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#Travel2015: My Mom's Hometown

Hey everyone! How was your weekend?
Hasn't been much online for the past 2 days because I traveled at my moms home town.
I attended a funeral of my uncle. Who died so unexpectedly of heart attack, at a such a young age... Even though were not that close his daughters are like my younger sisters already. I had to atleast comfort them in this painful moment.
So the weekend was spent traveling to and fro the island. I didnt get to take any outfit post though so ill be sharing photos of the beautiful island which is the hometown of my mom. And as much As I want to talk more about the hometown of my mom. Will live this photos to tell stories for I am so tired right now...
Photos taken using my Sony Experia Z...

#Photography: Sunset

Just a quick post say thank you to my regular and new readers... I really appreciate all of you. Please do leave me a message on my comment box, so I can drop by and say hello to your blog and social account as well. 
Today is actually a lazy day for me. I was supposed to schedule some blog post and share my weekend activities and outfit but I cant seem to create a post out of it. 
Anyways, while cleaning some files on my PC I saw my sunset photographs. This sunset shot is taken a few weeks ago. One of the things I am thankful here at our home is that, this view that we see at our window. Yes... we have a beautiful cityscape or should I landscape view! 
Me and my Nikon dslr are still on a getting to know each other level for quite a long, long time now. hahaha Shame on me! But I am kicking my butt  every now and then to really maximize this camera and share some great photos here on my blog. 
If your an expert on dslr camera, I would appreciate tips and tricks on how to learn and take good shots for outfits, food and whatever photo subjects. ;) 
Question to end this post... Are you ready for the new weekday grind?

A New Day

Good morning everyone!
Here I am again taking another shot on changing my sleeping habit to normal schedule. Im crossing fingers to consistently keep up with my schedule this time. I am hoping to do this the whole month just so my body will get use to it. 
Still my work requires me to stay up from 10PM to 6AM but Im determine to go normal schedule in sleeping. Just had to work on the task delivery and report turn over, so as not to affect my work. 
The reason im doing this is that my abnormal sleeping schedule causes me to get stressed easily and takes away my appetite. I always feel the need to sleep, which taking most of my time in a day. I easily get tired and most of the time lazy. Eventhough working at night use to gave me peace, lately Im no longer productive.  
I now sleep just before midnight and woke-up around 4-5 oclock in the morning with no alarms. And then I do afternoon sleeping usually from 3-6PM. My afternoon naps still takes much time though, cant control it. However, I feel its a good start. 

P.S. Was not able to catch good shot of sunrise lately. So Im posting this sunset shot instead on this post. Took this shot via my Sony Experia phone. ^_^

Flash - "Let there be light" Photography Workshop

Attended the free photography workshop that hosted by Colours Digital Foto last March 15 at Centrio Mall. It was limited to 100 registrant at first but due to the demand they increased Workshop slots to 300. I was able to register online when the in-store registration was already close. There a lot of photographers joined the actual event. And the good thing the workshop is that it was open for everyone even for a newbie like me. And I must say I learned a lot from the pro's although there are some topics Im having hard time to comprehend. Basically the workshop is all about the benefits in using flash photography. It was handy for me because I dont used much my flash because I was relying on the built-in flash in my DSLR camera.

They invited 3 great photographer in Philippines as speakers...

Ricky Ladia - Strobist Photography
Ricky Ladia
Alex Ruelo - Wedding Strobist Photography
Alex Ruelo
Rommel Bundalian - Street Strobist Photography
Rommel Bundalian
Here are some of the freebies I got at the workshop...
Latest issue of Digital Photographer Philippines magazine!

Jay Tablante behind the scenes Cosplay shoot!

Here's my #OOTD at the event.

#100HappyDays Week 4

Yay! How fast time flies... Im now at my 4th week of finding reasons to be happy everyday.

Day 22. Bonding after his school activity at the mall.

Day 23. Kiddo will be closing first chapter of his education on Saturday! #100HappyDays

Day 24. Attended Holy Trinity School Thanksgiving mass early in the morning with kiddo yesterday. #100HappyDays

Day 25. My mini brownies is ready to be devoured! So delicious and kinda chewy. I should bake more for the family because I almost finish this already. ❤ #100happydays

Day 26. My favorite junk food when I was young... ❤ #100happydays

Day 27. Proud mommy moments! ^_^ #100HappyDays

Day 28. Dessertssssss!!! ❤❤❤ Invited for #MonsterKitchenAcademy Graduation Ceremony. @BakingSchoolCDO #100HappyDays 



Captured this photo of sunset yesterday. This is the beauty of having your house on the mountain-side. Our house has the view of the West side of Cagayan de Oro. On daytime the view is mostly green but you can see the touch of progress since there are emerging buildings among it.




#100HappyDays Week 2

Now on my 2nd week of #100HappyDays challenge. What keeps me going and inspire more is that because of this challenge I have learn to recognize those little things that's makes me happy.

