Why I Like Ganda Ever So Much

Being part of the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 3 gave me the opportunity to know fellow bloggers not only from Mindanao but also from other places in the Philippines. In that event also I met the famous Manansala bloggers from General Santos; Avel (Gensantos.com) and Orman (GandaEverSoMuch.com). And this is how I found out about Ganda Ever So Much by Orman Manansala.
When I first visit the blog I said "Wow I love the layout very unique!" yun talaga una ko na notice specially the hands on both sides of the blog and ofcourse the frog icon on the header which I fine weird at first. Hindi ko kasi gets eh… lols. Anyways, when I started reading his blog post I enjoyed it a lot. I remember the first blog post I read it was “Bakit katamad maligo pagweekend?” natawa talaga ako sa post na yun kasi nga totoo lahat. Since then I got caught up and then go on reading the past blog post. Ang maganda sa blog ni Orman is that the way he posted his blog post na patula so hindi ka talaga ma-bore sa kakabasa. Dalawa din sa sinusundan kung post ay ang emo-ness ever moment and the emo tips. Hehehe… Emotera kasi ako kaya relate ever ako sa mga blogs ni Orman. So whenever he shared his blog post on Facebook I click and read it talaga but not now anymore because I am already his subscriber. :P I admit hindi ko talaga na-isip eto not until I joined his first week blogversary contest which required to subscribe on his blog. ;)

Ganda Ever So Much!

Happy 1st Blogversary GandaEverSoMuch.com!

Meron pala kaming bonggang picture ni Orman during Summer Safari in Gensan. (Thank you Orman sa paalala.) Taken by Robstroy at Pacman's Sports Bar. Oh diba ang Ganda ever so much talaga kami! :P

GAPACU-ED Family Get-together

I am honestly excited for this... The other day I shared the link of my GAPACU-ED Family blog on Facebook and tag some friends with a simple message attach "I miss you guys!". After a while Janice commented and suggested a get-together since she miss all of us also. The next day everyone is commenting they want a get-together and told me to organize the event. Oh no! I want a get-together too but right now Im so busy with work so I suggested if we all plan the event. So I created a form from Google Docs for them to suggest the when, where and what of the event and shared it in there Facebook inbox. However, I know not all are going to check Facebook more often and others don't even have an account so if your one of us go and sign the form: GAPACU-ED Family Get-together to help us plan! See you soon all!
I also created a new form: Get-together Planning!

Foodtrip with Friends

I was craving for something delicious and unusual to eat this evening and so I invited Carol and Jane to dine with me at Mandarin Tea Garden. We had a great time bonding and enjoying our full blast dinner. Carol ordered a Beef Brisket Rice Toppings and Avocado shake.

As for me I ordered Machang, Fish Rice Toppings (Sorry I forgot the exact name) and Mango shake w/ Sago for drinks.

Jane ordered Humba, Avocado shake and 2 serving of Siomai.

I really had fun spending dinner with them and it was sad that we don’t have much time to extend our bonding since they need to go and continue with their work. After the dinner I dropped by at McDonald's to buy some pasalubong for Justine when the pretty Ninang's of my son; Risa and Marie called me. It's been a while since we hangout and had some girl talks so I grab the chance and treat them for sweets at Brewberry Cafe. I just had brewed coffee since I am already full. Risa and Marie enjoyed the yummy Chocolate Mouse. That was definitely a great bonding and food trip with friends tonight!

Mama's First Night Cafe

Yes, its true! I'm not kidding its my mama's first Night Cafe last night. My mama is the type of person who doesn't go out for fun. If she ever want to go out that would be strolling along Cogon and grocery at Palana, Kevin, Julmar... I am glad that Mama is now slowly exposing herself to things that I enjoyed doing- Lakwatya kahit saan. Whenever I invited her to go mall stroll she now come along without hesitation. Just like last night I was craving for donut and invited Mama to go out and try night cafe. She was hesitant at first but then later on I was shocked when she was closing the store and told Justine to dress up. And so off we go to nigh cafe, stroll and look around some nice things to buy until we saw an affordable ukay-ukay which sells good-as-new shirts and blouses. Mom and I enjoyed hunting for some long shirts na "pambahay". And while waiting for us Justine got himself a spot where he sat down with a sleepy face.

