Mom's Phone

I can't help but blog about my moms phone. It's actually just a China-made phone but mind you it has features which I envy and how I wish for my phone to have it too. I specifically bought  and choose this mobile phone for her because of its usability and features. So here's my review...
The phone has QWERTY keypads. I like it coz I could easily teach mom how to text message. The advantage of QWERTY keypads is that she will just press the letter once to create a message.
It has Radio and TV. Well, this is the major purpose I hastely bought her a phone months ago because Justine and mom often fight because of the TV. Justine loves watching cartoons and when mom want to watch certain TV series at a certain time they often fight because Justine dont want to switch off the cartoons his currently watching. So to end wars I bought mom a TV phone. Initial plan was to buy another TV but since its going to be use occasionally I choose a TV phone instead, for more functionality also. Oh! what a coincidence its Sharon Cuneta on TV my moms fave celebrity. :D
Next it has flashlight. Mom always wanted to have a handy flashlight which she can use at night. So its really a plus that the phone has it.
Last loud speaker. My mom kinda having problems on hearing (blame it to the age?! hehehe) so with a loud speaker she could easily hear the phone ring or when using radio and TV. Now its me who's having problem with the volume because its to loud. hehehe And yeah before I forgot, the phones camera is not a high-quality 12MP as it claims to have. I like the funky style on its back cover.
However, no matter how much I love its usability I still prefer my S5233W Samsung phone because its my blogging buddy. The WIFI connectivity and image quality of my Samsung phone is something I can't trade to my mom's phone. :)