T-Shirt Online Shop Giveaway T-Shirt Online Shop will be giving away cool gifts this summer to us goddesses! The fashion giveaway contest will run until May 2013 and is open to every bloggers worldwide. :)

The the fashion items up for grabs are:
  • Chain Print 2in1 Dress with Zipper Back Dress
  • Hello Kitty Coins Wallet
  • UK Flag Bag
  • Short Sleeve England Flag Women Tee

I personally want to win the UK Flag Bag and the Chain Print 2-in-1 Dress with Zipper Back Dress because I still dont have a bag and dress with styles. How about you what you personally like?
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Etude House Easy-To-Use Mini Brow Class

Hey goddesses! Im so excited to buy this easy-to-use Mini Brow Class Drawing Guide from Etude House. This will help me create my desired style of my brow. ^_^ I do hope time will permit me to drop over at Centrio Mall because I cant wait to try this one out. Styling my brow is my biggest struggle ever since and I do hope this will drawing guide will help me.

Mini Brow Class Drawing Guide

My Top Picks on Kpop Best Gwiyomi

Sooyoung Gwiyomi
I first learned about Gwiyomi when Vice Ganda tweeted 2NE1's Dara that he did the gwiyomi dance on Showtime.

The Unplanned Birthday Surprise

Last March 9, 2013 was the birthday of one of my recently close friend - Jenjacqs. I have actually planned a week before on how to treat her on that day but some unexpected things happened. And yes as usual planning and me are not good friends so what was originally planned doesnt transpired.

So let me take you how the day was still memorable and made Jacqs happy.

Our dinner the night before her birthday... the yummy bulalo. I have the pic of our busy kusinero of the night but im sure Macky will not like me uploading it for some secret reasons. hehehe Thank you Earl for the Bulalo and adobo, your not just the master photographer but your also the master chef!

Earl's Bulalo
Forgive me for the "best" quality picture because we were already hungry this is the only photo I got... (Ug Nagpicture pako?! :P)

Holy Week 2013: Maundy Thursday Part 1

A few weeks ago, I was looking for something adventurous to do on my Holy Week 2013 vacation. At first I was thinking of going to Camiguin Island for Panaad 2013 but it was canceled on the last minute. So instead I tag along with my aunt, uncle, cousins, cousin's friends and Justine we went to Malitbog, Bukidnon. This was the first time for me and my cousin's friends.

Malitbog Bukidnon

During our roadtrip we were noisy and are eager to see the scenery. The green mountains and forest that we passed by feasted in our eyes.

On Piercing and Tattoo


Piercing and tattoo are 2 things still pending on my wishlist. Since highschool I have always wanted to have my nose and toungue pierce and tattoo on my ankle and shoulder. However, I grow up with a conservative family so my uncle would kill me if I did piercing and get a tattoo on any parts my body that time. I remember at college when I my cousin got busted on her belly piercing her dad was really furious.

Anyways, im looking to atleast get any of this 2 probably the piercing. Now the question is would it be on the nose, belly or toungue? ;)

First Rock Wall Climbing Experience

Here's a product of my spontaneity today...

I just found my new hobby... errr should I say stress reliever! :P

100_9614I have always wanted to try wall climbing at Marco Sports Avenue and its just earlier that I have finally done it! It was my first time to do wall climbing and I say its more fun to do so. It was a very tiring sports and at the same time very challenging.

I have reached the top on walls 1 and 2 but unfortunately I just almost finish wall 3. Arrrhhhggg!! I really wanted to finish wall 3! In fact I have tried a couple of times but my hand and body already giving up. Sad... but Im gonna have to try hard next time coz I bet ill be battling with muscular pain tomorrow. :D

The videos background song is You Set Me Free by Michelle Branch. It's my LSS so that is why I use it. It does fit in a way coz somebody inspires me to be free! :D
Being spontaneous leads to a more well-rounded person. Also being spontaneous means having the guts to try new things and push one’s comfort zone. ^_^