After buying ukay-ukay we went to Dunkin Donut and bought a dozen donuts. It's Dunkin Donut Anniversary so we had an additional 6 free choco stick donuts.

All in all we had 20 donuts but Justine finished almost all of the donuts this morning. Good thing Mama and I have eaten some donuts last night and was able to grab 1 each this morning. lols :P

GandaEverSoMuch’s Blogsary

GandaEverSoMuch.com is celebrating its 1st anniversary. Bongga ever so much talaga ang giveaways and I would love to have one of it. Among the blogsary give-aways are:

The most exciting in this GandaEverSoMuch’s Blogsary is that its not for bloggers only but new media's are able to join too. So if your a plurker, facebooker, twitter addicts and more come and join the fun celebration! This will be until August 1, 2010. Check out GandaEverSoMuch.com for details and mechanics of the contest.

Fun-filled Fiesta!

Today we celebrated Saint Anthony de Padua fiesta! In our family this is not just a fiesta but also a gathering of family friends and relatives. Kung baga get together and getting to know some relatives unknown and reconnect with friends!

Since yesterday pa we had bonding ever na with cousins and relatives. Cooking and preparing foods for the visitors who arrive in the evening. Having fun serving foods to the visitors while chika2x in between task. Last night din napagtripan ko kumain ng ice cream, kinulit-kulit ako ni auntie at ng mga pinsan ko na bumili kaya off we go to buy ice cream. Natagalan kami sa pagbili ng ice cream kasi its already late and we were searching for 24hours Grocery store who sells Double dutch Selecta Ice cream, we are a Selecta Ice cream family kasi. Umabot kami ng Limketkai Mall and Cogon sa paghahanap but we ended up buying in Divisoria which iniiwasan namin mapadpad kasi traffic dahil sa night cafe. In a way, nakatulong din ang paglilibot namin kasi na pasyal namin ang bagong dating na pinsan from Manila, he will be studying here and hindi pa nya kabisado ang Cagayan de Oro. When we arrive its late kakauuwi lang ng last visitor. Nilantakan na ang ice cream and before we know ubos na! hehehe...

Kanina busy din kami kasi marami pa ding bisita. Papa was so happy and wears a big smile when the kusina girls greeted him "Happy Father's Day!" in chorus. Later on, Manang Susie who is in Canada with his boyfriend Bart got the chance to meet the whole family and visitors through my laptop. Nakisaya din sila sa amin, salamat sa Skype video call who made it possible! hehehe... Ang saya-saya ni Manang Susie at halos ma-iiyak na hearing our voices in chorus saying "Hi manang! Kumusta? Happy Fiesta..." when the video call starts. Talagang lahat kami naka one-on-one chat ky manang. She even ask the kids to sing and dance but my niece Eallysa brave all the kids and sung songs we don't understand the lyrics, with matching facial expressions and her upside down guitar. lols... After that Manang Susie and Bart promise to treat us all with ice cream so for the second time bumili kami ulit ng Double dutch Selecta Ice cream.

Mobile Blogging

I am blogging through my mobile right now... I love it that I can now blog right through my phone anytime, anywhere as long as there is wifi available or I have load to connect to the internet. This newly discovered feature of my phone is very helpful to me since I blog a lot.

Family Day Sunday!

Last Sunday I spent my time shopping and strolling with mama and Justine at Limketkai. It was actually the first time I get to bring mama at the mall since she doesn't like going to Malls. We had a great time that day specially me. I was so happy seeing both mama and Justine having fun at the Toy Kingdom rides, buying dresses, t-shirts, toys and food trip. Although nakakainis lang minsan kasi ang kulit-kulit ni Justine takbo ng takbo kung saan marami pa namang tao sa mall.

Our last stop was Missy Bon Bon. I treat mom and Justine since I often take home cakes from Missy Bon Bon and his loving it, now I wanna let them the Gelato which I cant take home since it melts fast. Mom was having hard time picking what bread to eat since according to her "all are delicious!" until she choose the Sliced Orange Cake. While Justine run immediately to the cakes section and pick the Caramel Cheese Cake. As for me I tried the drink that is new to my eyes - the Ice Coffee drink, I love it! Another additional favorite that will let me come again in Missy Bon Bon. And ofcourse we ordered Gelato in which Justine cried out for Blueberry Cheese Gelato, mom had the Mango flavor and I had Tiramisu.

