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What I Got For Christmas

No this ain't for bragging the gifts I received but simply to show and say my utmost gratitude to friends who remembered me on Christmas.

My friend Risa got me this muscle tee from Oxygen. She really noted that muscle tees are one of my latest faves. Which reminds me to share my collections of statement muscle tees on my next post. ^_^ 

My friend, Dee, got me this two #OOTD worthy clothes. She said the model looks good wearing the draped maxi skirt and the crop tee in combo, so she bought them both for me. Here's a tip, she purchased this from an online sale at I managed to found it though... :D So incase you love it, here's the link for the draped maxi skirt and the crop tee.

This one came from my cousin, Nike. Im not a fan of leggings but still im looking forward on wearing this. This one is more like a ponte pants because its thick enough to wear as pants. I'm thinking of white top and a pair of boots to match with this. Watchatink?

Ponte Pants - They are a cross between a legging and a skinny jean. They are made from ponte – a thick, double-knit fabric with two-way stretch.

Lastly, got this candy glass from the exchange gifts in our neighborhood. Minus the candies though. I used it right after unwrapping it. We pre-picked the person whom we are going to wrapped gifts for and what I gave was a scented candles & diffuser gift set. I love it actually I almost dont want to give it. :D

Come to think of it I didnt get to buy any gift for myself. hmmm...
Anyways, kamsahamnida... salamat.. thank you everyone for sharing your blessing.

How about you? Did Santa tick any on your Christmas wishlist?

I Want To Try The PLDT Telpad

Ive been curios about this PLDT Telpad before but didnt really mind about it coz I was thinking that if I subscribe ill have another add-on payments on my bill. Having a landline subscription to my internet bill has been heavy on my pocket because I dont use my landline much. Why use a landline when you have a mobile phone? Anyways, I just endured the monthly bills believing that if I go for wireless broadband its not the best option for my online job.

Now back to this tablet landline from PLDT. I just watched the PLDT Telpad AVP. After watching I seem to get interested in owning one. Ive been eyeing on buying a tablet for home use but Im still weighing things up and also the budget. If Im going to buy a tablet meaning I need to buy 2; 1 for mom and 1 for Justine since they keep on fighting over things. With this Telpad, I seem to have an option for both of them not going to fight coz Ill give them the impression its a landline for work and not meant for personal use. They usually respect it if its for my work. :) With this Telpad its actually handy also coz mom is not techy, So it'll be easy for her to navigate through the touch screen. Another thing also is that most of the time if I go out im connected online so in circumstances like this I can still get to call home via online even if I dont have a load on my mobile.

I could say a lot more advantages from what has been said also at the AVP but first I want to try PLDT Telpad to really have first hand review on it.
It seems like yesterday I bid my goodbye to Smartbro and say hello to PLDT MyDSL. Come to think of it Ive been a PLDT subscriber for almost 3 years already. Yes that long! Ever since I didnt recieved any gifts as loyal subscribers but more heartaches on the billling issues. If it hadnt been for the stable internet I would long be gone and subscribe to other networks.
I just hope that PLDT will offer this for free or even give a discount. I visited the PLDT website to check on how to avail the PLDT Telpad and here's the info that I got...
The Telpad Plan Includes:
Telpad Plans on myDSL
  • FREE Telpad Unit
  • FREE myDSL WiFi Modern
  • FREE Calling Features
  • Caller ID
  • Caller Forwarding
  • Caller Waiting
  • Speed Dialin
  • 3-Party Conferencing 
The cheapest is Plan 1849 which offers up to 1.5 mbps and with the following add-on:
  • Php 859/month for mydsl Plan 990
  • Php 550/month for myDSL Plan 1299
  • 3 year lock-in period
Im currently subscribe to myDSL Plan 999 which is bundled plan of Unlimited DSL + Landline. I wonder how flexible would they be with my currently plan. I still dont consider myself adding 550/month on my bill and Im not comfortable on the 3 year lock-in period.

Got My Personalize Sun Cellular Mobile Number!

I just activated my personalize Sun mobile number. I was a bit disappointed that I was not able to get my online nickname... Here's the number ive tried to register.

0942 EMOTERA - Sun Cellular can only lets you personalize the 6 digits of the number. So this is X.
0942 8 SMILEY - Taken
0942 8 PRETTY - Taken
0942 8 FIERCE - Taken
0942 8 BEAUTY - Suggested by a friend in Facebook but its taken also.

