Cityville Addiction

I don't know if this is worth blogging or not but ill blog it anyway. I so regret the day I gave in to friends request on Cityville. Since the day I played Cityville it has been part of my everyday online routines (and I hate it). This game has wasted a lot my time just playing. Boo! I even beat the levels of my friends who started playing this game months earlier. I think Ive been playing almost 2 months yet. However, this game has also been an ultimate recreation when I got bored at work so fair enough. Who knows, this city I created in Cityville will be a dream come true. Lols. Anyways, for those of you who doesn't have any idea on what Im talking about okay ill explained to you what is Cityville.
Cityville is a game in Facebook developed by Zynga last Dcember 2010. This game is played through building houses, businesses, community buildings and land expansions. If you already build houses and businesses you can then start collecting rents and sales respectively but you need energy to do this. The energy is earn every 5 seconds and accumulates every time you level up. There are also completing goals in order to unlock businesses, community buildings and decorations or earn rewards like energy, coins and experience. The experience is a blue star that will be a headcount for you to level up, so each level needs a corresponding number of stars in order for you to succeed to another level. Each level unlocks new houses, business and community buildings.You can buy houses and business at the build menu through your coins or city cash. There are also limited editions house and buildings depends on the theme. The themes can be Greek, French, German and many more.You can also invest business to your neighbors and build headquarters in your city. Every time your new investment is approve by your neighbor your headquarter will go higher also. And in visiting to your neighbors you will earn energy, coins and and experience. Confuse?! You will understand this if you start playing Cityville on Facebook. I started without any idea how to play this game. No worries Sam will teach you on how to build your city. Now who is Sam? Again you will get to know her when you start playing Cityville. :P

Curious about how my city looks like? Here's some snaps I took...