Ultimate Christmas Wishlist

I know its way too late for me to post a Christmas wishlist but I cant get over this gadget I have been wanting to have, as they say better late than never. Actually, I almost have this gadget last week but to my dismay it didn't happen. ;( I was really disappointed.
So what is it that Im dying to have?! Its...
Oooooooooohhh.. Santa please make my wish come true! Just grant my Panasonic Lumix GF1 and I'll promise to be good... ;)

My Gratifying Year 2010!

2010 has been both challenging and gratifying year for me. This year I have made life changing decisions and also had a few big investments. I could say it’s a mixed of ups and downs, mishaps and success but the most important is I have lots of precious moments which I could cherish in the future... In this year also I have had a series of learning experience both in life as well as in work. I could say that I've grown more mature because of the series of things happen to me this year. When it comes to work; well it was a big decision going freelance since I am the bread winner of my family. However, that decision was great so far since when I started working freelance with 2 foreign bosses I have learn a lot and discovered a lot of potential things I could possibly do. (Though I just need to keep on learning and enhance it more). Not to mention the great wage and bonuses.
So for the year 2011 I’ll be looking forward for more success and gratifying experiences. As well as a love life too… :P

A Christmas Gift From Boss

This eMachines by Acer D725 which was issued by my boss for work was officially mine! Just last week my boss called me up first ask me the usual work updates and then the next question was if I want a bonus, and ofcourse I said yes! Then unexpectedly, he ask me how long will be my holiday vacation... My initial reaction was wow! I love my boss... hehehe Imagine your boss asking how many days are you going to have a vacation in addition to your bonus and the laptop! :D
Anyways going back, so I've decided for a 1 week vacation meaning I'll be back working on January 3, 2011. And I do hope my work routine by this time would be normal already since ill be having 1 week vacation. This past few months I am having troubles sleeping early. An d it sucks! So I hope this vacation would really benefit me.

My Work Buddy!

March this year, I've owned my very first laptop, from my 2 months salary which I advanced from my boss. It was a Compaq Presario CQ40-416, it has a 14.1-inch diagonal widescreen display with HDMI, card reader, and USB ports. Which has an AMD Turion X2 processor, standard memory of 1 GB DDR2 SDRAM PC-5300, wireless capabilities, and integrated webcam and microphone.

This has been my work buddy until 2 weeks after I unexpectedly received an eMachines by Acer (D725) issued by my second boss. However, I used the eMachines solely for work because my boss installed a software called Flexiserver that will track my laptop activities. So for safety reasons, I don't use it for personal browsing. :P


Janlac's Photo Blogger Template Contest

As her way of saying thank you to her faithful readers and for the fruitful 2010. Janlac will be given away a free domain and hosting. The mechanics is just help her find a new free template for her new blog, Photo Blogger. For more info check out: Janlac's Page

So here are my template suggestion:
I suggested the 3 because it provides...
  • Featured Article Slideshow
  • SEO Optimized
  • Adsense ready
  • 468×60 pixels Header Banner
  • friendly theme options

CDO Bloggers Christmas Party

Cagayan de Oro Bloggers will be celebrating Christmas at Local Grill & SeaFood Restaurant (Watever KTV 2nd Floor), Corrales Street, Cagayan de Oro City on Sunday, December 19 at 7:00pm - 11:30pm.

Party Theme is going to be Back-2-School meaning you guys can dress up on any school related costumes either teacher, student or even the school janitor... :P There will be an exchange gift minimum of Php 100. Gift is anything that is BATTERY OPERATED.

Expect big prizes to be given away like cellphones, laptop bags and many more. Party Fee is Php 150 only which you can pay on the event. So invite your friends and join the fun!

The Baranggay Elections 2010

I hope you'll spare me because ill be blogging some past happenings starting from now. I've been busy and got no time to blog much. Though I have posted some, but theres a lot more I haven't shared.

This medicines was given to my mom during a free medical check-ups a week before the Baranggay Elections 2010. Definitely during election season running officials for the government are very generous. A lot of cash giveaways, free events, feeding programs as well as free medical check-ups happens. Here in our town around Php400 was given to every legitimate voter from the currently winning Baranggay Official while the losing party just gave Php100 per voter. Unfortunately, such freebies and giveaways has taken a big influence to voters in casting their votes.
For me its actually okay to receive what has given to you but it should not be the basis of whom you will vote. It wouldn't have any problem if such official has showed progress in our town but sadly they didn't.
  • Garbage everywhere
  • Many roads needed repair
  • Fiesta activities are lousy
  • No programs for the youth during summer.
I just hope that people will think twice next time, not merely sharing the changes that they want through their mouth but use their heart, mind and hands to get the change that they want.

My Bloggers’ Choice Award: Bukidnon Online

My vote for Philippine Blogs Award 2010 Bloggers’ Choice Award will be for Bukidnon Online because it provides readers with updated news and latest events. Bukidnon Online also aims to help promote the tourism of Bukidnon and also provide comprehensive info and guide of the best places that we should visit and check out. It also encourage and inspire for fellow Bukidnon people as well as bloggers to take part in making there voices be heard by sharing their own ideas and suggestions on any issue at hand. Additionally, Bukidnon Online is a certified Mindanaon blog which is truly worth voting for!

How about you? Have you voted for your Bloggers Choice Award? Vote now because deadline will be before 11:59 PM of December 11, 2010.