What I Wore| Bodycon Skirt and Wedge Sneakers

It felt so good to finally share another outfit post.  Just recently had a new work that sticks to a schedule and requires me to wake-up early in the morning. So Im in a huge adjustment until now.

One Day At A Time

Its been awhile since me and my friends hangout. This was highly anticipated because we havent bonded in awhile, except for Dee and I coz we are preparing for her wedding. Most of us are busy with work and personal life recently. 
We are not complete though because one of our friend just lost her mom and she is still busy with post burial details. We are looking forward on hanging out with her so we can atleast comfort her. 
One of our friend, who initiated this meet-up, was in daze because of a bad news that she received. A friend ended his own life. 
The theme for this week is probably about life. On living life to it fullest. On the importance of support group called friends and love ones. On having faith. 
When your down and stress dont be hesitant to call on your trusted friends and love ones and pour out your feelings. Ask them for help and advice if you need it. And if you had to, cry it all out to them.
And when you are hesitant to ask help from your support group dont forget that you can always talk to God. Visit the church, prayer room or anywhere solemn. Even if your not religious rest assured that He will listen if you want to talk to him. Pray and ask for guidance and strength to help you surpass whatever it is that you are struggling now.
This world can be cruel. And life may gets tougher each day. Dont ask for questions if you cant find the answer. If pain and sorrow seems to be hard to bear you can always shut up your emotions and live life one day at a time. Soon someone or something will cure and fill in whatever is hurting and missing in your life. 

Live your life one day at a time, and no matter what just keep on breathing.