Unlucky me everything that I want is taken already, so I just opted for another more personalized one. This time thank God its available! And my number is.......
Drumroll....... 0942 800 ****
I will leave you guys to guess what that is! ^_^

Pink Santoki!

Another Friday passed by... And yes when its Friday its time to talk about something pink!

The pink stuff im sharing today is a pink bunny which my barkada in highschool gave me. Yes, this cute and pink tiny bunny is already old, in fact the message my friend wrote at the back of it is no longer visible.
So why pink santoki as title of the post? Its because when I'm about to start writing my post it crossed into my mine. The word "santoki" means mountain bunny in Korean language. You'll probably hear this on K-drama's and if you're a fan of 2NE1 because Dara (a.k.a. Sandara Park in the Philippines) use to be called Santoki. For those of you who dont know yet, I am a self-confess fan of Korean drama, pop music and food. :D

Anime And Cartoon Characters Drawing Collection

Im the type of person who value memorabilia's. So expect it that if you gave me cards and other small things in the past I still have it now. Even though we've transferred to several houses already I still have that one bag full of past memorabilia's from my notebooks, autographs, diaries, scrapbooks, cards, notes and many others. I'll be posting some of it soon but for now lets start with my drawing collections. The other day, Justine ransacked my bag from STI CDO convention kit. This bag is where I kept my scrapbook collections, stickers, stationery and drawing notebooks.

On the scrapbook collections and drawing notebooks I found my drawings. I was really amazed and fascinated seeing it. I totally forgot that I did have a skill in drawing in the past. And then suddenly my blogger instinct is alive! I immediately grab my camera coz I thought of blogging about it and sharing it to you guys. Though I'm not a pro in pencil drawing and I just used a regular pencil in drawing this anime and cartoon characters you'll be the judge and check it below.

Crafting arts has been a hobby and favorite past time of mine before. I guess technology take that away from me ever since I graduated college. Or maybe Im just busy with the new chapter of my life which is career hunting that I forgot my passion for crafting...
Ill be posting more of crafts I've made before since I just found my cross stitch kit and scrapbooks. Feel free to share your crafts in the past too ill be happy to know and check them out. :)

Pink Fridays: The Pitiful Sony Vaio Pink!

To participate in this weeks Pink Fridays I really search for something pink on my Drive D and phone gallery of which my photos are stored.Sadly I didnt find anything interesting to blog on and the other photos are previously blogged already. Good thing when I got home earlier I saw a pink item of which I immediately took a picture via mobile.

This pink Sony Vaio is own by our neighbor. Everytime she go to work she always deposit this laptop at our house since she doesn't trust the safety of the laptop at her rented house. This is the first time I saw this laptop. My mom been talking about it and that she said that the owner also ask some help coz the laptop has some problems that maybe I can help.

When I saw the laptop, it was awfully pitiful specially when I opened and saw the screen. Gosh! If I we're to own it, I would likely clean it everyday and cut anybody's finger who will touch the screen. The screen was full of smudge even the exterior of the laptop, if it wasn't color pink then it'll be more awful to see. I was really sad watching at the laptop. Its like I saw child that is not well taken cared of by the parents and that sleeps and eats in dirty clothes. I didn't even dare to turn it on because who knows what ill see. If the owner doesn't know how to take care on the exterior how much more inside. I bet a lot of virus popping up. And I also learn that her kids are just using it for games and that she's really pissed off because it might be the reason the laptop experiencing problems. Sad... Anyways, not everyone is interested on gadgets so I cant blame her if she treats this cute Sony Vaio pink without care... well, she still do care a bit because she cares for the laptop's safety.

Anyways for me, I may not clean my laptop and desktop computer every day but I do handle them with care, and take time to clean them more often as I can. For me taking care of them is also ensuring that they will not cause you a lot of trouble and problems that, more often than not, cause you a whole lot on your pocket...

How about you, how do you handle your laptop with care? How often do you clean them? And any tips you can share on how to take care of your laptops?

