The CDObloggers School Tours

As a way of sharing and helping others on the awareness about blogging we CDObloggers are having a series of School Tours to different schools and universities. This free workshop on blogging will help students understand the concept of blogging, encourage confidence in writing an online journal to enhance writing skills, share knowledge and get an idea of the endless possibilities online.
Photo from Em Cortez
Last March 2011, the first CDObloggers School Tour happened in Cagayan de Oro College (COC). It was attended by the Mass Communication students. I was one of the speakers sharing about
  • Content Development in Blogging
  • Richard shared How to Customize your Blog 
  • Edu on Blogging Ettiquette 
  • And Mike on the About Us of CDObloggers Organization.
The students were very attentive and silent that adds up the nervousness I felt from the start. Even if that was no longer my first time to talk on workshops I still feel nervous. Well, I always has this speakers dilemma of whether or not they are going to understand everything I discussed in front. :D

The second CDObloggers School Tour happened last August 13, 2011 at the Mindanao University of Science and Technology (MUST). It was attendend by more or less 270 Information Technology (IT) students. When we arrived, the AVR was already roaring with noise because they were having a little program before the workshop. The topics discussed were;
  • Blogging and its benefits by Chiq
  • Different Types of Blog by Me
  • Blogging Ettiquette by Edu
  • About CDObloggers Inc by Vic
The students were very alive and responsive so the minute I step on the stage my nervousness flew away. They are also attentive and you can see that others even take down notes from our talks. Which really gives us, speakers, a boost of confidence that they are listening to everything we shared.

In behalf of my fellow CDObloggers group thank you very much to COC Mass Communication students and MUST Information Technology students. It was a pleasure sharing our knowledge to you and we hope we have imparted knowledge that will help you through.

For schools who want a blogging workshops feel free to contact us or email at cdobloggers[@] For more info about CDObloggers group just visit