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CDOBloggers 1st Street Photography

The CDOBloggers 1st Street Photography successfully concluded last April 22, 2012. Rain showers even threatens the activity to push through but thanks to Karen Lluch a teacher of Lifetime Study Center for lending us a room for the short photography talk. After that the outdoor activity took place. The street photography started at Gaston Park then the group headed to Cathedral, Carmen Bridge, Capistrano Street and culminated at Plaza Divisoria. Certificates was then distributed right after the activity.
I would also like to thank all the participants and most specially our guest photographer, Gilbert Gulang.

Photos by Frederick Nobillos

I didn't get to participate much of the short workshop and take photos but here are some photos from participants...

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Me on Social Media Promotions

I know I've been off the hook in this blog for a month already but anyhow ill post updates soon. For now I just want to invite all who are interested to learn about blogging, web marketing and working from home.
I will be one of the speakers of CDOBloggers 3rd Blogging Workshop. I will be sharing my knowledge on social media promotions. Unlike my previous talks this one I think is more on the serious business talk. I'll share a bit of an overview on my topic...

Social media has different web based technology tools which allow folks to connect quickly online to share reviews and information. Regardless what type of media you will be sharing online, with the click of a button you could already reach local or global audiences. As a matter of fact Youtube is the second largest search engine in the word and in the US, there are 149M active Facebook users, 70% log in once a day. So imagine the impact in using this on web marketing and promotion along with other popular and interactive social media platforms.

To know more on maximizing your social media promotion CDO Bloggers group will be having a 3rd Blogging Workshop on October 22 · 1:00PM - 5:00PM at Loreto's Grill and Restaurant.

Buy tickets now because seats will be limited. Ticket is inclusive with not only the web marketing tips but also with 1 snack and certificate.

And earlier today, I just received a packaged from Miss Aileen Apolo-De Jesus with Google freebies. This freebies will be swags at the workshop. You might be the next one wearing this hot items from Google so buy you're tickets now!

For more details visit: CDOBloggers 3rd Blogging Workshop

The CDObloggers School Tours

As a way of sharing and helping others on the awareness about blogging we CDObloggers are having a series of School Tours to different schools and universities. This free workshop on blogging will help students understand the concept of blogging, encourage confidence in writing an online journal to enhance writing skills, share knowledge and get an idea of the endless possibilities online.
Photo from Em Cortez
Last March 2011, the first CDObloggers School Tour happened in Cagayan de Oro College (COC). It was attended by the Mass Communication students. I was one of the speakers sharing about
  • Content Development in Blogging
  • Richard shared How to Customize your Blog 
  • Edu on Blogging Ettiquette 
  • And Mike on the About Us of CDObloggers Organization.
The students were very attentive and silent that adds up the nervousness I felt from the start. Even if that was no longer my first time to talk on workshops I still feel nervous. Well, I always has this speakers dilemma of whether or not they are going to understand everything I discussed in front. :D

The second CDObloggers School Tour happened last August 13, 2011 at the Mindanao University of Science and Technology (MUST). It was attendend by more or less 270 Information Technology (IT) students. When we arrived, the AVR was already roaring with noise because they were having a little program before the workshop. The topics discussed were;
  • Blogging and its benefits by Chiq
  • Different Types of Blog by Me
  • Blogging Ettiquette by Edu
  • About CDObloggers Inc by Vic
The students were very alive and responsive so the minute I step on the stage my nervousness flew away. They are also attentive and you can see that others even take down notes from our talks. Which really gives us, speakers, a boost of confidence that they are listening to everything we shared.

In behalf of my fellow CDObloggers group thank you very much to COC Mass Communication students and MUST Information Technology students. It was a pleasure sharing our knowledge to you and we hope we have imparted knowledge that will help you through.

For schools who want a blogging workshops feel free to contact us or email at cdobloggers[@] For more info about CDObloggers group just visit

Bukidnon Blogging 101 & Make Money Online

It was a fun and challenging experienced yesterday during the Bukidnon Blogging 101 and Make Money Online at Malaybalay, Bukidnon. The event was organized by Miss Irene Aserios of and invited the CDO Bloggers as the speakers. This plan supposedly takes place months ago but due to schedules of both Irene and CDObloggers Group is so busy the event was always postponed. However, yesterday the event successfully concluded and the new Bukidnon Bloggers group finally emerged with a new set of core group. Together with 10 CDObloggers we travel Malaybalay early morning, 7 of us were speakers of the event and the other 3 are the support group.
As one of the speakers in the event it was not easy. I was not used in talking in front of a big crowd. And even though CDObloggers already organized several blogging events I still got stage fright. Well, during this series of blogging events I'm the person behind the cameras so my stage fright is justified. :D Oh! I remember I did experience being the speaker once. It was during one of our Blogging 101 forum this year but it was not a big crowd. Anyways, I'm so glad my talk went well and that I was able to share my knowledge to fellow bloggers and aspiring newbie bloggers.

The Bukidnon Blogging 101 would be one of my good memories to remember because not only I was one of the speakers but also I witness the organizational meeting of the new Bukidnon Bloggers group which took place after the workshop yesterday. I was happy that finally they have an organized group and active core that is willing to give time and effort to help promote not just Bukidnon but also Mindanao. And as I can see from their meeting yesterday the group will be very busy the next months because Irene already asks support from Bukidnon’s very own Migs Zubiri and some other big personalities that are willing to support the group and its cause.

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