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My Fave Outfits of Park Minyoung in Her Private Life Korean Drama


Park Min-young and Kim Jae-wook

I just finish watching the Korean drama, Her Private Life in Netflix starring Park Min-young and Kim Jae-wook. And I couldn't help but notice Park Minyoung's fashion in the drama. It's really chich and eye-catching. And I love how simple the style yet she look so elegantly stylish. I took some screenshots of my favorite look among all she wore in this drama to share here in my blog. 

The first three pics are in my wishlist. I'll share a post if I can shop this clothes. ^_^

I really love the stylish cut of the skirt of this plaids suit!

Love this all nude outfit is gorgeous. I'm not sure if this one will look good on me but I shall try. I dont own any nude button-down shirt  but I did have a nude skirt before but it has prints on it. I use to pair it with dark top.
 I want this knitted dress with a modest side slit.  

New idea on how to style the button-down shirt.

I love side slits and that's why I love this outfits with modest slits that she wore. And the combination of cloth texture is amazing. Truly get some great ideas for a stylish corporate look.

I actually like this particular scene because it flaunts Park Minyoung feature. When she bun her hair it was perfect with the outfit.
I do notice that she mostly wear knitted tops in this drama. And this white long sleeve knitted top actually has an open slit at the back of the elbow which make it unique. (But I honestly don't like the open slit. XD)


With this look I just love how the men long sleeve and men slacks still look chic on her. 

 If you've seen the drama, you may noticed  I didn't post the pant suit outfit besides the last two images. They're actually nice but I'm no a fan of pants, I'm a skirt and dress type.  

What outfit do you like of Park Minyoung in Her Private Life Kdrama? 

If you haven't watch this drama, which of the outfit above do you like?

Bride of the Water God

A lot of people compared this drama to Goblin but the ending of this drama is way better than that of Goblin. I actually like the story of this drama. There's probably some missing factor to get hooked with it but a least in this drama everything make sense... Well except for that swimming part with awkward hands though... :D 
There's a lot of things shown in every episode of this drama... How much will you give up for power (Ha Baek)... for friendship (Bireom)... for family (Soah's dad)... for humanity (Mr Shin)... for love (Moorah and Ha Baek).... and for yourself (Mr Shin and Ha Baek)... 
Life is all about your journey and how strong enough are you to journey further. I also commend Mr Shin's assistant for trying to make that friendnemy of SoAh realize her actions to be a better person. Her attitude is really annoying. I also like how it ended... fair enough for a human and deity love story.

Korean Drama: Bel Ami (Pretty Man)

Bel Ami -Pretty Boy

Just finished watching Bel Ami. When this drama was announce I was excited because Jang Geunsuk and yes lame but I guess I havent really IU's drama's. I really though it's going to be exciting but then again ratings of this drama are dropping low. Just a few days ago, I told a friend, Im planing to watch Bel Ami she said she is having second thoughts of watching this drama because a lot of people said its not interesting.

Nonetheless, I still go on and watch the drama. Thank God I did! The drama is not bad after all. I actually find the drama interesting. I usually skip scenes when I find it boring but on this drama I didnt get to skip much because I feel every scenes must not be missed. The story is a must watch on this drama.

Why low ratings?

I do figure out the reason why the drama gain low viewers rating, this is because of the cast. Jang Geunsuk and IU has no chemistry. IU may have played her character well but I really dont see any romantic chemistry with her and Jang Geunsuk even with Lee Jangwoo. I dont even smile and shiver when lead characters has some romantic interactions and lines nor get hurt when characters are broken hearted. I just dont see the connection of each characters. I have seen a lot of drama's of Jang Geunsuk and even if I dont like the female lead cast I was able to watch to the end because the romantic interaction is there.


Main Cast

Jang Geun-suk as Dokgo Ma Te

A man who discovered as early as kindergarten that he was prettier than most and could get special treatment because of it. As he grow old he made use of his beauty to get what he wanted. Until one day his mom passed away and left him with shuttered dreams for his mom and the true identity of his father.

IU as Kim Bo Tong
The average girl from Ma Te's neighborhood who is madly crushing on Ma Te since junior high. Bo Tong is very close with Ma Te's mom and when she passed away she helps Ma Te a lot so that he can succeed.

Lee Jang-woo as David Choi
The young, friendly Marketing Director who falls for Bo Tong and always helps her out.

Han Chae-young as Hong Yoo Ra
The glamorous, successful woman who introduced herself as Ma Te's  ex sister in-law. She know's Ma Te secret identity and will help him create his own business for him to meet his father. Han Chae-young will also gave him the guide of woman he needs to conquer to survive the business competition and corporate lifestyle.

Have you seen this drama?

Excited for Korean Drama "The Heirs"!

the heirs-lee min ho-Park shin hye

I am so excited to watch the Korean drama titled The Heirs starring Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho. Gosh! Im a fan of both actors. Other than that, Im also a fan of the other cast that are also part in the drama namely; the actor-model Kim Woo Bin and CN Blue's drummer Kang Min Hyuk! Omo its stars studded!

