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Disposable Face Mask & Mask Storage Box


Since wearing face masks is required in going out now to protect us from the virus, I bought a box of disposable face masks on Shopee. I also bought a storage box to securely store extra face masks that we will be bringing in our bag. 
I initially thought I both a good deal of these 2 boxes of face masks.  However, a week when after these items arrive I saw a lot of cheaper face masks sold in Shopee and even in our neighborhood. What bummmer! 


The face mask is indeed 3 layers. It's breathable and doesn't have any industrial smell. The items were shipped immediately, I ordered on June 4 and I received them on June 13.
The storage box is clean and in good condition, with no scratches. I opted for this small one so it can fit on a small bag. It can fit 3 folded masks but I usually put 2 folded face masks in it.  
Here are the details of my Shopee order:

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 2018 Giving Journal

The first time I saw the The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's Giving Journal at the counter of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL), I immediately felt that I'm going to own one soon! 

This past few days I've been thinking of making use of a planner for next year. List down things I need to do, plans, goals and memorable moments. 

And then a few weeks ago, happiness was delivered through my email inbox. I received an invitation from CBTL staff to attend the 2018 Giving Journal Launching event here in our city.

Its my first journal from CBTL and I must say it doesn't disappoint. The 2018 Giving Journal comes in four designs; Green, Gray, Blue, and one with a customizable cover. The quality is superb. It has lots of things and notes that you can do. Will really help you plan out your year right and be mindful of how you spent each day of your life. In addition. there are 12 coupons inside that you can use for the whole year of 2018. And also, a few more coupons from CBTL sister company.

What's more interesting thing I learned about CBTL journal campaign is that this is also for a cause. The proceeds of this campaign will help out the Real LIFE Foundation which provides educational assistance to those who need it the most. So it ain't bad to indulge for a few more cups of coffee this season to get the journal coz with every cups you buy your helping someone finish school.
 For more info on what expect in the journal see below for my sneak preview of the journal. 

Aint it amazing?
This journal may be redeemed for free when a stamp card is completed with 12 stamps. You need to ask for the the stamp card and check on the card which coffee to purchase in order to get a stamp. You can collect stamps from October 21, 2017 to January 14, 2018. Now if your not a coffee drinker but interested to own the journal then worry no more, you can purchase this journal for Php 1,999 at any The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf store.

Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush Review

Hi everyone! How was weekend?
Today I am sharing a gift I received from Irresistible Me... the Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush! This is actually my first to own one like this so I am very much excited when this arrive...
For now, I will be sharing a review on the product itself because I tried taking photos while using it and it turns out not so great (the photos I mean). Its a struggle taking photos on my own. 
I just realized Im gonna need to create a video to show you how I use it but will yet gather my confidence so as not to look awkward on camera. ^_^
However, one things for sure... I will be creating another post showing the before and after of using the hair brush
Added bummer is that I just had a new hair style that is cut short (Remember my dramatic ash gray post previously?), so you'll probably not notice the after effect.
Irresistible Me, is a growing brand of 100% natural clip-in hair extensions, hair accessories and hair tools like flat irons and curler. I choose the ceramic straightening brush because (1) I am not really into styling my hair, (2)  I don't have much patience using flat irons, and (3) Im afraid of damaging my hair with flat irons. 
Besides being curious about this ceramic straightening brush, I've read and look for some video reviews in using this and I learn that its really a best alternative to flat irons.
Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush
I really like its color very attractive and chic!
It comes in a gorgeously designed and sturdy box with magnetic closure that you can use to store it with.
Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush
When you first switch it on the LCD screen light up. And it will start to heat up fast. The temperature start at the minimum of 350℉/180℃ and the maximum temperature is 450℉/230℃.
In the manual, they recommend the following:
350℉/180℃ for delicate, colored, and fine hair
410℉/210℃ for naturally textured hair
450℉/230℃ for thick or wavy hair
Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush

Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush
Its anti-scalding bristle is safe to contact on your scalp so you can straighten the hair from the root. I tried touching it with my palm and I feel the heat but it didn't burn my palm. 
Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush

Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush
It's very convenient to use because its lightweight, has a (8ft) long cord, and has a 360 degree swivel cord on the tip that prevent the cord from tangling. It also has a universal voltage (40 Watt) so you can take the brush when traveling. Just make sure to use an adapter to go in the socket.
Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush
I actually struggled using the hair straightening brush at first, but I eventually got the hang of it. And I just love that it not only straightens my hair it also make my hair feels so smooth. I like touching it every time.  
As for the shipping... It took 3 weeks for this to be delivered door-to-door. The country of origin is Germany. Its actually fast, because I saw in the stamp on the box that it arrived 2 weeks early in the Philippines. The usual slow part is our local postal office.

