you have give to the people around you.
The sincerity of tears people will shed for you.

In this drama you will also reflect two sides of living life. Either making the most of your everyday existence or chase death for an easy way out to skip the pain and loneliness. Pain will always be there if we dont learn to accept and let go. It may be hard but its the only way to put everything in place and let fate runs it course.

Live well. When times are hard, just like now recall those days that you treasure most. Gather your courage and live.

49 Days lead cast are Lee Yo Won, Nam Gyu Ri, Jo Hyeon Jae, Bae Su-bin, Jung Il Woo and Seo Ji Hye. I suggest you download the original Korean drama with English subtitles so that you will really understand the full run. Sometimes Filipino versions has some cut scenes. And for info 49 Days is titled Pure Love in the Philippines.