School Bags in Wholesale

Went to Cogon Market with a friend to canvass for school bags and school supplies for donations. This school bags and school supplies will be donated to the victims of typhoon Sendong here in our City financed by a Filipino-Japanese community. We choose to look at the Taiwanese Stores in Cogon Market coz we can find a lot of cheaper alternative's that can be much more cheaper when bought in wholesale.
We hop from one store to another until we finally found one store that offers all the supplies that we need from bags to school supplies at a cheap wholesale price. The whole list of the school supplies was at my friend and so far the school bags are what I remembered. I shall get them and update it here.
This character bags retailed at Php 100 and the wholesale (per dozen) price is Php 85.00.
 Another character bags which is a lot more bigger is retailed at Php 120.00 and the wholesale (per dozen) price is Php 95.00.
We explored more stores after that one store and that's when we saw this Filipino-made school bags. Its much expensive but the sales lady said the owner is a Filipina so there's a big possibility she may give us bigger discount since we'll going to purchase more than a dozens of school bags.
This retailed at Php 198.00 and has the wholesale of Php 120.00. What we like about this bags is that it is made of sturdy cloth that is well-sewed. The bags has also a unisex design so its an ideal for donations coz we don't know if the recipient would be a girl or a boy.
They also have a cheaper alternative which is offered in Php 95.00 wholesale. I forgot that retail price on this one since I was not listening because I was busy trying on the cute and cheap sandals and wedges displayed below this bags. :D This isn't the same as the above this one has is in canvass.

Le Petit Prince Weekly Scheduler

Im not a planner type of person. As much as I tried to, but I more often than not fail. I say im more of an spontaneous type... Adventurer kung baga. :D What today I do jot down to do's and plans but I always keep it in handy and have it my phone.

A friend of mine is selling some cute stuffs and thought of sharing to you my readers incase your interested. I am actually interested on this planner but I decided not to buy it because I know it'll just sleep inside my drawer and soon be forgotten. My work table already full with stuffs and I have already 2 planners (a stand caledar & Jollibee Planner) in front of me that is crying for my attention.

It has a sturdy hard cover adorned with Antoine de Saint-Exupery's illustrations from his best-selling book. On one side, the pages have a first-things-first list and an undated weekly schedule so that you may plan at your convenience. The other side of the pages have a to-do list with room to write a date, subject and details as well as a box to check when each item is completed. Cover is held securely closed with an elastic and a brass colored button with a picture of The Little Prince. Keeps track of 53 weeks.
Approx Size: 7 3/4" x 4 1/2"

Incase your interested message Rhea on Facebook. :)

Drumbeats Series By Arrielle

One of Precious Hearts Romance famous and best-selling tagalog romance author has yet release another series that PHR readers will surely love. Arrielle new series is titled Drumbeat, its a special edition pocketbooks with 144 pages each.

Here are the 6 series new releases:
Drumbeats 1: Rhyme

Drumbeats 2: Repertoire
Drumbeats 3: Harmony
Drumbeats 4: Medley
Drumbeats 5: Resonance
Drumbeats 6: Rhapsody

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 8 - National Bookstore Book Sale

Its Easter Sunday today! While everyone is heading to the beach family just stayed at home we are not really a fan of beach specially at this day wherein beaches are surely jam packed of people celebrating Easter Sunday.
The other day I bought ingredients for a simple salad; cream, condensed milk and fruit cocktail but my mom wants it to be made into Tapioca. And I headed to the market to buy Tapioca. And just when I pass by at National Bookstore. They have great books on sale! There were a lot of books I should have bought if I had an extra cash ro spare. Too bad im on a budget. :(
This books is published way back 2008 - 2010 but there is still a lot of good tips on it.
Now this next books aint on sale.. but just taught of sharing it! ;)

I know your thinking why most of the books are mostly about love and relationship. Lol I dont know why but i just like reading this stuffs too. I was actually looking for the secret's daily teaching of which are out of stock when I saw this love/relationship genre books.

Region X Tourism Director's Locally Made Tokens

CDOBloggers group had a courtesy call to Regional Director Catalino Chan III at Department of Tourism office last February 21, 2012. This is part of the preparation of eXtreme Mindanao that the group will be organizing this coming May.
The moment we arrive at Director Chan's office I was already entertained at the decors displayed around the room. Some of it are local made products and some are noticibly from foreign countries. As we progress on our discussion about CDOBloggers organization, eXtreme Mindanao event and Mindanao's tourism status mommy Dharlz couldnt help but about the locally dress doll token behind me. Director Chan enthusiastically explained to us that it was indeed locally made and was given as a token at one of Mindanao's tourism caravan last year which was held at mall of asia.

 He also showed us some of other locally made tokens he got when he travela and attend tourism events and comferences in both national and international affairs.
This one Director Chan's holding is from Palawan.

This Abanika is locally made in Bukidnon of which he brought in a conference in Japan as his tokens to other delegates in representation of Mindanao.

This flower made from corns skin is displayed in the table in front of me. Its so nice that you wouldn't even notices its made from corns skin.

