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CDOBloggers Christmas Party 2015

Happy new year everyone!
Last December, I attended the year-end gathering of the local bloggers group here in our city. Its been awhile since we've gathered and so its exciting to see everyone again have fun and party. 
Boy Zugba hosted the Christmas party. It was actually my first time to visit the place since its opening early 2015. 
True enough the food is superb. I am not much into chicken inasal but I love the taste and texture of the chicken. Special mention on the delicious atsara that comes with it, I so love it that I've ate a lot. hehe A lot of boggers also rave on the cheezy chorizo they said its delicious, no wonder it was all gone in a snap. :D The dessert was good as well... I was able to finish the whole serve of leche flan when I usually just scoop a teaspoon on other occasions. The mango shake is made with real fruit so thats another plus factor to me. 
Will definitely comeback and try other food listed on their menu.

I was assigned on the games for the party... Glad they all enjoyed it and had a great laugh. The games were Chopstick game, find your Christmas song partner, Japanese dance using paper plate... There was a raffle draw also of where everyone got the chance to win a Jollibee giftchecks, Boy Zugba giftchecks and a box of Krispy Kreme donuts.

Got a prize for the Blogger with the latest CDO related blog post.
After that we also had our annual CDOBloggers Officers election. Im back to being an officer to the organization. 

We ended the party with an exchange gifts and a whole lot of pictures...

Hello Krispy Kreme Cagayan de Oro!

Hello everyone! Krispy Kreme officially opens its doors to all Kagayanons. The long wait is finally over for us.

I was invited for an exclusive Bloggers Tour before the Krispy Kreme opens to the public. I choose this new thrifted dress which comes with a crop top layered on it coz the print on the crop top perfectly fits the occasion. Hello Krispy Kreme CDO!

CDOBloggers had so much fun on that day! We had the chance to tour on the inside kitchen, watch the donuts while it was freshly cook, design our own donuts and yes ofcourse (the most awesome part) tried any Krispy Kreme drinks and donuts.

They also have this game called Krispy Kreme Doughnut personality quiz which helps you find out the doughnut that matches your personality. My answers are mostly D's and my doughnut personality is Caramel Kreme Crunch.

Thank you very much Krispy Kreme for the invitation. Its was a blast day. Thank you also for the awesome souvenirs!! I had a big smile on after I tried my Krispy Kreme tshirt. Finally a freebie that is made for me! I usually receive a larger tshirts so I end up looking like a hanger when Im wearing it.

Why do I Like Blogging?

  • I like blogging because I like the feeling of sharing information and my thoughts.
  • I like blogging because I like the idea that through my blog I was able to express my feelings.
  • I like blogging because I am able to help others on the information or tips I posted.
  • I like blogging because I was able to go travel with pleasure; Manila, General Santos, South Cotabato and many more to come. (fingers cross)
  • I like blogging because I have the reasons to take photos everywhere, anything and everything. lols
  • I like blogging because I can have free access to events.
  • I like blogging because I can sometimes eat for free at the newest resto in town.
  • I like blogging because I have an extra income.
  • I like blogging because I became a speaker at blogging workshops and impart my knowledge.
  • I like blogging because I am able to meet lots of people.
  • I like blogging because I met Matt Mullenweg in person. ♥♥♥
  • I like blogging because its the reason why I am a member of CDObloggers Inc.
  • I like blogging because I met this wacky people!