Kim Woo Bin

Kang Min Hyuk

Sadly, right now I just have to wait til December. The Heirs has just started airing in South Korea last October 9 and will run 20 episodes until December 12, 2013. I like watching Korean drama series in marathon that is why I'm gonna have to wait when it'll end airing in South Korea. In the meantime, join me and lets watch the trailer and behind the scenes of The Heirs with English Sub...

The Heirs Cast:

  • Lee Min-Ho as Kim Tan

  • Park Shin-Hye as Cha Eun-Sang

  • Kim Woo-Bin as Choi Young-Do

  • Kang Min-Hyuk as Yoon Chan-Young

  • Choi Jin-Hyuk as Kim Won

  • Kang Ha-Neul as Lee Hyo-Shin

  • Krystal as Lee Bo-Na

  • Kim Ji-Won as Rachel Yoo

  • Park Hyung-Sik as Jo Myung-Soo

  • Jeon Soo-Jin as Kang Ye-Sol

  • Lim Ju-Eun as Teacher Jeon Hyun-Joo

  • Kim Sung-Ryoung as Han Ki-Ae

  • Jeong Dong-Hwan as Kim Nam-Yoon

  • Choi Won-Young as Yoon Jae-Ho

  • Park Jun-Keum as Jung Ji-Sook

  • Yun Son-Ha as Esther Lee

  • Kim Mi-Kyung as Park Hee-Nam (Cha Eun-Sang's mother)

  • Choi Jin-Ho as Choi Dong-Wook

  • Yoon Jin-Seo as Cha Eun-Seo (Eun-Sang's older sister - cameo)

Heirs Korean Drama Cast

Korean Drama: Fashion King

Fashion King

Done watching Fashion King last week and I really cant get over the ending. There are some parts of the drama that I was not satisfied and then adding to the fact that the ending left you a lot of questions and disappointments. :(

T-ara's Day By Day Music Video

I have previously blogged that T-ara often show a different from the usual music videos. On their recent come back they again stun the fans and Kpop lovers with another dramatic music video comeback with the title song "Day By Day". When Loen Entertainment released the video teaser few weeks back I was really amazed and anticipated for the full music video. I really love how fierce Jiyeon and Eunjung on this music video. Though Eunjung ain't part on this music video drama yet you can still watch here on the behind the scene towards the end. Areum and Hyomin did a pretty well acting too.
And the usual its 2 part so it to be continued... :D
So without further adieu here is the music video.

T-ara's 2 Part Music Video of Cry,Cry And Lovey Dovey

If you follow me on Twitter you probably know my addiction to Korean Pop and Korean drama's. The reason being they do entertain me a lot and brings out mix emotions on every song and dramas I've watched. Now the latest music video I discovered is far different from the usual music videos, its a music and drama digested in a 15 to 20 minutes clip. More like a short clip already showcasing T-ara's tracks on their latest album; Funky Town. Its sad that I just discovered the full MV now when the release of the first MV is last November 2011 when T-ara promoted Cry, Cry. I was watching the dance version only and the teasers and didn't get to watch the other version of the music video. And my excuse is that im a YG Family fanatic and focus on the YG artist most of the time. Anyways, ill be sharing the 2 part full music video. It so awesome... Jiyeon did a pretty cool acting and she's very fierce.
Im sorry if it has no English sub, but just watch the video you will understand the story there's not much dialogue in it anyway.

Korean Drama: 49 Days

Funny how at first I just disregard watching the Korean drama, 49 Days. Well maybe because after reading its synopsis I felt like its a fictional story and doesn't appeals me much. However, after seeing an advertisement on local TV that it will have a Filipino version, I gave it a try an downloaded it online. It turns out that it was a great Korean drama with a lot of life learning lessons on death and taking chances on life. The story is different from the usual Korean novela that I watched. I usually watched something humorous Korean drama because they would never fail to make me laugh out loud and feel good inside but 49 Days is far different since its a heavy drama. Yes, it has a lot of crying scenes but much more to that in this drama you learn to understand about pain, fate and love. After or even while watching 49 Days you will even stop and think of;

How good you live your life.
How many people is touch by your presence.
How much love you have give to the people around you.
The sincerity of tears people will shed for you.

In this drama you will also reflect two sides of living life. Either making the most of your everyday existence or chase death for an easy way out to skip the pain and loneliness. Pain will always be there if we dont learn to accept and let go. It may be hard but its the only way to put everything in place and let fate runs it course.

Live well. When times are hard, just like now recall those days that you treasure most. Gather your courage and live.

49 Days lead cast are Lee Yo Won, Nam Gyu Ri, Jo Hyeon Jae, Bae Su-bin, Jung Il Woo and Seo Ji Hye. I suggest you download the original Korean drama with English subtitles so that you will really understand the full run. Sometimes Filipino versions has some cut scenes. And for info 49 Days is titled Pure Love in the Philippines.