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Happy Mother's day!

Happy Mother's day to all fella mommies out there! 🌹

Today I woke up to a breakfast in bed prepared by my son!  He cooked me a pancake that he made on his own from the recipe that he research online. 😍
Now I know why I am banned from entering his room a few days ago because he was working on these artworks that he gifted me.
So he explained each of his gifts...
 Mothers day greeting card with the tree of love and sunrise.
 Flower pot room decor coz he couldn't give real flowers. So he made much effort to make it look realistic. (He said because of this artwork, his now excited to do painting and arts again. )
 Green message card because I love nature.
 And money, because he can't go out to buy me flowers so gave me the money instead. And that money, he earned from mopping the floors and cleaning the house this summer. 
He also added, "Someday mom, ill give you money to help pay the bills. But for now, I'll give you this lang muna.

Such a talented, sweet and thoughtful kiddo!  I'm one proud mama! 



I didn't miss the chance to also make the women in my life feel special this Mother's day... 

I initially plan to have everything ordered and then have them delivered via Streetby On-Demand Services... However, I just realized it has been almost 2 months I haven't seen these 3 mommies, that has been my core support, because of the pandemic. So I booked a taxi and decided to surprise them with a gift and have a glimpse of them. 

I tag along with Justine because he begged to see his grandma, whom he missed so much.


Didn't get the chance to take a picture of Risa because her sister pick-up the gift instead but I was able to see a glimpse of her and she waved at us through the window. It's literally a glimpse because her house is on the 5th floor. 

I almost thought that we will skip bestie Dee's surprise because no visitors were allowed in their subdivision and it took her long to answer my call. (The epic thrill of surprises. 😅) Good thing Justine was with me because he has a contact number of Wawa (Dee's niece). Whew! 😅


Thankfully my surprise was all worth it and success! Sadly, we can only give invisible hugs and kisses.😔

DIY Brazilian Blowout with my Bestie

I went to my best friend's house earlier today for a kikay hair bonding. This time we are doing a  do-it-yourself Brazilian treatment on our hair. She ordered this EpSA Brazilian Blow Out Keratin treatment set from Shoppee. See below for the direction on how to apply this treatment:

The Instruction:

  1. Shampoo hair using bottle #1 EpSA Clarifying Shampoo to open the cuticle of the hair for optimal results. 
  2. Wash hair twice for all hair types. 
  3. Towel dry hair leaving enough moisture. 
  4. Section hair into four parts. (IMPORTANT REMINDERS: Don't forget to wear hand gloves.
  5. Apply bootle #2 EpSA Keratin Blow Out into the hair using a brush, 1/8 inch away from the scalp to the ends. 
  6. Do not over-saturate, remove excess product using a fine-tooth comb. 
  7. Do not rinse, blow dry the hair up to 100% dry using a round brush. 
  8. After blow-drying the product on the hair. Proceed with ironing. 
  9. Using a flat iron with 230°c, start at the nape of the neck taking 1-2 inch sections (Paper-thin sections). 
  10. Slowly move the iron from root to end. Pass over each section 3-4 times for sensitized hair or 4-8 times for resistant hair. 
  11. After ironing the hair, rinse hair with water and apply bottle #3 EpSA Conditioning Cream, then rinse thoroughly. 
  12. Towel dry hair. Then finally, blow-dry the hair up to 100% dry before ironing again (optional).

The Result:

The product actually works. We like our hair after the treatment. We would definitely love to try this treatment again. 
I didn't get to take a before photo and also the process because we were in a hurry and busy talking. 😅 And the after photos are not really that great because it was already very late when we finish.  So the following are the after photos we got. 😆

Catching Up With Friends at Cafe Viñedo


"Sometimes… Just spending some quality time with good friends is the only therapy you need."
Last Friday, I met with my gurls. It's been awhile since we've seen each other.
Usually it's Dee and I who often see each other in a regular basis but we've been so busy we haven't meet up. And so, were glad that Jara was able to come with us this time.
We first meet-up at the usual cafe that Dee use to hangout. And then move to a nearby quaint cafe that Jara recommended. The cafe is so nice and serves healthy food and drinks. See more of the place in my in CDO blog
Jara ordered dragon fruit with guyabano smoothie, I ordered the avocado with spinach smoothie, and Dee ordered for peppermint tea coz she's on a keto diet. We also tried their spinach meaty lasagna, which was indeed meaty, tasty, and affordable.  
We dine outside to enjoy the fresh air from the plants surrounding us. It was a perfect moment for catching up and sharing our frustrations in life, but often the mosquitoes ruins the drama.
It was a great time. We all go home with a happy face and a light heart, with some of our worries and stress were unloaded. Were hoping to do this more often coz it really helps a lot in facing mundane and stressful things in our lives.
And what makes it even more exciting is that we get to discover new place in the city. 


A Place Called Mine

Hello Monday!

What was your dream house when you we're a kid?

 Mine was a 2-story house because I was dreaming of having a big family. So everyone can have their own rooms. And then it should have a beautiful kitchen, swimming pool and a garden. 

However, this change when I grow up... 

I now wanted a simple 1-story house. I still want it to have a garden in it though... One of the reason that change my mind perhaps is that I'm now afraid of big houses. Blame it to the horror movies... hahaha
Kidding aside, I actually don't remember when and how it changed...  All I remember is that I did dream once to have my own condo, experience being free to do what I want in  my own private space and have a job that ables me to travel everywhere. But this didn't happen because Ive taken a different path... which is working at home. The good thing is I can still travel whenever I want, I just need to save for the expenses. 
 Moving on.... 
I am sharing to you a wonderful experience me and my friends had at Primavera Residences. It's a serviced-condo here in our city. You can either have the option to buy a unit or rent a unit if you don't plan to stay long here in Cagayan de Oro.
What I actually like about Primavera is that the facilities are great. The property is eco-friendly... Has an indoor garden, gym and swimming pool in the building. 
Me and my friends really enjoyed our weekend. Foodtrip, swimming, movie nights and girl talks... In the morning, we got the chance to do a walking exercise because there is a wide area at the back of the SM City Mall. Oh I forgot to mention this, the condo is near a mall. How good is that? Just a walking distance to shopping and grocery. 
So perfect! I can imagine, me living in this community will have a healthy lifestyle. I can have the options to have a walking exercise, use the gym or swim at the pool. 
No wonder we don't wanna go home yet after the weekend stay is over. It was such a nice place to be.
If your visiting Cagayan de Oro and looking for a place to stay, try out Primavera Residences serviced condos. For more information visit blog for the rates and facilities of Primavera Residences.

#Saturdate at Missy Bon Bon

Hello Monday! Another work week is here... but for now its a holiday!
If you have been following me on instagram or reading my blog, you already know that every Wednesday and Saturday my friends and I hangout. This is our way to catch up, relax and escape the virtual career for a moment. 
Working at home, alone can be stressful. Its good to talk and laugh with friends once in awhile... thats twice in a week for us. ^_^
Since me and my friends not only love shopping but foodtrip as well, hence what you often read here in my blog. In the photos we dine out at Missy Bon Bon Bakeshop for a Saturdate. 
I really love Missy Bon Bon! Good food, nice ambiance and outdoor dining. This is even a great place to work because they have a free Wifi! My fave is their all-day breakfast, mango float and gelato ice creams. My friend love their pastas. The pancakes too sweet though.
After an afternoon chat we headed to Lifestyle District. I didnt have much photos of it because its already dark and were having much fun that we only got less photos. I shall share about this place soon though because we also love to hangout here. 
Today's the last day of August...
Are you excited for the Ber months?