Kikay Monday: Korean Food + Ice Cream

Mondate with friends... Since each of us are busy during weekends my friends and I decided to see each other every Monday to go out, window shopping, eat, drink coffee and whatever "kakikayan" that we can think of. Its our way of catching up and de-stress.

Wonder Pore Freshner from Etude House

Etude House Philippines is offering 20% Discount on all items in all branches from September 17-19, 2013.

Kasalang Filipino 2013

I happened drop by at Centrio Mall to meet a friend and just when I'm about to go home I thought of taking pictures at the on going event at the Centrio Event Center. Its actually the last day of a 3-day event of Kasalang Filipino 2013. I have consistently attended Kasalan sa Kagay-an the past years and this year they now change its event name to Kasalang Filipino. I remember the first Kasalan sa Kagay-an I have attended I blogged about my Dream Wedding right after when I got home. Yes ganun ang effect!  Hopefully next year though when I will attend the next Kasalang Filipino I will be booking vendors for my own wedding already. Tehee... ^_^

Anyways, I took some photos on what's inside so I'll walk you through...

I started on the right side and this is what you see beautiful gowns from the Wedding Zone Events Coordinator

The Flag as a Fashion Statement

flag fashion

Gone are the days when one just waved a flag. Now flags are worn. The fashion flags can be found anywhere in the streets as shift dresses and smocks, pants and shorts, hats and shoes, even dangly earrings and bracelets. There's apparently no garment — nor nail polish — that can't be fashioned into something akin to a national banner.

Do you like wearing flag styled clothing? Here are some cute styles I found.

#Wishlist: Double Wear Boots

Anyone seen the latest Facebook update? Facebook now have a photo collaboration wherein you can add your friends as contributors to your album... Kinda like Pinterest. ^_^

September is here! The start of 'ber' months reminds most us of Christmas is coming soon. Oh I love Christmas! Since Christmas is all about giving, I'm adding two gorgeous boots to my wishlist. Hopefully Santa didn't added me to the naughty list... Tehee!