Captured this photo of sunset yesterday. This is the beauty of having your house on the mountain-side. Our house has the view of the West side of Cagayan de Oro. On daytime the view is mostly green but you can see the touch of progress since there are emerging buildings among it.




Girls Generation Sooyoung

Just took the pop quiz from ALL Kpop about which member of 2NE1 or Girls' Generation would I be. I have always been a fan of 2NE1 and I know my personality doesn't really much on any of the four members. So I already expected that it would be someone from Girls Generation. And yes it was from GG indeed but was what surprise me is that my personality much is the member whom I like the most among the nine members of Girls Generation... Sooyoung! I just love her and I am so happy that we kinda have matching personality! ^_^

Girls Generation Sooyoung

Are you a fan of 2NE1 or Girls' Generation?
Which member of 2NE1 or Girls' Generation are you?

#100HappyDays Week 3

On to my week 3 of finding happiness everyday!

Day 15. Succeed Level 500! :D #100HappyDays

Day 16. My blog has a new look! #100HappyDays ❤

Day 17. This video from "It's Show Time" show made me laugh out loud today. Ikaw na Jhong! Lol

Day 18. New books to read! <3 #100HappyDays

Day 19. Online shopping at @Romwe! ;) <3 #100HappyDays

Day 20. Happiness is... @krispykremePH orginal glazed doughnuts and kape kreme on a weekend. ^_^ <3 #100HappyDays #SmileygalDay

Day 21. I had so much fun with this peeps today. We toured the the whole city today and ended the night with an exciting chikka. <3 ^_^ #100HappyDays

Romwe Ethnic Season

Romwe Ethnic Season
I just saw this ethnic season collection of Romwe and I can't just let it pass by without sharing to you all. :)

I just done online shopping at last week and its so pity that this collection just launched now. Arggh! Will gonna have to wait for my next online shopping budget to arrive, so for now I'll just share my wishlist on this Romwe ethnic season collection. Hopefully, I could wear this trendy pieces soon.

Asymmetric Swing Chiffon Skirt
ROMWE Loose Wide-Collar Knitted Top
ROMWE Aztec Sleeveless Jacket
ROMWE Lace-trimmed Off Shoulders White Top
Romwe Brown Strappy Sandals
Romwe Alligator Feather Bag
Romwe Dual-color Fur Silver Bag

Diary ng Panget The Movie

Diary ng Panget The Movie
The number 1 best-selling book of 2013, soon to be blockbuster movie this coming April 2, 2014! I didn't have the chance to read the book, Diary ng Panget, but this movie adaptation seems to be awesome and got me interested! I also like the good casting on the movie. I cant wait to watch in on theater and then probably read the book after. :)

Nadine Lustre as Eya Rodriguez
James Reid
as Cross Sandford
Yassi Pressman
as Lory Keet
Andre Paras
as Chad Jimenez

Directed by Andoy Ranay

Story by Denny aka HaveYouSeenThisGirl

Checkout the official full trailer of Diary ng Panget The Movie! :)

The Catchy Dialogues...

"You ambitious frog... Kokak!"
"Ang anak ko is human, but also he is half halimaw."
"Mukha mo pala yun..akala ko connect the dots..."
"Panget na nga, lampa pa."
"Can I order you?...  Takeout?"
"Huwag kang maarte, hindi ka maganda!"
"Bakit ang Pangit mo? Saan mo tinatago yung sungay at buntot mo?"

What also make this movie interesting is the soundtracks of the movie. The Diary Ng Panget The Movie sound tracks (OST) are sung by the lead characters of the movie. The song is catchy also and you can see the good acting and chemistry of Nadine and James.

The Diary Ng Panget The Movie OST...

Paligoy-Ligoy - Nadine Lustre

No Erase - James Reid & Nadine Lustre

I have always been a fan of Korean dramas and Korean music but lately I've notice some cool Pinoy pop (Ppop) also. Now that I can see Philippine entertainment industry is improving will also help in sharing it to the world. Go, go Pinoy artist!

I Want a Boyfriend Like JC Intal!

Instagram is something I check first thing when I wake up. Yesterday, I just discovered something sweet that became the buzz of town and trending topic of the day. Basketball player JC Intal just proposed to Bianca Gonzales at NAIA terminal with close friends (as accomplice) and the public travelers to witness.

I got kilig when I saw some photos an videos on Instagram yesterday but didn't really have a plan to jump into the bandwagon of blogging the trending topic of the day. Until I saw Bianca Gonzales super kilig Instagram update this morning...

That Little Things...

