Time Travel & Shadowhunters

Done watching Rubinot and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones…

My internet a bit slow so thought of writing a new blogpost. However, after minutes of just staring at the dashboard and no words written… I stopped. I have so many pending post to share yet cant find the words to say, as usual. Earlier was happy because just this week ive written 3 post in 3 days and now Ive break it.

Anyways, to keep out boredom I watched movie instead online. Thats when I found Rubinot. Was curious on its title and incomplete summary…

Rubinot is a fantasy German movie about time traveling. Dont worry its in English though.
The movie was good but left me with so many question in the end. I do hope that in the part 2 they can answer those because I just thought the movie end in a nonsense way.

Next movie I watched is the City of Bones. I saw the trailer of this last year…. Arrhhggg!! I regret not watching this on the big screen. This movie is so great that im wishing for a part 2.
The movie is all about shadow hunters — a half-human, half-angel mortals. They chase demons. In the movie vampires, witches and werewolf also present.

I just love movies about vampires, witches, shadowhunters and the likes. Cant get over and still would like to watch for more movies in this genre. Can you recommend me any great movies or TV series in this genre? And whats your favorite movie?

Drop it in the comment section below. Thank you in advance.

P.S. After watching the movie I wrote this post but then my blog had some trouble that I cant login. So I had to wrote this on my mobile’s notepad to post when my blog’s dashboard is back.  

Nine West Shoes Wishlist

Was browsing online for some fashion inspirations and landed into a page of shoes from Nine West. Since Christmas is fast approaching thought of writing my wishlist for Nine West shoes. Who knows I’ll receive one of this shoes from Santa…

Aside from boots, I love strappy flats that’s why I own a few of this babies. I am attracted to strappy heels but I don’t own any of this yet so im really digging to atleast own one or two sooner. Hopefully any of this Nine West babies.

Bet this two are perfect for events and parties.

Leather Heels with Ankle Cuff
Laced Heels
And this two pairs of flats are for stylish casual wear. I just love slip-on flats and zip fastening at back heel because it’s so comfortable and easy to wear. The reason most of my flats are in this style.
Thin Strapped Sandals
Studded Sandals
So why Nine West? Because I love their designs. Most of their shoes are on trend and stylish perfect fit for any casual and formal wear. I’ve also read a lot of good reviews on the quality and how affordable they are, close to a designer pair of shoes. To add further more interest… Are you a Gossip Girl fan? I have also known that Gossip Girl uses a lot of Nine West accessories, be it shoes or bags.

Okay, so Im already advertising Nine West to much… I just hope my ‘style fairy goddess’ will guide Nine West to read this post of mine and grant one or all of my shoe wishlist. By the way, Im not paid to promote their brand… Im just wishing hard to be their brand ambassadress that is.

In case you’re interested on the shoes I have shared, I found a discount coupons at iPrice Shop that you can use in purchasing on online shopping site like Zalora.

What I Wore | Floral Maxi Dress

I finally got the chance to wear this beautiful floral maxi dress that I got from AIOnlineShop.com.ph. I attended 2 events that day and the latter event requires formal wear. I opted for this maxi dress because it can be worn on both, casual and formal events.

In the first event I attended, it's a celebration of CDOBloggers 6th anniversary. I just added a denim coat to achieve that casual look.

For the second event, its the launching of SM City CDO Christmas centerpiece. This time I took off the denim coat. I originally plan to wear blue heels, but then decided to change into those blue flats because I’ve learned my lessons well when attending launching events… It takes a lot of walking and standing! I surely won't last long in heels. 
Flats may not be appropriate for formal events but when I and my blogger friends arrived at the event proper, some others even wore casual outfits. My blue flats were saved! XD

Dress | AIOnlineShop.com.ph
Denim Coat | Thrifted Shop
Watch | AIOnlineShop.com.ph
Bracelets & Rings | Local Shop
Bag | Ororama Supercenter
Flats | Ororama Supercenter

Fall Fashion

So I got busy matching fall outfits the whole afternoon. Funny because we dont even have fall/autumn season here in our country, of which is a tropical country. We do experience cool weather on “Ber” months but not much. And right now, the weathers more likely hot like summer.
Anyways, browse some great clothes at Modcloth.com and made my own fall style board for fall season. You will mostly see maxi dresses and boots because this are my faves. ^-^

So here’s what I have came up… Below every pic you will find the links to every piece of clothes, shoes and accessories in the style board.
Dress | Poncho | Boots | Watch | Ring
Dress | Bracelet | Scarf| Sweater | Bag | Boots

Dress | Sweater | Earrings | Bracelet | Watch | Boots | Belt
Dress | Jacket | EarringsNecklace | Watch | Bag | Scarf |Boots

Hat | Coat | Blouse | Earrings | Leggings | Boots
Top | Sweater | Pants | Hat | Watch | Necklace

What do you think? Which of the above are your fave style? Drop me your comments below!