Mexitalian Cuisine Treat

I just tasted one of the delicious pizza in town! Mexitalian Cuisine invited CDO bloggers to visit there place and taste their specialty yesterday. It was an aftenoon spent with pizza, pasta and softdrink... We tasted one of the restaurant specialty which is Mexitalian Special and Penne Al Cartoccio.

Mexitalian Special Pizza has the following toppings: sausage , ham, salami, olives, bell peppers, mushroom, onions, tocino, pineapple and mozarella. There are also a lot more Pizza that the restaurant offers: Margheritta, Quatro Stagioni, Hawaiian, Montecarlo, Capricciosa, Meat Lover's Pizza, Vegetarian Pizza, Italian Sausage Pizza and Authentic Salami Pizza.

On the other hand, Penne Al Cartoccio Pasta has mushrooms, black olives, capers and pasta sauce. Trivia: the pasta is wrapped in foil when served. Para hindi kayo ma-shock like me. lols ;) They also served Fettuccine and Spaghetti.

Hindi ko pa natikman Tacos nila so marami pa talaga akong babalikan Mexitalian Cuisine.Okay lang kasi peaceful ang place and meron pang free wi-fi so pwede ako magwork doon.
By the way, Mexitalian Cuisine is located at Xavier Square, Pueblo de Oro. And they offer delivery within the neighboring area you can contact: 09064915390/09291768444.

My First Zipline!

I just had my first zipline adventure at the Seven Falls in Lake Sebu. It was definitely one of the scariest experiences I've had. I was like committing suicide unsuccessfully. lols...
It was because of Soccsksargen Summer Safari that I get to experience this Seven Falls zipline adventure in Lake Sebu. Sa dami ng tao na nakaline-up for zipline adventure that day we almost lost our chance to zipline. Actually, umalis na talaga kami sa Seven Falls and went to our next tour which is Punta Isla but after eating lunch there CDO bloggers went back to Seven Falls to try the zipline. Hindi talaga namin pinalampas ang thrill and Seven Falls zipline adventure experience! Sa tagal namin naka-zipline halos gusto ko nang magback-out. The more people I saw zip-lining the more I felt scared. Ang lalim kaya ng liliparin and to think that you will be doing it twice.
However, it was great that I didn't change my mind because the awesome view of the falls and the forest from the top was very much fantastic and fulfilling. And to think that Lake Sebu is too far from Cagayan de Oro so I should grab every opportunity to experience the adventure that the place offers.

Me and fellow blogger Mike Photo by Migs

A Weekend of First Experiences: Day 2

Day 2

Breakfast at Dolores Farm Resort. This was another first for me since Dolores Farm Resort is located at Polomolok South Cotabato. Imagine, ang layo ng inabot namin!
Enjoy sa place kasi my swimming pools, zoo, and restaurant. Definitely a good place to relax and chill…

On the way to our next adventure dumaan kami sa Koronadal City. First time ko din doon!

Seven Falls Zipline Adventure in Lake Sebu. My first zipline experience happened here. Grabe ang ganda ng view na makikita mo sa taas and the thrill.

Lunch at Punta Isla Lake Resort. The never ending food trip is not finish yet. Ang ganda view sa Punta Isla it’s a great place to visit.

Ang sarap din ng cupcake from Rolee Bakeshop na pangtawid gutom while waiting for lunch to be served.

Snack at Merl's garden Resort. CDO bloggers didn’t get the chance to visit here since we went back to experience the Seven Falls Zipline Adventure. Enjoy din daw dito kasi may zipline din.

Coffee at Balai Bistro, Koronadal City. Dito na namin naabotan ang iba pa naming kasama sa Safari. Ang sarap ng coffee na barako nila.
Ginutom kami sa zipline kaya nag-order kami nang food and I tried Balai Bistro’s Lasagna. Ay naku, heaven sa sarap! Nabusog talaga ako. Sarap din ng tea nila I forgot to ask kung ano meron doon pero mukhang mascubado ang lasa.

Before going to our dinner venue we stopped at KCC Mall because Avel pick-up the Cassava Cakes from Kakanins At Iba Pa. Avel gave each one of us as a pasalubong and he also gave us a tour around KCC Mall. Mangha talaga ang mga CDO bloggers sa malls ng Gensan, 3D na mostly yung Cinema nila.

