#CouponzGuru: Online Shopping Tips for Holiday Season

Photo credits to Rich Neri Concepcion
Hey everyone! We're about to bid goodbye to September and say hello to October. Cliché as it may seem but yes time flies so fast… Few more days err weeks and holiday season is here…

Holiday Season! The season of giving… I bet most of us is going to shop for outfits, decors and gifts to wrap for our love ones. As for me every year the list goes longer because every year I have lots of friends getting hitched and turned parents. This means new god-children’s who will knock on the door asked for Christmas presents! :D

Since this has been a yearly routine already, I made a point to follow some helpful guides and tips in shopping…

Make a list.

As early as now I already make a list of things that I need for the holiday this includes outfits and decors. I also make a list of people Ill be wrapping gifts and what to buy for whom. I also do some themes for Christmas so cant help but buy new decors...

Online Shopping.

I rely on shopping online for some of the items/gifts I need. One of the things I like when collaborating with online shopping sites is that I get to test their services. I then noted which one offers great services, efficient, has quality products and delivers on time. I bookmark this reliable online shopping sites. This saves me not only money but energy as well.

Black Friday vs Cyber Monday

Thank God for Black Friday and Cyber Monday! This retail holidays offer opportunities for big price cuts and best deals. Many retailers are offering discounts if you shop online as well. So you don’t have to squeeze and force yourself into the crowd. You just have to be quick in checking out your cart though… :D

Coupons and Deals Website

Sign-up on coupons and deals website like CouponzGuru.sg where you can see a large number of trusted merchants, lucrative offers and attractive deals. Signing-up to this website is free. Find coupon codes whether you are shopping for clothes, accessories, shoes, gadgets to flights, hotels, restaurant deals and a lot more. Many retailers like Zalora, Rakuten, Luxola and many more offer promotion code such as discount deals, food treats and freebies. Signing up will ensure that you never miss a discount code or flash sale notification. Its definitely a one stop shop for discount deals!
So never hit the checkout button without visiting at CouponzGuru yet so you can earn big savings!

Thats its everyone! Hope this will help you in a way when shopping this holiday season.

What I Wore | Rayon Fabric Dress

Happy Tuesday! 
First of all I wanna send my warmest gratitude for the birthday wishes and greetings. Im as well glad that a lot of you like my turtle neck top and maxi skirt outfit. ^_^
On today's post I am sharing my outfit from last weeks event. The Samsung Happy Home Roadshow which happened at Limketkai Center. It was such a unique event because they did a drama showcasing newest Samsung appliances.
Now back to the outfit, this is such a comfy casual dress. I love clothes with rayon fabric because its flowy and flattering works best in our tropical country. Also if you have been reading my blog for a while now, you may notice the kind of prints on my clothes; aztec and jacquards. This prints really attracts me easily.
Notice my not so lovely hair? I seriously need a visit at the salon. I am thinking of changing my hair color and cutting it short but having troubles on what style.
Do you have any hairstyle suggestion that will suits me best?

Dress: Crissa Dress

What I Wore | Turtle Neck Top & Maxi Skirt

Happy weekend everyone!
Just celebrated my 30th birthday yesterday. Since few days ago until now I'm having mixed emotions... I didn't expect I'd feel this way. This must be what they say 30th blues... One more birthday and I'm out of the calendar... :D 
I usually don't make fuss on my birthdays, in fact I don't celebrate it. Growing up, I have never ever experience having a birthday party, most of the time this day just past by like most ordinary days. I appreciate few people who remember this day without any notifications from Facebook. Call it overacting but its the main reason I turned off my Facebook birthday notification so that I will know who genuinely remembers me on this day. Since I turned it off I did see a big difference, only a handful remembers my birthday. Only the closest of the closest, even the relatives and friends whom I've expected to remember didn't remember until they see others greeted me. Yes I know, I am such a sentimental person. ^_^
Anyways, on to my outfit... I am wearing my fave turtle neck top. I just love the cloth of this top which matches very well with my new maxi skirt from LightintheBox.com. This combo just scream comfort!
I have been eyeing this maxi skirt for quite a long time already from other online store but only this time I finally have it. It was so worth it. Its not thick and not too thin, very flowy and comfortable. 
Tip: Its sold in one size only and its a bit too tight on my waistline, I'm size 28 by the way. So just a heads up to anyone interested on this skirt. 
The aztec duffle bag is my another new fave. I bought it at SM Department Store at a sale price last month.  I really like it because I can put everything on it. Perfect when I work outside coz my 15" laptop fits on it. 
Lastly, the dream catcher necklace... I bought it when we went to Bohol last summer.
What do you think about this look?
Have you tried online shopping at LightintheBox.com?

