Justine’s 5th Birthday!

Justine turned 5 last August 27, 2010. It was not a grand celebration but it ended a very grand one for my little Justine. I prepared a simple food which is good for the family only and bought a cake from Cahatian Cake & Balloon Accessories. I also prepared goodies that Justine gave to his playmates. There was also personalize balloons with Justine name. What came a surprise is that my boss bought a gift for my little Justine, he ask our Senior VA to buy a Spiderman Cake from Cecils Bakeshoppe
I was really surprise since I did not expect the generosity of my boss.

Venus Raj is Miss Universe 4th Runner up

Amidst the crisis happened in the Philippines yesterday. Venus Raj made all Filipino's proud today in being one of the Miss Universe Top 5.
  • 4th Runner up – Miss Philippines Venus Raj
  • 3rd Runner up - Miss Ukraine Anna Poslavska
  • 2nd Runner up - Miss Australia Jesinta Campbell
  • 1st Runner up - Miss Jamaica Yendi Phillipps
  • Miss Universe 2010 - Miss Mexico Jimena Navarrete

Photo taken from Miss Universe Website

MFAT Soccsksargen Summer Safari On SunStar Davao

Photos grab from Ria's facebook

I saw this picture from Ria Jose in Facebook today. MFAT Soccsksargen Summer Safari was featured on SunStar Davao. My stressed-from-6-hours-travel (CDO-Davao) face was seen on local newspapers in Davao! Oh diba bongga! :D

Pantene Age Defying Shampoo

Pantene Age Defying is my shampoo now and I could say if you want to have a shiny hair use this shampoo. Im not kiddin, i'm talking from experience. ;) Every afternoon I usually tie my hair because its hot hair in our house I got no problem with it until I used Pantene age defying shampoo. This is because after awhile the tie on my hair just slide down and I have to fix it again. I am thinking if its good or not now since I can no longer tie my hair... :D Even an aunt love it too since she no longer spend extra money for a conditioner now that she is using Pantene age defying shampoo.

Love to hear about your shampoo too! Feel free to voice it below... I'll be waiting!

My New Laptop Bag

I've been planning of buying big and durable shoulder bag for my laptop. I know backpacks are good for laptops but theres a reason why I want shoulder bags, anyway im going to use it on certain occasions/days. And the reason is shoulder bags matches with kikay dresses. I love wearing sexy dresses almost every time I go out but now I often wear shorts, pants or something casual get-up when I'm bringing my backpack. I was thinking that with my laptop on a shoulder bag I could wear my sexy/kikay dress match with heels. Oh diba! ;)

Unfortunately, yesterday my couz and I went shopping for a bag and guess what I bought? A backpack! :D Yeah! But this time this backpack is more durable than my old one and its black. My laptop is safer because it has thick protection, it's waterproof, it has many compartments for chargers, phones and mouse and it also has its own rain cover even if its already waterprooof.

When I tried it on my back it feel so lite. Both Prexie and Machinegan (my 2 lappy's) can fit inside too. Originally its price is Php 2,200 but they are having a sale so I bought it at the price of Php 1, 759. Its still a wise investment since I love to go anywhere and travel with my laptop. Para kahit saan man ako mapadpad work is with me! ;)

The question now is... Is it okay wearing this backpack with a sexy dress and heels? What do you think?

Bonding With Couz And Niece

Earlier this afternoon my cousin called me up to go out for lunch. I was hesitant at first since I still have loads of work to finish but since this rarely happens and i'm not yet in the mood to work I decided to go out with her. We had lunch at Pancake House.

My cousin ordered for a Clubhouse Sandwich with Avocado shake...

I had a Mango Crepes with four season juice.

After lunch we went strolling at Limketkai Mall. Esa, my cousins daughter enjoyed the fun rides while my cousin went to buy a mouse and a laptop jacket like mine but unfortunately no size fitted her Dell lappy.

Next stop we went shopping for a lappy bag at Robinsons. I was browsing shoulder bags which is big and durable for my laptop while my couz went looking for backpacks. However, after looking around we both ended buying a very durable backpacks worth Php 1, 759 (originally Php 2 200).

It's already dark outside but couz still eager to buy accessories for her lappy. We found ourself at Handyman were couz bought a bed table for laptop.
And finally it's dinner time! We dine at Mooon Cafe were couz ordered for Porkchop and for me Mooon Steak.

