3 Years With Twitter

Last December 19, 2011 I was tweeted with a greeting of my 3rd twitter birthday. I thought its one of those spam tweets for promotions so I didn't take it seriously back then.
However, just recently I discovered I got a screenshot of the web card attach to the greetings. It made me realized wow, its been 3 years since I've started using twitter. I am really not that active then, only in 2011 when I discovered its benefits and from then on im actively tweeting.

How does Twitter benefits me?
* Showbiz updates. Even though I'm not watching TV I can be updated of the latest showbiz chikka and happenings. More often than not, Twitter is even more advance than TV News and talk shows, I've proven this a lot of times.
* Get in touch with your idols. A lot of tv personalities and celebrities have twitter accounts. So if your a fan just follow them and get updates straight from them. And you can even tweet them greetings and ask them questions.
* Network and connect. I must say I love this part on twitter. I've been a Kpop addict since last year and with twitter I get to get updates and connect with Kpopers all over the world. And its amazing because you'll be overwhelmed of the response and support.
* Keep me inform. A lot of tv networks, magazines, local reporters, politicians, businesses and private citizens who post information about the community allows me to keep in touch with current events.
* Costumer Service. A lot of organizations and companies are using Twitter as a form of customer service. So its easier to ask assistance and even ask real time support directly from them.
* Traffic and Awareness. This is applicable to blogs, business, entertainment, community issues and event promotions. How? Twitter has #Hashtags which is used for targeted niche and topic. Using this hashtags would help in gathering and categorizing trending topics.
* Blog updates. Its not only traffic you'll get in Twitter but also a blog post idea. A lot of users are tweeting all over the world and if you keep track of the latest trending topic, made a story or give your own opinion then your blog is not empty nor left behind. ;)

A Call For Help For A Friends Mom

A fellow blogger and current VP-External of CDOBloggers Inc, Roxanne Gutierrez, is appealing to those who have generous hearts to help her out. Please take some time to read and spread her words.
Dear friends,

On March 5, 2012, my mom felt she has to undergo a check-up because her left eye could no longer see. On March 7, she went to the EENT but the doctor did not see anything wrong with her eye. She also had laboratory tests to check if there's something wrong with her system which caused the blurred (almost blind) vision. All test results were normal. She was then referred to an eye specialist at CUMC. On March 8, 2012, she went to the Eye Center at CUMC and undergone 4 tests. A swollen nerve was found in the frontal lobe of her head near the eye. Because of this, she was admitted because the treatment has to be injected on a dextrose every six hours. She stayed in the hospital for four days. On the third day, she was already able to see clearer this time. Probably because the medicine was taking effect. However, she still had the MRI to check the cause of the swollen nerve. On sunday, March 9, the results came. Bad news!! There was a mass (cyst) found on the frontal lobe her head which was attached to her bone. The doctor advised her to see a neurologist. Intial finding includes Bone metastasis, multiple myeloma, and lymphoma which are all cancerous. Because of financial constraint, we could not afford to stay longer at the hospital so we took her out on Monday (March 10). We paid P50,000+ at the hospital. That's the last money we had and it even came from a loan.

My mom went to see a neurologist last March 13. After a CT scan and a check-up, the doctor said my mom has to undergo an operation to get the cyst (brain tumor) and check if its benign or malignant. Because the mass is attached to the bone, a more critical procedure has to be done and she has to have a plastic surgery after the operation to shape the head to its normal form. Also, there will be complications expected to happen so she also has to undergo medication, treatments, and has to stay in the hospital throughout the recovery process. The result will take a long time. If it's benign, then ok. If it's malignant, then chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or both will be done.

For this operation alone, we need more or less P200,000.00 (70,000 - prof fee, 20,000- operation fee, and others for medication and treatment) on or before March 21 (the schedule of mom's operation).

Now, my problem is that I'm the only working person at home (aside from my mom). And my salary and benefits as a teacher could not suffice for the amount needed. We already raised an amount through many loans but it is still not even enough for the doctor's downpayment.

Now, I'm appealing to those who have generous hearts to help us out. I don't know where to get the remaining amount we need. If you know some persons who would be willing to lend or donate us some amount, we would appreciate it if you refer us to them. Also, if you know of other means to be able to raise the amount we need, let us know also. We would pay in any way we can.

This is already a desperate move for me. But I hope that you understand. My mom is having self-pity now and she's saying she's giving up and that she doesn't want to cause us trouble anymore. But as her daughter who have been her right hand for everything, I'll do my best to seek assistance for her.