Have you use a  hair straightening brush too? Any tips you can share?

Thanks for dropping by and reading my blog. And looking forward to read your comments. :)

GT Cosmetics Papaya Lotion

How was midweek so far?
Today I will be sharing a product review.
Last week, PR Works inform me that they will send me GT Cosmetics papaya lotion for review. Honestly, I am not familiar with GT Cosmetics and so I made a research online and read a lot of great reviews regarding their carrot soap and lotion. I have also learned that this is proudly Philippine made beauty product.

GT Cosmetics Manufacturing had its humble beginning in Liloan, Cebu, in 1994 after Engr. Salvane decided to put her dormant craftsmanship — as a chemical engineer — to good use. Salvane started the marketing of her brandless product by just giving out samples to neighbors and friends, who then became her first customers and later dealers of her line of soaps. The soaps remained brandless for a couple of years until Salvane decided to go full blast with the business and put a label to her product in 1996. Thus, GT was officially born, and the rest was history.

The package arrived last Saturday. It was place in a cute gift box with not just the papaya lotion but papaya soap, carrot soap and bleaching soap.
On the lotions packaging...
The GT papaya lotion is a 3-in-1 lotion that instantly whitens, moisturize, and protects skin from the sun’s harmful rays through its. It has collagen that helps reduce signs of aging.
Now on to the review... 
I like the easy squeeze bottle, its very convenient. I think this lotion is only available in 75ml as I check on their website. I also like that expiry date of the lotion is visible in the top-front of the packaging. 
The lotion comes with light fragrant scent.
As for the whitening I cant tell much because I just use this product for a few days yet. For its sunblock this is pretty great with SPF 40 but I read at the back instruction; Do not stay too long in the sun even while using sunscreen products. 
Now on the moisturizing, its very effective specially for me who has dry skin. Its keeps my skin hydrated for a long time. And its moisturizing component doesn’t leave a sticky feel. 

GT Cosmetics products are available in Watsons, SM Supermalls, Robinsons Malls, Gaisano Malls, Metro, Prince Hypermarket, and Mercury Drug.

Crystals On My Mobile Phone Case

Because im into fancy things lately...

Found this crystal decals at a local accessory shop the other day. Been thinking of decorating the back of my mobile phone case because I cant find any fancy mobile phone case for Sony Experia Z. That's the advantage of iPhones and Samsung because they are so common phones, all fancy designed mobile phone cases are available for them easily. 

I found some fancy designed mobile cases which you can even send your own design for Sony Experia Z sold online and on Instagram though, but the price is expensive since I still need to pay for the shipping fee as well. And the downside I cant fit it my phone in it. Lucky for me I was able to buy this gel case in my fave color after days of hunting at malls and phone shops that is... And it was sold expensively! 

Since I've bought this the gel case I've been hunting for a perfect decals to decorate my phone. I have found cute decals but yet again they are perfectly fit for iPhones and Samsung phones. Argghhh!!! Was so happy to find this crystal decals. They come in different designs and can be use to decorate anything... you can use it to decorate your computer, laptop, car and wherever you like. Its easy to stick too. 

I've decorated my phone for 3 days now and the crystals are still perfectly stucked on my phone case. Will still see in the coming days on how long this will last. Bought this at a cheap price though so will not expect much, although I'm praying... However, the good thing if it tear off sooner is that I can replace it with another design.

#KloutPerks: Moo Business Cards

Got a perk from Klout to get new business cards from Thought it was a good chance to finally work on my business/calling cards so it will be convenient for me to promote my blog and give my contacts when attending events. is an online print and design company that is passionate about great design and the difference it can make to our customers and the world. MOO launched back in 2006 with the aim to disrupt the $640 billion global print industry and make great design available to all by combining professional design with the accessibility and reach of the web.
I like how easy it is to design and customized your business cards on There are a lot of cool templates you can just redesign to suit your personality and taste. You can choose wither square or rounded and gloss or matte paper options.
The lowest package is in 50pcs cards. Since Moo is based in London, I paid $4.25 for the shipping and handling. My business card arrived 26 days after, not bad! The business cards arrived with a free moo case. They're recyclable and made of recycled pulp board, but very durable I must say.
Have you received a Klout perks from too?

The Lipstick For Me!

During my fabulous day at the Etude House Centrio Mall opening I have mentioned that I found the perfect lip color for my lips. I was not able to buy it actually because I was in a hurry that time. So when I pass by at Etude House in Mall of Asia, during my Manila escape, I didn't miss the chance to buy a lipstick at Etude House. And my cousin also shop for her own make-ups...