Turtle Neck Top: Cotton On
Maxi Skirt: LightintheBox.com
Duffle Bag: SM Accessories

Kasalan 2015 Fashion Show

Fabulous Wednesday everyone! How was midweek so far?
Today Im sharing some of my favorite styles at the Kasalan 2015 Fashion Show that happened just last weekend. I didnt actually witness this fashion show but got a glimpse of the beautiful collections that was showcase in the fashion show through a photographer friend in Facebook.
Kenneth Anito's styles are so edgy and modern. I really love it! If im going to wear his collection I probably feel like I run the world. :D
On the other hand, I like Zoe Botwin's tame sexiness style. Talking about love affair with floral, high-lows and maxi skirts that definitely attracts me immediately... 
What I like on designer Mark Magallanes gown is that its simple and elegant looking. I also love the details on the gown.
What do you think of this styles?  Do you have any fave among them?

MACDO model Kissy for Kenneth Anito

MACDO model Lowella for Kenneth Anito

MACDO model Ella for Kenneth Anito
MACDO model Alexa for Kenneth Anito

MACDO model Eria for Zoe Botwin

MACDO models Mary, Kate & Rap for Zoe Botwin
Keena Streegan Dacubor in John Mark Magallanes gown

Photo Credits to Rich Neri Concepcion

#HotelReview: Mango Park Hotel

Hey everyone! On today's post will be sharing a review on Mango Park Hotel.
When we traveled to Cebu previously, we stayed at Mango Park Hotel.
First off, we commissioned the hotel to pick us at the airport and updated them the estimated arrival time in Cebu but they unfortunately arrived super late at the airport for the usual reason... traffic. This is a big deal to me that time, because our flight have lots of setback that when we arrive in Cebu we're very tired and hungry already. Good thing when we arrive the hotel's costumer service is good and the ambiance is relaxing.
Our room was the standard room costing Php1,850.00 per night. 
I like it that the hotel is very accessible to malls like Ayala Terraces as well as known tourist spots like Basilica Del Santo Nino, Taoist Temple.

Hotel guest lobby... So welcoming!
Parking lot outside the hotel...

 The view the window of our room.

The room is complete with flat screen TV (with 25 Channels of skycable provider), Hair blower dryer, Safety vault, electric heater, cup and saucer (with complementary set of coffee, sugar and cream), bottled water, bath towel, shampoo and body soap, sets of dental kit.
There's a Filipino Restaurant (Lighthouse Restaurant) and a fastfood (Jollibee) near the hotel.
They offer free breakfast. Just be early so you can catch more options. I love that they have a variety of options on the breakfast. Cereals, waffles, salad, fruits and heavy meals like rice, hotdog, egg, fried potato and many more.
Even though our room is facing the road, you can't hear the vehicles outside.

No night lamps. So its either sleep with no lights or full lights on.
Phone seems to be not working.
Water in the bathroom takes time to drain. So when you shower its like your flooded.
The bathrooms has no cold/hot showers.
I'm not satisfied with the wifi because its hard to connect even if they had routers on every floor.
The railings at the rooftop is not safe. So better watch out for the kids if your go there with them.
The pool at the rooftop is so deep for children, around 5 feet as they say. So if your bringing kids and they will use the pool parental guidance is strictly advice. (Dislike coz I dont know how to swim. ^_^)

Overall it was a good stay and will probably still comeback because the location is great. I will recommend!

