Birthday Celebrants for Today!

Todays the birthday of my inaanak Alliona Jane and igso Ronnel. 

Alliona and Kuya Ronnel

Since Ronnel is already a big guy and is picky on his gifts I decided to gave him a cash as a gift. One thing I like about this guy is that if he really want something he would save up his money and buy it.

For Alliona I bought her a cake per her mother's request weeks ago. I was really glad she like piglet on her cake, it never left her hands right after blowing her cakes candle. It was supposed to be a princess but sadly theres no available princess characters at Kathryns Bakeshop where I bought the cake.

Alliona and Kuya Justine

Happy Feet!

Do you know what is the photo above?
It's actually a platinum nail polish with a unique bottle. :P
I was supposed to go out and breath the Limketkai air today but laziness take over me and was also caught up reading some romantic pocketbooks. Then the manicurista arrived and clean my toenails. We finished late so I decided to just stay in the house. Here's my happy feet...

And oh! My aunt's toenails was aching which was cleaned by other manicurista. My manicurista said that maybe it was not cleaned properly and that there are still nails not taken on the inner part. Hmmm...

Ive taken a video of getting the stuck nail inside my aunt's toenails... Check this out:

Tip: The manicurista said when your toenails is like this never put penicillin so that hindi mag-nana..

Blessed Monday

Yesterday, my boss just decided for a changes on work monitoring. Effective that day we will no longer use Odesk for compensation and work monitoring. Wheeew! What a relief... However, I should make my presence felt everyday by email some work updates or perhaps just to even say I wont be working bcoz I dont feel like working - according to my boss...hahaha My boss really said that, he said he just want to get a picture of what i've been working on since he is paying me anyway. That's kinda light up my Monday afternoon.

And then next to that went to Mhai's place paid my dues and yet again got a new big blue kikay bag. I'm not actually going to buy it since the bag I've been wanting to buy has been sold but not until Mhai said I could use it to carry my lappy. :D

After Mhai's place went to Tapsi Time in Pabayo street to bought tinolang Malasugui, my mom's craving for it. This has been my mom's constant request when I ask what's for dinner, she would instantly answer "tinolang Malasugui lang Beng katong imong ginapalit gani".

And ofcourse my little guy will not be happy if I didn't buy any food for him. So instead of buying Jollibee or Mcdonald kiddie/happy meals went to Dunkin Donuts bought a dozen donut and then availed on the Php 20 Dunkin Donuts glass promo. And just as I thought, when I arrived Justine love the glass and wants to use it already as well as munch on almost half of the donuts. ;)

Debut Preparations: Fun and Easy Way to Customize Photos

I decided to create a customize design of Apple's photo for her giveaways. However, I only have little time to dedicate in the costumize design of the photo since I was busy with both work and CDO bloggers events cover and so I make use of this online community where-in you can remix designs and edit the way you like it in an easy way. This site is called Imikimi you can customize your images online but prior to that you need to download a browser plug-in for it to work. It's really a fun and easy way to customize images for those who are not a pro.

Apple's 18th Birthday

After 3 weeks, January 22, 2011 finally arrived. Glad everything went well and everybody was happy with everything specially the debutant. Preparing this debut party has contributed a lot of useful knowledge to me. Rest assured though that I will still be blogging about some debut preparations details to help you out some information you need.

The give-aways which I personally made. I decorated them myself.

Cake from Cahatian Cakes and Balloons...

The free tarpaulin of De Luxe Hotel.... Its not so presentable. :(

Decorations in progress...

Complimentary room for the debutant...

Gown from Gil Macaibay...

Video and photo coverage...

The final venue look...

Photo Montage made by me...

More likely I handled more on the physical preparations (over-all look) of the debut such as venue, giveaways, video, decorations and cakes. For the program debutante relative handled it. And for the gown its the debutante choice to rent a Gil Macaibay's Collections.

Debut Preparations: Apple's Debut Photo Montage

I made 2 videos which was showed at Apple's debut, one as video background and the other is a video of Apple growing up. I made it through one true media. Check it out!

Page Rank Level Up!

Thank you so much to my followers and readers in both my CDO Guide blog and Live.Laugh.Love personal blog. Both turns PR 3 today.

