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It Girl!

What's your super personality?

Took a personality quiz from Maybelline. I know its just for fun but I kinda agree with the analysis though. ^_^ Take the quiz too to know what's your personality. Who knows you will be lucky and win a Maybelline gift packs or an Instax camera!

And here's what they have to say on mine...

"It Girl. You’re an on-the-go gal, and sometimes find that there’s not enough time in a day. You have a great zest for life and nothing can keep you down!"

Maybeline Personality

Diary ng Panget The Movie

Diary ng Panget The Movie
The number 1 best-selling book of 2013, soon to be blockbuster movie this coming April 2, 2014! I didn't have the chance to read the book, Diary ng Panget, but this movie adaptation seems to be awesome and got me interested! I also like the good casting on the movie. I cant wait to watch in on theater and then probably read the book after. :)

Nadine Lustre as Eya Rodriguez
James Reid
as Cross Sandford
Yassi Pressman
as Lory Keet
Andre Paras
as Chad Jimenez

Directed by Andoy Ranay

Story by Denny aka HaveYouSeenThisGirl

Checkout the official full trailer of Diary ng Panget The Movie! :)

The Catchy Dialogues...

"You ambitious frog... Kokak!"
"Ang anak ko is human, but also he is half halimaw."
"Mukha mo pala yun..akala ko connect the dots..."
"Panget na nga, lampa pa."
"Can I order you?...  Takeout?"
"Huwag kang maarte, hindi ka maganda!"
"Bakit ang Pangit mo? Saan mo tinatago yung sungay at buntot mo?"

What also make this movie interesting is the soundtracks of the movie. The Diary Ng Panget The Movie sound tracks (OST) are sung by the lead characters of the movie. The song is catchy also and you can see the good acting and chemistry of Nadine and James.

The Diary Ng Panget The Movie OST...

Paligoy-Ligoy - Nadine Lustre

No Erase - James Reid & Nadine Lustre

I have always been a fan of Korean dramas and Korean music but lately I've notice some cool Pinoy pop (Ppop) also. Now that I can see Philippine entertainment industry is improving will also help in sharing it to the world. Go, go Pinoy artist!

Taiwanese Drama: Skip Beat

Skip Beat Asian Drama
Just finish watching Skip Beat and I dont like this Asian drama. Although there are parts that made me laugh but still some parts are over acting. After watching I feel like Ive wasted my time...This drama is actually an adaptation from a Japanese  manga by Yoshiki Nakamura.

My only consolation in this drama is that Siwon and Donghae are so handsome that it made me watch every episode to the end even though I am so annoyed with the female lead. I don't like the female lead character, she is too immature. No wonder the ending was like that. Ah! Come to think of it I like how they end drama. Not the usual happy ending but definitely not the kind that left you hanging.

High school graduate Gong Xi gives up her chances for university in order to support her childhood friend and romantic goal, Bu Po Shang, in his pop idol career. Upon arriving in Taipei, Gong Xi starts working on multiple jobs in order to support Shang, whose popularity quickly rises, eventually becoming one of the top idols in Taiwan. One day, Gong Xi catches Shang flirting with his manager, and learns that he only used her so she can help him with his living expenses. Heart-broken and betrayed, Gong Xi vows to get revenge by becoming a bigger star. Gong Xi auditions for L.M.E., Taiwan's largest talent agency, and joins L.M.E.'s new-found department "Love Me" with Jiang Nanqin, also a new recruit. At L.M.E. famous actor Dunhe Lian, disgusted by Gong Xi's reasons for joining the show business, consistently finds ways to annoy and taunt her. As Gong Xi's acting career starts to take off, she begins to discover a new sense of identity and purpose, separate from her initial plans of revenge. Lian also eventually warms up to her, and although at first in denial, he finds himself falling more and more in love with her.

This Taiwanese drama is airing locally at ABS-CBN channel but I dont know what time slot. Here is the localize trailer of Skip Beat.

Just Dance!

Just Dance Wii

When the kiddo arrived from school he usually just watch Pokemon series on Youtube or play games with his tablet. However, he probably got tired today that I saw him dancing with some random music from Youtube.

Since im still not in the mood for work I thought of joining him and we search for a dance video to dance with at my desktop. And yes we did find a great collection of dance videos recorded from the video game Just Dance Wii.