What I Wore | Crop Top & Denim Jumper Short

Hello Thursday!
One day more and its finally weekend. Today is of those days that I am feeling lazy. I have a lot of cravings foodtrip, window shopping, grocery and so many activities... Yet here I am, in front of the computer and stuck in my chair. Still finishing tasks at work which took too long to finish even if its the simpliest one... Dont you just hate days like this?! (>.<)
How do you cope up when you feel lazy? Would love to hear from you...
Now on to the outfit. Here's another attempt to wear crop top. This time Im showcasing my nowhere-to-be-find abs. :D And then paired it with a denim jumper shorts to cover my belly.

A Place Called Mine

Hello Monday!

What was your dream house when you we're a kid?

 Mine was a 2-story house because I was dreaming of having a big family. So everyone can have their own rooms. And then it should have a beautiful kitchen, swimming pool and a garden. 

However, this change when I grow up... 

I now wanted a simple 1-story house. I still want it to have a garden in it though... One of the reason that change my mind perhaps is that I'm now afraid of big houses. Blame it to the horror movies... hahaha
Kidding aside, I actually don't remember when and how it changed...  All I remember is that I did dream once to have my own condo, experience being free to do what I want in  my own private space and have a job that ables me to travel everywhere. But this didn't happen because Ive taken a different path... which is working at home. The good thing is I can still travel whenever I want, I just need to save for the expenses. 
 Moving on.... 
I am sharing to you a wonderful experience me and my friends had at Primavera Residences. It's a serviced-condo here in our city. You can either have the option to buy a unit or rent a unit if you don't plan to stay long here in Cagayan de Oro.
What I actually like about Primavera is that the facilities are great. The property is eco-friendly... Has an indoor garden, gym and swimming pool in the building. 
Me and my friends really enjoyed our weekend. Foodtrip, swimming, movie nights and girl talks... In the morning, we got the chance to do a walking exercise because there is a wide area at the back of the SM City Mall. Oh I forgot to mention this, the condo is near a mall. How good is that? Just a walking distance to shopping and grocery. 
So perfect! I can imagine, me living in this community will have a healthy lifestyle. I can have the options to have a walking exercise, use the gym or swim at the pool. 
No wonder we don't wanna go home yet after the weekend stay is over. It was such a nice place to be.
If your visiting Cagayan de Oro and looking for a place to stay, try out Primavera Residences serviced condos. For more information visit inCDO.com blog for the rates and facilities of Primavera Residences.

What I Wore | Asymmetrical Hem Paillette Dress

#FlashbackFriday when my hair is brown and Im sporting a bangs.
Today I am sharing some throwback outfit I was not able to blog...
I wore this during my son's graduation ceremony.
Remembering what happen on that day makes me laugh at myself... On how I was still able to take outfit shots.  Which by the way was taken by my son (Excuse the proud mom spazzing. :D).
I was actually not feeling well on this day, so un-timely for my stomach spasms to attack. I really thought I wont be able to make it because when times like this that my stomach spasm happens I need to stay at home and rest. Not to mention on that day its the worst coz I had several trips to the bathroom. 
However, watching the excited face of my son turned into a worried face, then into a sad face after discovering I am not feeling well, gives me strength to feel better as soon as possible. 
Thank God for an answered prayer, felt a bit better. And we were able to attend the ceremony. After that we went home, rested for awhile and has manage to grabbed a dinner celebration at a restaurant nearby.
Being a single mom may not be easy.... You need to be strong and a fighter all the time. You need to be a positive thinker all the time, to attract positive things and miracles specially on days like this that your child's happiness is at stake. However, its all worth it and rewarding when you see your child grow up to be happy, kind, caring and educated. 
So much for a sentimental way of ending the week...
Enjoy the weekend!

Dress: Romwe.com
Boots: SammyDress.com