Dinner at The Red Tent Steakhouse. Ang sarap ng steak dito! Talagang nakakabusog ang lahat ng pagkain nila. Ang ganda pa nang ambiance.

Night Cap at Café Amoree. Hindi na ako sumama kasi im so tired na talaga.

Big thanks to Davao bloggers, Soccsksargen bloggers, Avel and Orman Manansala for the warm welcome and for accommodating CDO bloggers and most specially to Mayor Jun Acharon for our vehicle and the Lechon he gave at Piyesta and to all the generous sponsors.

A Weekend of First Experiences: Day 1

I just had a weekend full of first time experiences last May 29- 30, 2010. It was actually not just a series of first experiences but also a lot of travels, food trips and adventures. It was definitely a weekend I would never forget!

Day 1

Land Trip to Davao via Starrex. We left CDO at 4 AM and then stop at Jollibee, Malaybalay for breakfast. We also had an unexpected stop approaching Sea Gull Area because we had a flat tire. First ko sa Davao kaya excited ako sa trip!

Lunch at Ranchero’s Grill. When we arrived in Davao we headed directly to Ranchero’s Grill where Davao Bloggers waited for us. Busog na busog kami sa sarap ng food like kilawin, kinilaw, karagatan soup, seafood kare-kare, ranchero ribs, seafood platter, isda sa misu, pancit, vegetables seafood and fruit deserts.

Land Trip to Gensan via Bus. Magkakasama na ang CDO bloggers at Davao bloggers this time. The travel was fun since I get to see nice views. We passed so many Farmtowns... lols Travel to Gensan is another first for me!

Arrival in Gensan and Check-in at Ice Castle Experience. We were welcome by the owner Rey Billena. And nalaman namin na kaya pala Ice Castle Experience ang name ng hotel kasi 'it’s the hotel that ice cream built'. I like the design and decoration ng hotel simple and very comfy ang room gusto ko na nga matulog kaya lang the night is not over yet.

Aperitif drinks at Pacman’s Sports Bar. Kung avid fan ka ni Manny Pacquiao then you should not miss visiting this place in Gensan. Lahat ng memorabilia ni Pacman andito. Dito din namin luckily nakita si Pacman playing billiard later that night and that’s another first!

Sa Pacman's Sports Bar pa lang busog na kami sa drinks and food nila. Pero hindi pa doon natatapos ang kainan…

Welcome dinner at Le Jardin Arnevel's. We were welcome by Maam Nitz, the owner. It was an awesome dinner kasi ang sarap ng pagkain halos fave ko lahat. They served us with different kinds of food; Vegetables, Salad, Fish, Tahong, Crabs, Lechon. Ang ganda pa nang ambiance kasi dinner by the poolside gusto ko nga sana maligo pero too bad I didn’t bring any bathing suit. Ang maganda din sa place is affordable ang entrance at 20 Php makakaligo kana at you can bring your own food too. You just have to rent there cottages though, pero meron ding affordable na table and chair which is 50 Php lang ang rent. The place is also a good venue for special occasions and Maam Nitz caters food too.

Bloggers Grand Eyeball at Piyesta KTV and Resto Bar. Isa din eto sa hindi dapat pinalalampas na bisitahin sa Gensan. It was my first time to drink a Jell-O Syringe Shot, Gayuma drink and Rhum tea ang sarap talaga. Napansin ko din that they have spicy foods so kung mahilig ka sa ganitong pagkain then this place is for you!
Actually, nakakain ako nang ma-anghang na pagkain kaya na lagok ko ang isang basong Rhum Tea na akala ko Ice Tea! Lols…
The Bloggers grand eyeball that night was fun CDO, Davao, Gensan and Kidapawan Bloggers get to hangout and know each other. Ang nakakatawa that night was that ang reaction ng lahat pagsinabi na ang plurk nickname. Official tambayan ng bloggers na talaga ang Plurk. lols...

Big thanks to
Davao bloggers, Soccsksargen bloggers, Avel and Orman Manansala for the warm welcome and for accommodating CDO bloggers and most specially to Mayor Jun Acharon for our vehicle and the Lechon he gave at Piyesta and to all the generous sponsors.