Social Media Day in CDO! #smday

Earlier today I joined CDObloggers Social Media Day celebration. This celebration started year 2010 initiated by Mashable to recognize the digital revolution. Now on its third annual Social Media Day celebration CDOBloggers group organized Social Media Day CDO for Kagayanon social media users. Cagayan de Oro City was one of the 461 cities who joined Mashable Social Media Day Meetups.
Social Media Day in Cagayan de Oro was held at BFB, Limketkai. I was not supposed to attend the gathering but for some lucky reasons and kind people I made it and attended the event. A few minutes after I arrived the fun started and the Pizza and drinks was served. A perfect timing for hungry me! :D
While enjoying the pizza CDObloggers President Vicmadz had another exciting brain exercise and asked us to introduce our self by using an adjective on the first letter of our name. If your curios how I introduced myself... It's V for very sexy.. :D
Most of us who attended in the celebration already know each other except for Jerick who came all the way from Iligan City and Onin, Sanasanz friend. Nice to meet you guys!
And oh! Ah come back CDObies also came Yani and Bryan.
Our special guest on the celebration is Mindanaoan who shared a lot of her experiences, perks and some disadvantages in being one of the influential social media user.
There was a raffle and three lucky peeps namely Robstroy, Yani and Roxanne, won web hosting from Congrats y'all!
The class picture! There were some people arrived right after this class picture though. So its not a complete class picture. :D

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School Bags in Wholesale

Went to Cogon Market with a friend to canvass for school bags and school supplies for donations. This school bags and school supplies will be donated to the victims of typhoon Sendong here in our City financed by a Filipino-Japanese community. We choose to look at the Taiwanese Stores in Cogon Market coz we can find a lot of cheaper alternative's that can be much more cheaper when bought in wholesale.
We hop from one store to another until we finally found one store that offers all the supplies that we need from bags to school supplies at a cheap wholesale price. The whole list of the school supplies was at my friend and so far the school bags are what I remembered. I shall get them and update it here.
This character bags retailed at Php 100 and the wholesale (per dozen) price is Php 85.00.
 Another character bags which is a lot more bigger is retailed at Php 120.00 and the wholesale (per dozen) price is Php 95.00.
We explored more stores after that one store and that's when we saw this Filipino-made school bags. Its much expensive but the sales lady said the owner is a Filipina so there's a big possibility she may give us bigger discount since we'll going to purchase more than a dozens of school bags.
This retailed at Php 198.00 and has the wholesale of Php 120.00. What we like about this bags is that it is made of sturdy cloth that is well-sewed. The bags has also a unisex design so its an ideal for donations coz we don't know if the recipient would be a girl or a boy.
They also have a cheaper alternative which is offered in Php 95.00 wholesale. I forgot that retail price on this one since I was not listening because I was busy trying on the cute and cheap sandals and wedges displayed below this bags. :D This isn't the same as the above this one has is in canvass.

My First Pink Friday Meme!

This is the first time im joining pink Friday meme. I am not a pink lover but i'll give it a try look for some pink stuffs I can post on. That's when I remember my sentiments on pinks clothes. I may be a blue color lover but the major colors you see in my wardrobe are black and pinks. Hmmm...
Anyways, here's me wearing pink blouse and skirt. I love that bag I'm wearin' got that from Mhai's Shopping Mall. :D I took this photo after my trip to the salon. I had my hair cut in a new one-sided style.

And that's it for me and my pink outfit. See yah next pink Friday. (I hope) ;)

My MET Gala 2012 Top Faves Gowns

The following pics are taken at the recently concluded Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala 2012 or Met Gala as popularly known. This are my favorite gowns at the ball.

Amy Adams in Giambattista Valli. Amy looks like a goddess in this gown.
Ashley Greene in Donna Karan. 
Beyonce in Givenchy. This gown is more sexier in the back view...
Gisele Bundchen in Givenchy. 
Gwyneth Paltrow in Prada. Simple and sexy!
Jessica Alba in Charina Sarte. My fave celebrity! Looking so stunning in a gold one-shoulder long gown.
Karolina Kurkova in Rachel Zoe. Yes, Divine Lee was right she's like a female version of the Oscars trophy. :D
Kate Bosworth in Prada. 
Lea Michele in DVF. So sexy!
Marion Cotillard in Dior
Natalia Vodianova in Prada
Nina Dobrev in Donna Karan
Rooney Mara in Givenchy. I like this lace styled one-shoulder sleeve long gown but I would prefer it in white though.
Rosario Dawson in Calvin Klein.
Scarlett Johansson in Dolce and Gabbana. It would have been much more stunning if Johansson do her hair.

Le Petit Prince Weekly Scheduler

Im not a planner type of person. As much as I tried to, but I more often than not fail. I say im more of an spontaneous type... Adventurer kung baga. :D What today I do jot down to do's and plans but I always keep it in handy and have it my phone.

A friend of mine is selling some cute stuffs and thought of sharing to you my readers incase your interested. I am actually interested on this planner but I decided not to buy it because I know it'll just sleep inside my drawer and soon be forgotten. My work table already full with stuffs and I have already 2 planners (a stand caledar & Jollibee Planner) in front of me that is crying for my attention.

It has a sturdy hard cover adorned with Antoine de Saint-Exupery's illustrations from his best-selling book. On one side, the pages have a first-things-first list and an undated weekly schedule so that you may plan at your convenience. The other side of the pages have a to-do list with room to write a date, subject and details as well as a box to check when each item is completed. Cover is held securely closed with an elastic and a brass colored button with a picture of The Little Prince. Keeps track of 53 weeks.
Approx Size: 7 3/4" x 4 1/2"

Incase your interested message Rhea on Facebook. :)

Making Use Of Cows To Overcome Global Warming?

The effort being carried out by the Savory Institute along with their partners can be demonstrations of how to further more understand ecosystems and engaging by way of Nature may perhaps come up with a substantial variation in the struggles towards biodiversity reduction, desertification as well as making an effort to overcome global warming.

One of the greatest acclaimed contributing factors to global greenhouse gas emissions is Methane from cows. However, what if cows may not be the issue? What if the way in which people are handling cows is the source of the problem? What if basically modifying the methods everyone take care of our livestock returning to exactly how Mother Nature does it, along with big wild herds and grasslands. Of which basically helped bring the soil back to life? This could in turn help take care of the carbon released from the cows and a lot more.