Precious Hearts Romance: Stallion Series

Stallion Series is a pocketbook written by Filipino authors Sonia Francesca and Sofia. Stallion Series is published by Precious Hearts Romance. The heroes which the names are the titles makes this series a big hit in the Philippines. Personally I love the heroine characters as they portray funny, courageous and unassuming Filipina. The series is called Stallion because the love story happen at the Stallion Riding Club. All the heroes in this series are members of the Stallion Riding Club. If you wanna see this heroes up close check this Stallion Boys photos I found online.

1: Jubei Bernardo by Sonia Francesca
2: Eneru Villasis by Sonia Francesca
3: Gino Santayana by Sofia
4: Hiro Hinata by Sofia
5: Reigan Baltazar by Sonia Francesca
6: Neiji Villaroza by Sonia Francesca
7: Yue Anthony Zheng by Sofia
8: Gabryel Honasan by Sofia

9: Brad Crawford by Sonia Francesca
10: Rodjan Sta. Maria by Sonia Francesca
11: Kai Montezor by Sonia Francesca
12: Yozack Florencio by Sonia Francesca
13: Zell Zapanta by Sonia Francesca
14: Emrei Rafiq by Sofia
15: Romanov Cuerido by Sofia
16: Jason Erwin Dean by Sofia
17: Crawford Orena by Sofia
18: Kester Mondragon by Sofia

19: Philippe Jacobs by Sofia
20: Eiraun Jimuel Romero by Sofia
21: Rolf Guzman by Sofia
22: Beiron Rafiq by Sofia
23: Reichen Alleje by Sofia
24: Reid Alleje 1 by Sofia
25: Reid Alleje 2 by Sofia

26: Pipo de Vera by Sonia Francesca
27: Johann Cristobal by Sofia
28: Daboi Bustamante by Sonia Francesca
29: Gianpaolo Aragon by Sofia
30: Angelo Exel Formosa by Sonia Francesca (Readers’ Choice)
31: Thyago Palacios by Sofia
32: Icen Villazanta by Sonia Francesca
33: Hayden Anthony Ilano by Sofia
34: Rozen Aldeguer by Sonia Francesca
35: Joziah Gatchalian by Sofia
36: Cloud Montanez by Sonia Francesca
37: Eizhiro Figuerao by Sofia
38: Zairo Montevedra by Sofia
39: Hans Cervantes by Sonia Francesca
40: Baxter Saavedra by Sonia Francesca
41: Mark Ashley Carnello by Sofia
42: Danrick Tezzoro by Sofia
43: Ricos Caderao by Sonia Francesca
44: Richard Don Robles by Sofia
45: Lee Shin Yang by Sonia Francesca
46: Myco Gosiaco 1 by Sofia
47: Myco Gosiaco 2 by Sofia
48: Reiven Alleje by Sofia (A Special Edition- 384 pages)
49: Ian Jack Salmentar by Sonia Francesca
50: Trigger Samaniego 1 by Sonia Francesca
51: Trigger Samaniego 2 by Sonia Francesca
52: Jigger Samaniego 1 by Sonia Francesca
53: Jigger Samaniego 2 by Sonia Francesca

The Dangers of Digital Camera Flash to High Voltage Electrical Lines

Let me tell you something I just read a while ago. Its a story shared on Facebook about a boy suffered from electricity burns and eventually died after one & half days. The reason of the burn is that while taking pictures using his digital camera he captured an angle which has 40,000 volts electrical line passing and was transported to him through the digital camera's flash. Read more of the story below...

Read the whole article here: Believe and Dont Say "Chalta Hai Yaar"

I was thankful to read and came across this article. I've been addicted to taking picture anywhere and everywhere, unknowingly of the dangers I may get. Thanks also that the user also shares useful tips which I admittedly guilty of practicing. To my readers please do read and take care.
  • Please avoid mobile phones on petrol outlets.
  • Please avoid talking on mobile phones while driving.
  • Change that "Chalta Hai Yaar Attitude" (Chalta hai yaar is comparable to "Bahala na!" in Filipino also means just ignore or not giving attention to it in English)
  • Please avoid talking on mobile phones while kept in charging mode without disconnecting from wall socket.
  • Please do not keep mobile phones on your bed while charging and / on wooden furniture.
  • Avoid using mobile phones / Digital cameras near high voltage electrical lines like in railway stations and avoid using flash.
True or not this was a safety issue that we should be concern. It could be a coincident as someone above had suggested but it always better to err on the side safety. Just like using cell phone while pumping gasoline to your car,it was shown that this was a very bad idea and could lead to serious accident.

