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#Wishlist: That Blue Maxi Dress

Rosegal Blue Maxi Dress

Hey everyone! Today I will be sharing my blue maxi dress wishlist... I was browsing online for a plus size activewear for my friend, who by the way is into yoga. When she started doing Pilates she's been obsessed shopping for plus size activewear that she can wear and keep her motivated to workout. So I help her out in finding some great workout outfits that will give her extra push to move and workout daily. :D

So found some great plus size activewear for my friend in And that’s where I also spotted some maxi dresses while browsing through... I’ve been obsessed with maxi dresses that it became my go to clothes lately. Since I don’t have the budget for a new extra modish and chic maxi dress, I’m saving this here in my blog as a wishlist post. I am hoping I could buy these babies soon before it sold out.
I still need to save for this because lately most of my money went to my skincare routine, been so addicted to Korean skincare products. Watch out for it in my upcoming post! ^_^

Which of the maxi dress you like the most? 

By the way, if your interested to shop this maxi dress or any new clothes do checkout ongoing summer sale, all from 33% off. Use code RGEN for another 10% off!

Surprise code: RGEN

Chic and Cheap Outerwears from EricDress

Finally its weekend!
What's your plan for the weekend? As for me I'll be busy pampering the kiddo coz its his birthday. Will be granting his wish and go Pokemon hunting at the mall as he requested. :D
Anyways, today on the blog I’ll be sharing chic outerwears that I would like to add in my closet since fall season is around the corner.
I’ve mentioned this in my previous post that I have low tolerance with cold air and so I always make sure to bring cardigans or long sleeve outerwear in my bag whenever I go out. It’s very useful when I am in high air-conditioned places or when I go home late in the evening where air is colder.
This outerwears I am sharing to you are all from I notice they have chic collections that are rarely found from other online shop at a cheap price. And the reviews on their products are mostly good quality.
You will notice that most of this are not really thick and most cloth materials are either polyester or cotton, just so it will be handy to carry anytime.

Lace Sun Protective Outerwear $18.04 – The cloth material is polyester. And I love the lace details at the back.

Solid Color Thin Sun Protective Clothing $14.24 – The cloth material is cotton. I have always wanted one of this perfect for bohemian outfits.

Elegant Sun Protective Cardigan $21.84 - The cloth material is cotton blend. I like it’s waterfall style and the colors as well.

Don’t forget to visit for cute hoodies for girls (click here), cool pullover hoodies (click here), and cheap plus size winter coats which is very useful for the coming season…

Wish Granted

Hi everyone! 
Gong xi fa cai to those who are celebrating Chinese new year!
Isn't it so exciting to receive items on your wishlist? 
If you remember last December I posted a Christmas wishlist. Who would have thought Santa been reading my post as well that some of them was granted... ^_^
And this are...
Gladiator sandals - Thanks to for a great quality shoes. It was actually delayed on the delivery but it arrived in time for the new year. Talking about perfect timing!

Floral watch - The bestie knows where to look for items I want. She took reference from my wishlist blog posts. She ordered this watch via for she cannot shop in the malls because she just gave birth to my new inaanak. 

Choker necklace - Last Christmas, the kiddo asked if we could buy a gift for me. He noticed that on our Christmas tree Ive bought and wrapped lots of gifts for everyone but no gift named for me. So he wanted me to have a gift to open as well even if I already knew what's inside.
What touches my heart the most is that, the thought that he wanted to buy me a gift, so I will have something to open for our New year gift opening tradition. He told me someday when he grow up he will surprise me with a gift. 
Forgive me for spazzing..... but my sons the sweetest ever!!
He wants to buy me a pair necklace that both of us can wear. We happily found this lock and key necklace along with this rare-to-find choker necklace at Vanity Box. 

Did you also have a granted wish on your wishlist? 
What are those items? Im excited to read them in the comments below.
Thanks for dropping by...

Wishlist: Stylish Cardigans

Hi Everyone!
Today Im sharing my cardigan craze. 
Though its super hot during the day here in our city I always make sure I bring cardigans in my bag. This is the reason I always have a bulky bag! >.<
I am not so good at dealing with cold air. So even if its not raining but Im inside an air conditioned place/venue I immediately wear my cardigans to protect me. I also wear cardigans when Im still out during the night. Too much exposure to cold air will eventually gave me headache or worst not feeling well. 
Could it be signs of aging? hahaha I dont know. All I know is that I find comfort wearing cardigans when it gets to much cold or windy. 
I am actually shopping online for some new cardigans to add in my closet.  And I found some stylish and great finds at Since I cant buy them all at once, Im sharing my top picks or should I say wishlist here in my blog.  