Thank you for reading this and may God bless you a hundred fold.
For those who want to extend their helping hand you may contact Roxanne through her Facebook and Twitter

Precious Hearts Romance: Stallion Series

Stallion Series is a pocketbook written by Filipino authors Sonia Francesca and Sofia. Stallion Series is published by Precious Hearts Romance. The heroes which the names are the titles makes this series a big hit in the Philippines. Personally I love the heroine characters as they portray funny, courageous and unassuming Filipina. The series is called Stallion because the love story happen at the Stallion Riding Club. All the heroes in this series are members of the Stallion Riding Club. If you wanna see this heroes up close check this Stallion Boys photos I found online.

1: Jubei Bernardo by Sonia Francesca
2: Eneru Villasis by Sonia Francesca
3: Gino Santayana by Sofia
4: Hiro Hinata by Sofia
5: Reigan Baltazar by Sonia Francesca
6: Neiji Villaroza by Sonia Francesca
7: Yue Anthony Zheng by Sofia
8: Gabryel Honasan by Sofia

9: Brad Crawford by Sonia Francesca
10: Rodjan Sta. Maria by Sonia Francesca
11: Kai Montezor by Sonia Francesca
12: Yozack Florencio by Sonia Francesca
13: Zell Zapanta by Sonia Francesca
14: Emrei Rafiq by Sofia
15: Romanov Cuerido by Sofia
16: Jason Erwin Dean by Sofia
17: Crawford Orena by Sofia
18: Kester Mondragon by Sofia

19: Philippe Jacobs by Sofia
20: Eiraun Jimuel Romero by Sofia
21: Rolf Guzman by Sofia
22: Beiron Rafiq by Sofia
23: Reichen Alleje by Sofia
24: Reid Alleje 1 by Sofia
25: Reid Alleje 2 by Sofia

26: Pipo de Vera by Sonia Francesca
27: Johann Cristobal by Sofia
28: Daboi Bustamante by Sonia Francesca
29: Gianpaolo Aragon by Sofia
30: Angelo Exel Formosa by Sonia Francesca (Readers’ Choice)
31: Thyago Palacios by Sofia
32: Icen Villazanta by Sonia Francesca
33: Hayden Anthony Ilano by Sofia
34: Rozen Aldeguer by Sonia Francesca
35: Joziah Gatchalian by Sofia
36: Cloud Montanez by Sonia Francesca
37: Eizhiro Figuerao by Sofia
38: Zairo Montevedra by Sofia
39: Hans Cervantes by Sonia Francesca
40: Baxter Saavedra by Sonia Francesca
41: Mark Ashley Carnello by Sofia
42: Danrick Tezzoro by Sofia
43: Ricos Caderao by Sonia Francesca
44: Richard Don Robles by Sofia
45: Lee Shin Yang by Sonia Francesca
46: Myco Gosiaco 1 by Sofia
47: Myco Gosiaco 2 by Sofia
48: Reiven Alleje by Sofia (A Special Edition- 384 pages)
49: Ian Jack Salmentar by Sonia Francesca
50: Trigger Samaniego 1 by Sonia Francesca
51: Trigger Samaniego 2 by Sonia Francesca
52: Jigger Samaniego 1 by Sonia Francesca
53: Jigger Samaniego 2 by Sonia Francesca

A Meeting With Geiser Maclang Team

CDO bloggers had a meeting with Geiser Maclang Team last February 11, 2011 at the Cafe Laguna. The purpose of the meeting was to talk about the progress and immediate need of Kagay-anons who has suffered from the typhoon Sendong wrath. Geiser Maclang Team is planning to help Cagayan de Oro rise again in terms of business, livelihood and emotional stability for the victims. They ask helped from us bloggers to determined in which part are still lacking and what is a feasible project that would help Cagayan de Oro and its people.

As the meeting progress on, Miss Amor Maclang mentioned that she also want to do something that will help the tourism in Cagayan de Oro. And thats where the Extreme Mindanao event take shape. CDOBloggers has been planning this extreme adventure event since late last year but due to the calamity that struck the city all plans put on hold since everyone is busy reviving and helping others. When Miss Amor Maclang heard about our planned she excitedly offer helped for the event to push trough. It was an awesome meeting because it was as if made to take place.

This eXtreme Mindanao event is not only for Cagayan de Oro that would benefit but also Mindanao's tourism. And so CDOBloggers Inc is looking forward for this team up with Geiser Maclang.

And on behalf of my fellow Kagay-anon I would also like to thank Geiser Maclang Team for the passion of helping others and putting in great effort to help Cagayand de Oro rise again.

After the meeting Jacq, Vic and I  drop by somewhere check it out here...