Got a Free Jollibee 2012 Planner

I got this 2012 planner from Jollibee. Its free when you purchase a minimum order of php 150 and a peach mango pie. Its not thick but good enough to handle notes and plans.
It has conversion formulas, equivalent measures, birthstone list, year wedding anniversaries, dates of zodiac signs and 2012-2013 calendar.

Mom's Phone

I can't help but blog about my moms phone. It's actually just a China-made phone but mind you it has features which I envy and how I wish for my phone to have it too. I specifically bought  and choose this mobile phone for her because of its usability and features. So here's my review...
The phone has QWERTY keypads. I like it coz I could easily teach mom how to text message. The advantage of QWERTY keypads is that she will just press the letter once to create a message.
It has Radio and TV. Well, this is the major purpose I hastely bought her a phone months ago because Justine and mom often fight because of the TV. Justine loves watching cartoons and when mom want to watch certain TV series at a certain time they often fight because Justine dont want to switch off the cartoons his currently watching. So to end wars I bought mom a TV phone. Initial plan was to buy another TV but since its going to be use occasionally I choose a TV phone instead, for more functionality also. Oh! what a coincidence its Sharon Cuneta on TV my moms fave celebrity. :D
Next it has flashlight. Mom always wanted to have a handy flashlight which she can use at night. So its really a plus that the phone has it.
Last loud speaker. My mom kinda having problems on hearing (blame it to the age?! hehehe) so with a loud speaker she could easily hear the phone ring or when using radio and TV. Now its me who's having problem with the volume because its to loud. hehehe And yeah before I forgot, the phones camera is not a high-quality 12MP as it claims to have. I like the funky style on its back cover.
However, no matter how much I love its usability I still prefer my S5233W Samsung phone because its my blogging buddy. The WIFI connectivity and image quality of my Samsung phone is something I can't trade to my mom's phone. :)

My Own Headset Reviews

When it comes to gadgets I am really not an expert. So when I planned to buy something I ask my techy guy friends on which is a wise investment. Now recently, my boss just recently bought me a new headset. And since I failed to share my experiences about my previous headsets, I’ll start talking it first. The 2 headsets where actually purchase by our web developer which is my senior and is also based here in CDO.

iNtex Computer M/M Headphone Wireless Roaming (IT HP904 FM

The first headset I have was the iNtex Computer M/M Headphone Wireless Roaming (IT HP904 FM). This was given to me by my boss along with the eMachines laptop. It's a 5in1 headset; wireless headphone, wireless net chat, monitoring, FM radio and wired headphone. The headset is comfortable to use aside from the interference you catch when using it. To be able to use it on audio calls and listening to music you will need to fine tune it, just like scanning for a radio station. More often it catches radio signals so you need to scan and reset again and again until you hear the audio you want to listen. Since its wireless you will also enjoy not having to worry about the wire when you move but one downside also is that when you move and the headphone catches interference you sometimes lost the audio you are listening. Definitely not a good headset for me since I am using the headset for my recording task. 

Genius Deluxe Coil-Up Cable Headset

So after a month of dealing with the iNtex headset downside, my boss bought another new headset which is the Genius Deluxe Coil-Up Cable. This  headset provides an adjustable headband, coil up cable, rubber mic and In-line VR + Mic mute. It works fine, very comfortable, no interference and the mic is good for recording. However, just recently my Genius headset’s mic is not working anymore. Caller on the other end can’t hardly hear me or worst… can’t really hear me talking. Sayang! 4 months to go nalang sana para mag 1 year na xa.

When buying this kind of headset handle with care when rotating the mic down. I had a feeling my mic was damage in the pivot part because of careless up and down rotation of the mic.

Logitech ClearChat Comfort USB

Now that both headsets doesn't have a workable mic, my boss bought me yet another headset. However, this time boss picked the type of headset to purchased. I first browse a Logitech headsets at Amazon. (Boss preferred this coz he is using a logitech headset too) Boss choose a Logitech ClearChat Comfort USB and then asked me to check if it’s available here locally. After looking around at several stores, I finally found the Logitech headset at Interface, Limketkai Mall sold at the price of Php 1, 995. (Amazon Price: 31.99 usd)

Anyways, both the Genius and iNtex headsets are still useful even though it has no mic, it's still usable when listening to music. Hope this post will help you in a way in purchasing your own laptop and headset too!
eMachines by Acer D725 does not have a built-in mic, the exact reason why my boss kept on buying me a headset.