Sunglasses and Eyeglasses Giveaway

The latest trends in eyewear have developed from sustainable shapes yet provide today’s glasses a boost in fashion because of numerous patterns and colors, with more choices available in plastic instead of just the previous thin metals or titanium frames of the past.

Who says you ain't looking sexy and pretty with glasses on?
Firmoo Fashionable Eyeglasses Firmoo Fashionable Eyeglasses

Make Your Own Havaianas 2013

The most anticipated Make Your Own Havaianas finally took place at Centrio Mall last August 17-18, 2013. What makes this event extra special this year is that I have finally participated in it. The past years of MYOH event I just peep in, took some pictures, go home and blog on my city guide blog. This year would supposed to be doing the same but since I won from the Havaianas Hot Air Balloon contest and got myself a discount coupon and a Limited Edition pin, I grab the chance to join.

Make Your Havaianas (21)

Say hello to my first ever pair of Havaianas slipper!

Korean Drama: Fashion King

Fashion King

Done watching Fashion King last week and I really cant get over the ending. There are some parts of the drama that I was not satisfied and then adding to the fact that the ending left you a lot of questions and disappointments. :(

Nicki Minaj New Kmart Collection

Nicki Minaj just released a first look at her new Kmart collection on her instagram the other day. It was said that the Nicki Minaj collection is set to hit Kmart stores this fall.

Here are 3 of the Nicki Minaj Collection she shared:

The Studio outfit. Each piece has the matching top/bottom. Nicki Minaj love this jacket.

Nicki Minaj Collection

Michelle Phan Launched Her Own Cosmetics

Michelle Phan
Famous make-up tutorial queen in YouTube, Michelle Phan has just released her first cosmetics collection. According to Allure, Michelle's cosmetic line is backed by L'Oréal. The label name is ‘em’ which is a Vietnamese term of affection meaning “you”.

Schuler Comfortable Shoes for Women

comfortable shoes for women Making comfortable shoes for women with excellent craftsmanship and durability is what Schuler Shoes has been doing for over 120 years. It is their mission to provide the proper fitting shoes for women on the move, whether those shoes are to be for casual, dressy or sporty wear, for walking, running or jogging, or for any part of a woman's active lifestyle. It is important that ankles, feet and arches are supported sufficiently while providing flexibility.

Athletic shoes should provide support, a proper fit and comfort to your feet and body. Your feet take a pounding when you use them for activities such as running, cross-training, trail walking and more. In addition, whether sandals or clogs for summer casual use or dressy shoes or boots for special occasions, numerous styles and colors enable you to create multiple wardrobe options.

Launchpad Magazine Open Read

Me and my calendar issues! I really need and effective calendar or schedule reminder. I missed attending the Launchpad Magazine Open Read opening last Friday at SM City CDO because I taught the event will be on Saturday. urgh! :(
So what did I missed? Here are some photos I grabbed from my photographer friend Tom Udasco and at Launchpad Magazine Facebook page.

[caption id="attachment_2144" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Launch Pad Magazine Open Read A special fashion show with Benjie S. Manuel designs featuring BSM Fragrances.[/caption]

Traveling with #HavaianasHotAirBalloonCDO

Question: If the Havaianas Hot Air Balloon can take you anywhere you can possibly imagine. Where Would You Want To Go?

OOTD - Bigbys YOLO Launching (3)

#OOTD: Bigby’s Cafe & Restaurant The Ultimate Y.O.L.O Titan Launching

OOTD - Bigbys YOLO Launching (4)
A quick snap at my outfit at the Bigby’s Cafe & Restaurant The Ultimate Y.O.L.O Titan Launching. Its all about jeans and something blue.

Stylish Drawings from Kristina Webb

From reading through some blogs earlier came across this Kristina Webb very unique art. I find it very creative, stylish and feminine! A very talented girl indeed. Check out Kristina's drawings below with a touch of natural crafts. ^_^
Kristina Webb Art 1

Mega Pinoy Pride Ball 2013

Just read a post of about MEGA Pinoy Pride Ball which happened last June 2013 at Makati Shangri-La. Here are my style picks which I would want to wear also. :)

See link below to check more styles.

SM Ladies Fashion Holiday 2013

SM Ladies' Fashion Holiday 2013