@iamsuperbianca: My fiancè is the sweetest part 1: during breakfast on the plane, I was served this note in a wine glass. @jcintal7 #blessed #jcandb

@iamsuperbianca: My fiancè is the sweetest part 2: around 5 hours into the flight, while eating my in-flight adobo lunch, this note came in another wine glass. @jcintal7 #blessed #jcandb

@iamsuperbianca: My fiancè is the sweetest part 3: when I woke up on the plane, the pilot (yes, as in the pilot of the plane!!) comes out to talk to me and congratulate me, hands me JC's passport holder (that I was borrowing from JC before I left pero he said no), and inside was this third and final note. @jcintal7 #blessed #jcandb #luckiestgirlintheworld

You see one reason probably why I'm still single right now is that I'm a hopeless romantic. Spark, romance, fairy tales, and sweet gestures is something I always look for on a guy. I am so inlove with happy endings and love in every relationship. The reason my friends would say I'll grow old single because man like that no longer exist nowadays. Well, yes I admit I'm worried and I do believe that man like that our now instinct until JC Intal's sweet gestures relive that sentimental dream/wish of mind.

It's the Thought that Counts...

What made me so kilig at JC Intal is that he was never afraid to ask Bianca Gonzales in public. Its was not about a 'grand showcase' or another 'airport proposal copy-cut' but it was all about the joy of surprising the woman you love and shouting to the world "Im going to be the soon-to-be-husband of this woman". Nothing is more sweeter to a woman than seeing how proud her man is with his girl. And yes the effort in planning everything for the surprise is undeniably sweet. Well, it may not be applicable to all the woman because I know some others are not keen to surprises. However, for me its sweet!

@mikaelamartinez: @iamsuperbianca was already checked in & was asked to come back to check in counter to verify a package....& then we came out one by one handing over a rose.. "Baby i love your way" performed live~ @jcintal7 song of choice ☺️ #jcandb

@mikaelamartinez: When he asked her to marry him...(sorry the video was shakey! I was tearing up) @jcintal7 @iamsuperbianca #jcandb


Venus Smileygal

Botticelli's Venus Sweatshirt

I just love my name... Venus, which means the goddess of love and beauty in Roman mythology. My name reminds me always that I am beautiful. Teehee! ^_^ I have always been fascinated with mythology and its art the reason I wanted to travel Europe also.

So why am I suddennly sharing about my name will Botticelli's Venus Sweatshirt will be on sale for one day on "The Birth of Venus" Print Sweatshirt will be sold at the price of $15.99 on Mar 20, 2014.

This unique sweatshirt is a chic and cozy way to wear a work of art. Perfect match to anything may it be pants, skirts, leggings and shorts. So don't miss the chance to save 60% off on that day.

Venus Print Sweatshirt2

Remember that Romwe “the Birth of Venus” Sweatshirt will be sold at the price of $15.99, whose original price is $39.99. Only on March 20th, only 24 hours!

Botticellis Venus Sweatshirt

Want a free one? Like Romwe Lookbook Fashion Collection on Facebook to get a free one!!

Chunky Heel

I attended a free flash photography workshop at Centrio Mall. After the photography workshop I strolled around the mall all by myself and then went for a grocery trip after. I wore for the first time the camel ankle boots that I purchased online at What I love most on this boots is that even if it has a 4 inches high heel its super comfortable. I lasted wearing those boots. I just felt a little bit of pain in my legs of which was a sign for me to go home. Imagine, wearing that high heeled boots and walking for hours! Poor feet!

Thrifted Knitted Top and Jeans | Knicks n' Knacks Arm Candies|Camel Ankle Boots

#100HappyDays Week 2

Now on my 2nd week of #100HappyDays challenge. What keeps me going and inspire more is that because of this challenge I have learn to recognize those little things that's makes me happy.

Day 8. Finally printed photos of Justine yesterday! Childhood memories. ^_^ #100happydays

Day 9: Woke up early today and took a morning walk to the public market. :) #NoFilter #100happydays

Day 10. Lasagna and Coffee coolers! You all surely knows why im happy right now. #favorite #meal ❤ #100happydays

Day 11.'Coco Made Me Do It' statement shirt up for grab! Join my blog giveaway click here #100happydays

Day 12. Happy feet! My first try at vanity works! The place is so relaxing. Will definitely melt down ur stress.#100HappyDays

Day 13. Finally use for the first time this new baby! ^_^ #boots ❤ #100happydays

Day 14. Cleaned and gave my work station a new look. Na short sa wallpaper though. #100HappyDays

Statement T-shirt Giveaway: “COCO MADE ME DO IT”

coco made me do it romwe giveaway
Today we are going basics. T-shirts or tees is the most easiest and go to outfit everyone wears but it doesn't mean you can't be fashionable with it. Wearing statement shirts is a trendy way to plain tees nowadays. Whether exploring controversial subject matter or just poking fun at modern media icons, these sensational statement shirts are a bold fashion statement that never goes out of style.