Page Rank Check

Rest assured I will continue providing quality post that not only share my everyday existence but also something that my readers will learn and get updates about Cagayan de Oro and more.

For those who are not familiar with PageRank, heres how Google describes it:
PageRank reflects our view of the importance of web pages by considering more than 500 million variables and 2 billion terms. Pages that we believe are important pages receive a higher PageRank and are more likely to appear at the top of the search results.
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Singapore Key Chains Giveaway

Just this afternoon I recieved my prize from A Teacher's Journey blogging contest. I won the 2 Singapore key chains for being the first to comment on the blog post and the the first to share the link of the post to my Facebook. More are up for grabs so check out 36 Key Chains to give away on how to win too!

Debut Preparations: Searching for Venue

During this past few weeks I have been busy with both work, CDO events and debut preparations for Apple. I know there are lots of people also here in Cagayan de Oro who will soon carry this kind of party planning so to help you out I'm going to share how I did the debut preparations. Unfortunately, I wont be blogging it all in one post because its going to be longer and I can't promise to blog all info at once. So to guide you just find the blog post with "Debut Preparations:" affixed in the title.

Searching for Venue...
January 4, 2011. I was hunting for the perfect venue which accommodates 100 guest and at the same time budget friendly. First step I did was inquiring some possible venue over the phone and below are prices and inclusions I've gathered.

Max's Restaurant (Tentative)
15 thousand inclusive with food
Php 300 lechon
Cake depends on the size

Philtown Hotel
Php 215 per head buffet 4 courses, rice, desert, soft drinks
Php 175 per head plate in 3 courses, rice, desert, soft drinks
Free room, decorations and everything
no corkage for lechon and cake

Deluxe Hotel
Function Room: Ballroom
Php 220 per head buffet 5 courses, rice, desert, soft drinks
Php 195 per head buffet 4 courses, rice, desert, soft drinks
Free room and use of everything
Table centerpiece
No corkage for lechon and cake

Grand city Hotel
Function Room: Ballroom
Php 260 per head
Php 275 per head
Free dressing room until 10 PM
Table centerpiece

Our initial choice was between Max's Restaurant and Philtown Hotel. The next day, I check out some restaurants which offer function room services. So here's what I found out:
  • Chicken Inasal Bacolod Style (Tiano Bros. cor. Macahambus Sts.) - function room is for 30-40 guest only. A minimum of Php 3, 500 consumable amount.

  • Lexis Bar and Grill (Tiano Bros. cor. Macahambus Sts.) - function room is for a maximum of 50 guest. They charge per head.
  • Dear Manok (Tiano Bros. next to Lexis Disco) - Backyard Garden caters 70 guest but if can possibly extend tables if guest is more than 70. There are also other function rooms which are good for lesser number of guest or perhaps for children's party. They offer plate-in (Php 119 - Php 149 per head) and buffet type(Php 138 - Php 174 per head).
  • Lokal Grill (Corrales Avenue) - They have function room good for 50 guest.
  • Ghana (Rosario Arcade) - Can cater more than 100 guest. A minimum of Php 25, 000 consumable amount.

So after looking around and asking details we decided to go for De Luxe Hotel. Philtown Hotel would have been our choice but it's fully book on January 22th while Max's Restaurant available function room can't cater more than 100 guest. By the way, inquire personally about there function room arrangement since they have a new manager. Thats the reason I put tentative on the above info.

This is Ballroom room A. We were reserved on Ballroom room B because somebody already paid for it. But both Ballroom rooms have the same style.

4th Day of Salo Tabo sa Kapitolyo

Right after the iSYU Karon interview I along with Vic and Crizel we headed to Provincial Capitol to witness the 4th day of Salo Tabo sa Kapitolyo. Thanks to Macky by the way for the ride to Provincial Capitol. When we arrived the place was already full of eager buyers of cheap affordable agricultural products from different municipalities. The booth of different municipalities in Misamis Oriental also was very awesome! Each represents unique artistic designed. Each also showcase there "One Town, One Product" (OTOP) aside from crops like vegetables, fruits, plants and fishes.

The booths and agricultural products display...

The Kagay-anons... some are buying products, some are looking around while others are just taking photos (like me!)...

There was also a Volleyball Game...

That was actually my very first time to visit the Salo Tabo, so everything really amazed me.