We really enjoyed dancing that it got both of us wet with sweat from hours of dancing. It was a bonding for both of us. And for me, I just discover a way to get sweat and be healthy without going out to the gym. Now I have a valid reason not to go back to the gym for some aerodance. ^_^

Thank you very much to this uploader for this awesome dance videos playlist! Curious? Checkout the dance videos below...

Book: Your Mind At Its Best

Everytime I pass by at National Bookstore - Centrio I always go inside and visit my favorite spot... the Religion/Inspiration bookshelf. I am actually looking for a book called The Secret Daily Teachings but they only have The Secret on display always. I haven't checked other branches though if its available there because I often visit Centrio Mall and National Bookstore is in an area where I often pass by whether I'll go grab some meal or going to grocery. Most of the times when I visit other malls I always forget to check the National Bookstore.

Anyways, today I checked on the books on display and I saw Rhonda Byrnes newest book Hero (The Secret) is now available. I am tempted to buy it but I really wanted to own first The Secret Daily Teachings. So instead I checked on other books. There where a lot of new books on the shelf and I was attracted to this book... Your Mind At Its Best: 40 Ways To Keep Your Brain Sharp by David Biebel, James Dill and Bobbie Dill. I got curios and so I run through the pages on one of the unwrap books. I find it useful and interesting to read and so I end up buying it instead.

Your Mind At Its Best Book

Your Mind At Its Best Book

On Piercing and Tattoo


Piercing and tattoo are 2 things still pending on my wishlist. Since highschool I have always wanted to have my nose and toungue pierce and tattoo on my ankle and shoulder. However, I grow up with a conservative family so my uncle would kill me if I did piercing and get a tattoo on any parts my body that time. I remember at college when I my cousin got busted on her belly piercing her dad was really furious.

Anyways, im looking to atleast get any of this 2 probably the piercing. Now the question is would it be on the nose, belly or toungue? ;)

First Rock Wall Climbing Experience

Here's a product of my spontaneity today...

I just found my new hobby... errr should I say stress reliever! :P

100_9614I have always wanted to try wall climbing at Marco Sports Avenue and its just earlier that I have finally done it! It was my first time to do wall climbing and I say its more fun to do so. It was a very tiring sports and at the same time very challenging.

I have reached the top on walls 1 and 2 but unfortunately I just almost finish wall 3. Arrrhhhggg!! I really wanted to finish wall 3! In fact I have tried a couple of times but my hand and body already giving up. Sad... but Im gonna have to try hard next time coz I bet ill be battling with muscular pain tomorrow. :D

The videos background song is You Set Me Free by Michelle Branch. It's my LSS so that is why I use it. It does fit in a way coz somebody inspires me to be free! :D
Being spontaneous leads to a more well-rounded person. Also being spontaneous means having the guts to try new things and push one’s comfort zone. ^_^

New Youtube Channel Design

I just tweeted 2 days ago, about Youtube' s confusing new look... I love this new look though, I just need to get to know it more...

Apparently, they also updated the channel design. Ive tried it to compare which one is good. And here's a picture of the channel design editor...

I picked the Blogger design which is a reverse chronological vlogroll of a featured playlist or your recent activity. I am actually having some trouble which one is preferable but right now my Youtube channel is using the new design . So I'll ask you guys which design do you think is nice and why?

Shoot your suggestions at the comment box below... Thanks In advance!

Cityville Addiction

I don't know if this is worth blogging or not but ill blog it anyway. I so regret the day I gave in to friends request on Cityville. Since the day I played Cityville it has been part of my everyday online routines (and I hate it). This game has wasted a lot my time just playing. Boo! I even beat the levels of my friends who started playing this game months earlier. I think Ive been playing almost 2 months yet. However, this game has also been an ultimate recreation when I got bored at work so fair enough. Who knows, this city I created in Cityville will be a dream come true. Lols. Anyways, for those of you who doesn't have any idea on what Im talking about okay ill explained to you what is Cityville.
Cityville is a game in Facebook developed by Zynga last Dcember 2010. This game is played through building houses, businesses, community buildings and land expansions. If you already build houses and businesses you can then start collecting rents and sales respectively but you need energy to do this. The energy is earn every 5 seconds and accumulates every time you level up. There are also completing goals in order to unlock businesses, community buildings and decorations or earn rewards like energy, coins and experience. The experience is a blue star that will be a headcount for you to level up, so each level needs a corresponding number of stars in order for you to succeed to another level. Each level unlocks new houses, business and community buildings.You can buy houses and business at the build menu through your coins or city cash. There are also limited editions house and buildings depends on the theme. The themes can be Greek, French, German and many more.You can also invest business to your neighbors and build headquarters in your city. Every time your new investment is approve by your neighbor your headquarter will go higher also. And in visiting to your neighbors you will earn energy, coins and and experience. Confuse?! You will understand this if you start playing Cityville on Facebook. I started without any idea how to play this game. No worries Sam will teach you on how to build your city. Now who is Sam? Again you will get to know her when you start playing Cityville. :P

Curious about how my city looks like? Here's some snaps I took...