Day 8. Finally printed photos of Justine yesterday! Childhood memories. ^_^ #100happydays

Day 9: Woke up early today and took a morning walk to the public market. :) #NoFilter #100happydays

Day 10. Lasagna and Coffee coolers! You all surely knows why im happy right now. #favorite #meal ❤ #100happydays

Day 11.'Coco Made Me Do It' statement shirt up for grab! Join my blog giveaway click here #100happydays

Day 12. Happy feet! My first try at vanity works! The place is so relaxing. Will definitely melt down ur stress.#100HappyDays

Day 13. Finally use for the first time this new baby! ^_^ #boots ❤ #100happydays

Day 14. Cleaned and gave my work station a new look. Na short sa wallpaper though. #100HappyDays

#100happydays Week 1


A few days ago I got curious about the hashtag #100happydays and Google it. I first read this article from Take the 100 Happy Days Challenge and change your life. I got interested and visited their website After reading everything I take on the challenge and registered.

Webcam Toys

I discovered this cool website when I hangout at my friends house. She uses this desktop camera on her selfie moments when she’s board on her online work. Since there are 3 of us and using cellphone kinda hassle to position on a group shot we used Webcam Toy instead. We had a lot of fun posing to the camera who also has a timer which is perfect for group shots. There are a lot of filters you can apply on your photos too. And options like save to your computer and share to you social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

So if you love taking pictures and don’t want to hassle yourself with your phones small screen use this desktop camera instead. ^_^

Strike That Pose!

One thing Im not confident on taking photos of myself is striking a pose... I really admire people who pose fiercely! Its a thing that gives impact to a self or group photo even just by simply wearing a plain outfit. Take for example a blogger friend of mine who really strikes a fierce model pose every time the camera turns her way, even if she's in the crowd she would never fail draw everyone's attention because your like seeing a Miss Universe in the crowd of people. Check out how Roxanne pose below...

Earlier, this day I really told her I like the way she pose and she said yes because she  used to join beauty pageant way back when she's still young... Praktisado na! lol Kidding aside here is our pose....
So here's some tips I've researched online for my readers who are also having trouble posing on camera.
  • Look for inspiration. For example, if your taking photos outside, you may see the sky and be inspired to look up as you are being photographed. Or sit on a tree limb or in a flower garden.
  • Get a little creative. Start dancing around (if its appropriate at the time), or make a big doe-eyed expression. Don't limit yourself to a smile.
  • Be Photogenic. Try some poses in the mirror. Determine your good side. Fold your arms, tilt your chin down, smile or keep a straight face, lift one eyebrow, or make a crazy face!
To end this post, I'll strike my own fierce pose. ;)
Reference: WikiHow

CDOBloggers 1st Street Photography

The CDOBloggers 1st Street Photography successfully concluded last April 22, 2012. Rain showers even threatens the activity to push through but thanks to Karen Lluch a teacher of Lifetime Study Center for lending us a room for the short photography talk. After that the outdoor activity took place. The street photography started at Gaston Park then the group headed to Cathedral, Carmen Bridge, Capistrano Street and culminated at Plaza Divisoria. Certificates was then distributed right after the activity.
I would also like to thank all the participants and most specially our guest photographer, Gilbert Gulang.

Photos by Frederick Nobillos

I didn't get to participate much of the short workshop and take photos but here are some photos from participants...

Also read:

The Dangers of Digital Camera Flash to High Voltage Electrical Lines

Let me tell you something I just read a while ago. Its a story shared on Facebook about a boy suffered from electricity burns and eventually died after one & half days. The reason of the burn is that while taking pictures using his digital camera he captured an angle which has 40,000 volts electrical line passing and was transported to him through the digital camera's flash. Read more of the story below...

Read the whole article here: Believe and Dont Say "Chalta Hai Yaar"

I was thankful to read and came across this article. I've been addicted to taking picture anywhere and everywhere, unknowingly of the dangers I may get. Thanks also that the user also shares useful tips which I admittedly guilty of practicing. To my readers please do read and take care.
  • Please avoid mobile phones on petrol outlets.
  • Please avoid talking on mobile phones while driving.
  • Change that "Chalta Hai Yaar Attitude" (Chalta hai yaar is comparable to "Bahala na!" in Filipino also means just ignore or not giving attention to it in English)
  • Please avoid talking on mobile phones while kept in charging mode without disconnecting from wall socket.
  • Please do not keep mobile phones on your bed while charging and / on wooden furniture.
  • Avoid using mobile phones / Digital cameras near high voltage electrical lines like in railway stations and avoid using flash.
True or not this was a safety issue that we should be concern. It could be a coincident as someone above had suggested but it always better to err on the side safety. Just like using cell phone while pumping gasoline to your car,it was shown that this was a very bad idea and could lead to serious accident.

Picture! Picture!

It's 3am but me and my cousin are still wide awake and giggling while ransacking my dresses. I was actually checking out which dresses I don't wear anymore so I can give it to her. My cousin is so fascinated with my dresses that she ask to atleast try it on and have photos taken. So we did a photo shoot with my dresses. I was so willing also since it'll be a great exercise for me to get to know my not-so-high-end digital camera and admire my dresses of which if they could talk they would probably say "hey you! do you still wanna wear me?!" hahaha...

Okay... I only uploaded some pictures which I like. Forgive me with the effects... hehehe still trying to learn photo editing.

Just bought this dress at the tiangge...

I bought this at Chili Girl Boutique. If you noticed I often buy clothes in this boutique since most of their items are not so expensive. I've worn this only once during the 2011 welcoming. I gave this dress to her since it looks good to her than to me.

I ordered this one online, I just forgot which online store it though.

I ordered this at Let's Shop Online theres 2 of them actually, the other is blue was even use in a friends pictorials...