And since we are talking about statement t-shirts. I am very much happy to announce that I will be giving away this “COCO MADE ME DO IT” Black T-shirt from Romwe!
romwe tshirt giveaway
See below the mechanics on how to win...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway starts from today and is open for international participants. 1 lucky winner will be picked on or after March 22, 2014.

Romwe Letters Print Black T-shirt

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Good luck and happy shopping everyone!

#100happydays Week 1


A few days ago I got curious about the hashtag #100happydays and Google it. I first read this article from Take the 100 Happy Days Challenge and change your life. I got interested and visited their website After reading everything I take on the challenge and registered.

Taiwanese Drama: Skip Beat

Skip Beat Asian Drama
Just finish watching Skip Beat and I dont like this Asian drama. Although there are parts that made me laugh but still some parts are over acting. After watching I feel like Ive wasted my time...This drama is actually an adaptation from a Japanese  manga by Yoshiki Nakamura.

My only consolation in this drama is that Siwon and Donghae are so handsome that it made me watch every episode to the end even though I am so annoyed with the female lead. I don't like the female lead character, she is too immature. No wonder the ending was like that. Ah! Come to think of it I like how they end drama. Not the usual happy ending but definitely not the kind that left you hanging.

High school graduate Gong Xi gives up her chances for university in order to support her childhood friend and romantic goal, Bu Po Shang, in his pop idol career. Upon arriving in Taipei, Gong Xi starts working on multiple jobs in order to support Shang, whose popularity quickly rises, eventually becoming one of the top idols in Taiwan. One day, Gong Xi catches Shang flirting with his manager, and learns that he only used her so she can help him with his living expenses. Heart-broken and betrayed, Gong Xi vows to get revenge by becoming a bigger star. Gong Xi auditions for L.M.E., Taiwan's largest talent agency, and joins L.M.E.'s new-found department "Love Me" with Jiang Nanqin, also a new recruit. At L.M.E. famous actor Dunhe Lian, disgusted by Gong Xi's reasons for joining the show business, consistently finds ways to annoy and taunt her. As Gong Xi's acting career starts to take off, she begins to discover a new sense of identity and purpose, separate from her initial plans of revenge. Lian also eventually warms up to her, and although at first in denial, he finds himself falling more and more in love with her.

This Taiwanese drama is airing locally at ABS-CBN channel but I dont know what time slot. Here is the localize trailer of Skip Beat.

Aztec Tribal Cardigan

Romwe Aztec Tribal Cardigan
I just love how cardigans can make a simple outfit transform into a fashionable one. One of my reasons I like wearing cardigans is that when I'm wearing too revealing dresses it can somewhat cover up. So I still get to dress up that outfits that I find revealing. Living in a tropical country does not give me much the luxury of wearing thick cardigans that much not unless its rainy season so I usually buy something that is soft and floaty. I probably have 1 or 2 cardigans in my closet which I admit unfashionable. This Aztec tribal cardigan from Romwe caught my eye. This would be perfect match for my day-today outfit coz often when I go out I just go with plain tees and shorts/skirts. And the great news is that Romwe Off-white Aztec Tribal Cardigan is on sale at $15.99 on March 6th, 2014 only!
Romwe Off-white Aztec Tribal Cardigan

Over 100 bestsellers, Up to 85% off from 4th March to 10th March! Free shipping to the worldwide, 30 days money back Guarantee.

Just Dance!

Just Dance Wii

When the kiddo arrived from school he usually just watch Pokemon series on Youtube or play games with his tablet. However, he probably got tired today that I saw him dancing with some random music from Youtube.

Since im still not in the mood for work I thought of joining him and we search for a dance video to dance with at my desktop. And yes we did find a great collection of dance videos recorded from the video game Just Dance Wii.

We really enjoyed dancing that it got both of us wet with sweat from hours of dancing. It was a bonding for both of us. And for me, I just discover a way to get sweat and be healthy without going out to the gym. Now I have a valid reason not to go back to the gym for some aerodance. ^_^

Thank you very much to this uploader for this awesome dance videos playlist! Curious? Checkout the dance videos below...