What I Wore | Turtle Neck Top & Maxi Skirt

Happy weekend everyone!
Just celebrated my 30th birthday yesterday. Since few days ago until now I'm having mixed emotions... I didn't expect I'd feel this way. This must be what they say 30th blues... One more birthday and I'm out of the calendar... :D 
I usually don't make fuss on my birthdays, in fact I don't celebrate it. Growing up, I have never ever experience having a birthday party, most of the time this day just past by like most ordinary days. I appreciate few people who remember this day without any notifications from Facebook. Call it overacting but its the main reason I turned off my Facebook birthday notification so that I will know who genuinely remembers me on this day. Since I turned it off I did see a big difference, only a handful remembers my birthday. Only the closest of the closest, even the relatives and friends whom I've expected to remember didn't remember until they see others greeted me. Yes I know, I am such a sentimental person. ^_^
Anyways, on to my outfit... I am wearing my fave turtle neck top. I just love the cloth of this top which matches very well with my new maxi skirt from LightintheBox.com. This combo just scream comfort!
I have been eyeing this maxi skirt for quite a long time already from other online store but only this time I finally have it. It was so worth it. Its not thick and not too thin, very flowy and comfortable. 
Tip: Its sold in one size only and its a bit too tight on my waistline, I'm size 28 by the way. So just a heads up to anyone interested on this skirt. 
The aztec duffle bag is my another new fave. I bought it at SM Department Store at a sale price last month.  I really like it because I can put everything on it. Perfect when I work outside coz my 15" laptop fits on it. 
Lastly, the dream catcher necklace... I bought it when we went to Bohol last summer.
What do you think about this look?
Have you tried online shopping at LightintheBox.com?

Turtle Neck Top: Cotton On
Maxi Skirt: LightintheBox.com
Duffle Bag: SM Accessories