Precious Hearts Romance: Stallion Island Series

I have already mentioned in my other blog that I am really addicted to Precious Hearts Romance pocketbooks.

Precious Hearts Romance Pocketbooks

And right now im starting out my Stallion Island Series by Sofia... So far this are what I have in my collection:

Precious Hearts Romance - Stallion Island Series
#1 Misha Santoros
#2 Jayson Alden Arcena
#3 Yzaak Argoncillo
#4 Leigh Armaund Lopez
#5 Chrome Venitio

Precious Heart Romance: Kristine Series

Precious Heart Romance Kristine Series

I know lots of followers of Kristine was disappointed at how the story ends. A lot of you may anticipated for Emerald to emerge back since she is one of the original heir of the Fortalejo and the main character as well. Here's an idea, read Kristine Series by Martha Cecilia in pocketbooks because the TV series in ABS CBN is very far from it. The PHR pocketbook series is more compelling, thrilling, touching, kilig and will really make you cry and fall inlove at the same time.

Personally, I was disappointed on how the story end since I have read the whole series and it has been one of my favorite PHR pocketbook series. I may not able to watched all the Kristine episodes in ABS CBN but I've watched the selected scenes and parts of the TV series on Youtube. It kinda frustrate me knowing that they adopted the story but did not deliver it well on TV. Kristine pocketbook series has gain a lot of praises and popularity from romance pocketbook readers because of it's great storyline that keeps you curious on how the story is going to end and not to mention that no characters are left hanging. It would have been a great romance TV series if it was delivered on TV exactly as it was in pocketbooks, for the benefit of those who are not a fan of reading pocketbooks yet a fan of romantic stories.

My First Water Rafting Experience!

I paddled the water but I felt the pain after...
My body ache all over today after a very adventurous and fun activity yesterday. Together with cousins; Nike and Mitch and foreign friends; Craig (my cousins husband), Krystal and Kelly from Australia we went water rafting. It was actually our first rafting experienced for the 4 of us except Krystal and Craig who are already a pro.

We booked for advance 2 course which was Php 1, 500 per head at 1st Rafting Adventure. We started our rafting from Quarry to Brgy. Mambuaya passing 13 km river stretch with 13 major rapids. I was actually scared since I don't know to swim and advance 2 is next to extreme rafting (which is the more likely for experienced paddler). It was also raining so water is wild. Good thing in our boat only me doesn't know how to swim and everyone is watching over me every time we passed wild rapids. I almost fall once and I rolled over on the other side of the boat twice.

My rafting moments...
  • We passed by a long wire connected to the other side of the river and our river guide yell "it's a live wire!" and all of us 4 in our boat do the "matrix action" and lie flat to avoid the wire our river guide name Allan laugh his ass of seeing all of us really believed that it is a live wire.
  • Passing the second rapids I lost balance and almost fall good thing Kelly was fast yelling my name and hold me. For a moment I really thought I am going to fall on the rock... scarrrrry!
  • Our river guide Allan really practice his piece. While we are approaching big rocks with grasses all over he was telling about different snakes going out in the rocks and sometimes jumps inside the raft. As our raft approaches the rocks Allan throw a yellow stripe rope at us and all for of us was yelling and the guys almost jump out of the raft... hahahaha
  • Harvey one of our raft-mates was instructed to sit infront of the boat and hold still and as we are about to approach the wild rapids he already fall inside the boat just before wild waves starting to rock our boat. All of us almost lost our balance laughing at him as we reached the wild rapids. hahahaha...
  • Kelly's paddle! We were instructed by our river guide to stand on the boat while approaching the rapids and that no one is going to sit down. Kelly having hard time balancing drop her paddle on the water and rolled over inside the boat and we paddled forward trying to get her paddle and fighting the wild waves. We were like somebody fall from our boat.

After water rafting we went to SM City CDO to watch movie. Since Salt already started playing we decided to wait for the next show which is an hour after. So we first had dinner and enjoyed the basketball shooting at the Worlds of fun.