Creating Videos

Just this week my boss send me video creation information which I am going to read on and listen because its going to be my task. My boss said that I will just give it a try creating one and if I enjoyed it then I'll be making more videos. I was kind of hesitant at first since I don't have much knowledge in video effects. I have only created videos through Powerpoint slideshow or any photo sharing sites where in you just click layout/design choices and boom your video is created. However, as my boss said theres no harm in learning while I get paid so okay go... :D Here are the videos I have created so far with slight effects.

Created in Animoto.com:

Tinnitus Cure Guide

Created with Movie Maker:

I am currently researching for more enhancement on video effects if you do any ideas please dont hesitate to send me some comments. Thank you!

My Day Ended Awesome!

When I arrived at Mbox Internet Cafe this afternoon I got a sudden change of mood and since I cant concentrate on work with such mood so I decide to go out and cool down myself. I am on a jeepney going Limketkai Mall when I realized why not go to SM City since I just read on plurk that there will be a Cosplay Tour Prelimenary and there is surely ice cream there (the main reason why I want to go to Limketkai Mall). While riding on a taxi off to SM City I was given myself a time to breath and cool down myself. I just don't know why but there are really times like this when I just felt sudden sadness and emptiness within me.
So when I arrived at SM City CDO I felt a little better already. The mall was full of people because its the 2nd day of there 3 day sale.

I just stroll around until I arrived at the second floor. The Event Center was crowded because of the Cosplay Tour Prelimenary.

I didn't miss the chance to take a photo of my fave anime Kakashi!

After taking pictures I went to worlds of fun and played basketball shooting. I really enjoyed this activity and will do this more often from now on...

Sweaty and happy me after playing...

Later at 7 PM along with friends Jane, Kuya Acckky, Ate Sharon and Kuya John we went to our friend Irene's newly opened business Katunggan Food Park in Opol.

Photo grab from Janlac:

Goodbye Smartbro! Hello PLDT MyDSL!

Last Monday I freak out when my internet connection is very slow or should I say close to no connection at all. Yes, I can open page for a couple of minutes but then I can't upload even a word document report. Ive been experiencing this slow internet connection for almost 3 months and I have reported the problem to Smartbro with no reply/action. So since my Smartbro plug-it plan is only locked-in for 6 months and thats going to be on September, I immediately applied for a wired connection through PLDT MyDSL. I choose the Php 1,300 per month package which already include unlimited DSL, landline, Watchpad, free installation and modem.

So I applied last Tuesday. They actually told me installation will be after 5 days but it only took 2 days and I am already using PLDT MyDSL now. I really thought it will took me awhile to get internet connection since I have friends whom waited weeks and months before internet connection was installed in PLDT also.

My landline phone can't make calls yet but internet is already working with the following speed:

It is fast. I have tried watch videos on Youtube continuously. I'm crossing my fingers it will be like this everyday.

Blogging My Frustrations On Pizza Delivery Service

I actually don't like blogging this because its a negative feedback but just to calm myself I will blog my frustrations. While I am blogging now I am waiting for the pizza that I have ordered from Bianos Homemade Pizza almost 2 hours ago. :( It's so frustrating they should have inform me that my pizza will arrive 2 hours after. I ask them how many minutes will the pizza arrive right after I ordered but they did not answer me. So its not my fault if im so mad and sad about them. They should informed me for the delay but instead its me keep asking them when is it going to arrived. They texted me awhile ago that pizza is on the way but its almost 1 hour past and pizza still did not arrive, to think my house is 10 minutes from Bianos Homemade Pizza place. If I wasn't busy with my work I should have bought it myself! And to think I was supposed to choose other pizza delivery services but thinking that Bianos Homemade Pizza is just a few minutes ride so I choose them.
I remember a friend too experienced the delay of delivery and cancelled her order. So just a tip to anyone who is going to order at Bianos Homemade Pizza expect a long delay of there delivery. Don't order if you're already hungry.

****My pizza finally arrived exactly 2 hours but my appetite for pizza was already gone and the pizza is not hot anymore. Frustrating! :(

Breathe Hope Bracelets

A few weeks ago a fellow blogger Dingexx shared a video and baby Jon Angelo Viado blog in plurk about a baby boy who is suffering from Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy(HIE). In order for this 2 year old baby to breath he is hooked to a mechanical ventilator 24/7. Baby Jon Angelo Viado's parents made a Breathe Hope bracelets to help them raised funds to buy for Baby Jon Angelo's own mechanical ventilator.
Along with fellow CDObloggers we purchased Breathe Hope bracelets in bulked. We also contacted friends who also wants to buy and help. For more information on the Breathe hope bracelets please do check baby Jon Angelo Viado blog.

Here is my little Justine wearing the Newport Orig Blue bracelet that I bought which arrived last week.