Here's what we shop:
  • Look At My Lips  (328.00)
  • Sweet Nail Sticker (178.00)
  • Dear My Blooming Lips Talk (478.00)
  • Dear My Blooming Cheek (548.00)
  • Proof 10 Liquid Liner (498.00) 
  • Oh-M Eye Lash (Volume & Longlash)(198.00)
  • Oh-M Eye Lash (Petticoat)(198.00)
We also received a freebie from our purchase! Since we reached the amount of Php 2000 we got the pink water container and we also received a Pepero in celebration of Pepero Day in Korea.
The lipstick I bought is the Look At My Lips pink and here is how it look...
Me wearing the Look At My Lips pink lipstick without flash...
And here's another picture of me wearing the lipstick with flash.

What I like about the lipstick is that it match perfectly on any make-ups Im wearing. I also like that it easily spread evenly on the lips without using a lip brush. It also last longer. One thing I also worry when buying lipsticks is that I usually have problems with chapped lips after wearing it, good thing with this lipstick so far I haven't experience it.

Does Luminaze Catalytic Skin Tone Illuminator Work?

Interested in Luminaze and asking does it really works? Even with no customer reviews featured on there official website, other retailers website showcase amazing product result testimonials. It can be a bit challenging in terms of the cost but it provides noticeable results which can be awaited in as soon as 1 week. Most costumers prefer Luminaze to use on their skin because it evens out marks of hyper skin discoloration as well as the product has a non-greasy formula that doesn't contain Hydroquinone.
Recently Luminaze has been carrying out headlines in the women’s beauty industry for being among the most effective and skin friendly cosmetics. The main strategies of Luminaze’s good results is based on being able to produce a top quality cosmetics in which equally nourishes and beautifies the skin. Its demand has simply improved as time passes as many of the reputable skin experts, together with famous celebrities just like actress Andie MacDowell and actress/model Olivia Wilde have taken advantage of its awesome solution.
You can find numerous appealing skin lightening products available in the market today that you can use to help make complexion seem lighter even more youghtful. One must always think about all of the corresponding features of any skin lightener in the manner of that particular product’s special components. An excellent skin liightener will have to be designed by means of ingredients that relate provides lightening complexion, an ingredient which could also reduce the visibility of freckles and also sun spots. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the products and manufacturer.

My Own Headset Reviews

When it comes to gadgets I am really not an expert. So when I planned to buy something I ask my techy guy friends on which is a wise investment. Now recently, my boss just recently bought me a new headset. And since I failed to share my experiences about my previous headsets, I’ll start talking it first. The 2 headsets where actually purchase by our web developer which is my senior and is also based here in CDO.

iNtex Computer M/M Headphone Wireless Roaming (IT HP904 FM

The first headset I have was the iNtex Computer M/M Headphone Wireless Roaming (IT HP904 FM). This was given to me by my boss along with the eMachines laptop. It's a 5in1 headset; wireless headphone, wireless net chat, monitoring, FM radio and wired headphone. The headset is comfortable to use aside from the interference you catch when using it. To be able to use it on audio calls and listening to music you will need to fine tune it, just like scanning for a radio station. More often it catches radio signals so you need to scan and reset again and again until you hear the audio you want to listen. Since its wireless you will also enjoy not having to worry about the wire when you move but one downside also is that when you move and the headphone catches interference you sometimes lost the audio you are listening. Definitely not a good headset for me since I am using the headset for my recording task. 

Genius Deluxe Coil-Up Cable Headset

So after a month of dealing with the iNtex headset downside, my boss bought another new headset which is the Genius Deluxe Coil-Up Cable. This  headset provides an adjustable headband, coil up cable, rubber mic and In-line VR + Mic mute. It works fine, very comfortable, no interference and the mic is good for recording. However, just recently my Genius headset’s mic is not working anymore. Caller on the other end can’t hardly hear me or worst… can’t really hear me talking. Sayang! 4 months to go nalang sana para mag 1 year na xa.

When buying this kind of headset handle with care when rotating the mic down. I had a feeling my mic was damage in the pivot part because of careless up and down rotation of the mic.

Logitech ClearChat Comfort USB

Now that both headsets doesn't have a workable mic, my boss bought me yet another headset. However, this time boss picked the type of headset to purchased. I first browse a Logitech headsets at Amazon. (Boss preferred this coz he is using a logitech headset too) Boss choose a Logitech ClearChat Comfort USB and then asked me to check if it’s available here locally. After looking around at several stores, I finally found the Logitech headset at Interface, Limketkai Mall sold at the price of Php 1, 995. (Amazon Price: 31.99 usd)

Anyways, both the Genius and iNtex headsets are still useful even though it has no mic, it's still usable when listening to music. Hope this post will help you in a way in purchasing your own laptop and headset too!
eMachines by Acer D725 does not have a built-in mic, the exact reason why my boss kept on buying me a headset.