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Hi there! Welcome to my blog! Im Venussmileygal an online freelancer, a proud single mother and a trying hard blogger. ;) Get to know more about me in this blog and how I live.laugh.love. You can also read some of my drama's and inspiring quotes at Emotera. For things I discover online I share it my online learning blog and online web guide. I also share some tourism information on world wide tourist attractions, CDO Guide and Camiguin Guide, as well as the contributer of some other travel blogs. One of my hobby is taking photos, feel free to check out my photo collections.

More about me...
  • I like listening to music and dancing.

  • I love to travel.

  • I like taking photos and also like to be one of the photo subject. But I still need to work on my confidence!

  • I'm friendly and accommodating. According to my friends.

  • I am flexible. And easy to get a long since I tend to blend to the crowd and to the different personalities that I met..

  • I am tactless. My weakness!

  • Im the jealous type. Specially to the people who already have a special space in my heart. Good thing I now know how to hide and control this feeling.

  • I am a dreamer. And constantly wishing that all of my dreams will come true.

  • I am thoughtful when I don't forget.... lately I've been experiencing "Oh, I forgot" syndrome.

  • I am a fighter. Someone once told me that she wish she was as brave as me in facing all her struggles and problems. I actually dont have a choice but to rise again and move on with my life's journey.

  • I am emotional and a crying goddess in short Emoteragoddess. I am alone and loveless. I always cry my struggles and heartaches, this way I'll be able to pour out what I feel and ease the burden deep inside. One thing I hate of is me being so sensitive because even if I was just watching or reading crying scenes (drama) and touchy moments it already make me cry in an instant. Geezz... Am I really this open?!

  • I am moody. Well, because of everything that I feel are suppressed just within me I tend to sway moods easily. This is the reason why I need an outlet to pour out whatever I want.

  • I am caring. I know the feeling not being cared that is why I care whenever I can.

  • I am lazy. Because I think a lot. My energy is drain from thinking that is why I just want to sleep or just seat... and think.

  • I love to hangout. I always want to feel happy and forget about everything. That is why when I got a chance, I hangout with friends or even with myself. Enjoying life while I can.

  • Most of all I am sweet. This is how I show my love and affection from the people that surrounds me.

Check out my answer when ask to tell something about yourself before...
Roman goddess of LOVE and BEAUTY - mother of Cupid (Eros) and beloved of Adonis im cute according to people I met... ahem! Smiling, nice, friendly. I love going to mall, surfing on the net, hanging out at my friends house, watching movies. I also love being called 'Icyblue'...
UPDATED ME!!! Well, Im a naughty and wacky gal, a crying baby but a fighter. Immature but a good advicer when it comes to problems of others. Happy go lucky but dead serious in finding stable job to help my mom & relatives. I love rock n roll but I also love slow music. I enjoy surrounded by a bunch of people but I also enjoy to be a loner and in a serene places. Crazy right?! But thats me Venussmileygal, unpredictable, unexplainable, unidentified flying object ooopps wrong! undefinable person...

For advertisements and any inquiries you can drop me a mail at venussmileygal[@]gmail.com

CDOBloggers 10 Ways to Recover from a Stressful Week!


This list is inspired from the things we did the other day to de-stress and disconnect from the online world. 

1. Conference with friends at Yahoo Messenger, and pour everything out.

2. Invite friends to go out and paint the town red.


3. Buy 2kls mango. Eat something sour to forget the stress. 


4. Have dinner at Night Cafe with friends.

 5. Meet fellow plurkers.

 6. Pick-up some friends at there house and invite to go out.

7. Chat and laugh your heart out while on the road trip.

8. Drop by Panagatan and enjoy the night view.

9. Take an evening walk at Yasay Beach.

 10. Eat balut paired with coke!

 Check out more photos at Chiq Montes Flickr.

Fave Song: In A Rush by Blackstreet

Here's one of my ultimate favorite song. I just dont know why but I just love this song.
In the video was SS501 sang In A rush when they appeared in Mnet Madame B Saloon last December 5, 2008.