Do you like wearing cardigans? 
Any picks from the cardigans Ive shared above?

Pattern Fringe Shawl Scarf sku171342

My Banggood Christmas Wish List

Hello Wednesday!
I bet everyone now is busy with attending parties and last minute shopping...
As for me, still here sat at my desk... with so many things needed to be done yet. Glad I am already done wrapping gifts to friends and love ones. I just need to worry on few more grocery for the some lacking ingredients for the food i'll prepare for the noche buena.
Is it late to make a Christmas wish list?
I just figured I haven't created any wish list for Christmas...
Just incase someone still figuring out what gift to give me. :D Here's some fashion finds I would love to own that I found at
Banggood actually has lots of items from clothing and apparel, jewelry and watch, bags & shoes, health & beauty, toys & hobbies, phone accessories and many more. Took me awhile to picked something that I would like to be a fab addition in my closet but I magically manage to picked the best.

Lace Necklace - $ 0.95Floral Watch - $12.19/ PU Patchwork Bodycon - $14.99/ Tassel Bucket Bags - $15.99/ Heel Pumps - $29.99/ One-Piece Swimsuit - $18.69/ Leather Jacket - $24.59Maxi Skirt - $15.17/ Gladiator Sandal - $22.21

Happy holidays to my readers! 
Thank you very much for your comments. I know I havent been so active and responsive lately but Ive been reading your comments. Hopefully I can adjust with my new jobs and find time to really connect with everyone.

A Place Called Mine

Hello Monday!

What was your dream house when you we're a kid?

 Mine was a 2-story house because I was dreaming of having a big family. So everyone can have their own rooms. And then it should have a beautiful kitchen, swimming pool and a garden. 

However, this change when I grow up... 

I now wanted a simple 1-story house. I still want it to have a garden in it though... One of the reason that change my mind perhaps is that I'm now afraid of big houses. Blame it to the horror movies... hahaha
Kidding aside, I actually don't remember when and how it changed...  All I remember is that I did dream once to have my own condo, experience being free to do what I want in  my own private space and have a job that ables me to travel everywhere. But this didn't happen because Ive taken a different path... which is working at home. The good thing is I can still travel whenever I want, I just need to save for the expenses. 
 Moving on.... 
I am sharing to you a wonderful experience me and my friends had at Primavera Residences. It's a serviced-condo here in our city. You can either have the option to buy a unit or rent a unit if you don't plan to stay long here in Cagayan de Oro.
What I actually like about Primavera is that the facilities are great. The property is eco-friendly... Has an indoor garden, gym and swimming pool in the building. 
Me and my friends really enjoyed our weekend. Foodtrip, swimming, movie nights and girl talks... In the morning, we got the chance to do a walking exercise because there is a wide area at the back of the SM City Mall. Oh I forgot to mention this, the condo is near a mall. How good is that? Just a walking distance to shopping and grocery. 
So perfect! I can imagine, me living in this community will have a healthy lifestyle. I can have the options to have a walking exercise, use the gym or swim at the pool. 
No wonder we don't wanna go home yet after the weekend stay is over. It was such a nice place to be.
If your visiting Cagayan de Oro and looking for a place to stay, try out Primavera Residences serviced condos. For more information visit blog for the rates and facilities of Primavera Residences.

August Wishlist

Hello Monday!
Fresh start of the week... I had a productive start so far. Im so glad I was able to woke up early nad had chance for a short walking exercise while accomplishing some errands. 
Actually, today is my first day at my new virtual job. One of the reason I woke up early besides kiddo's first day of examination. 
I just dont know why I am so excited and energize for this new job. I am hoping though that I'll go full time the soonest. ^_^ 
The first day went great. I enjoyed the task at hand. My lady bosses are full of energy and all smiles always. 
On the other hand, Dresslink offered me to browse on their website. I found lots of affordable fashion faves and so I created my own wishlist, hence, what you see in the photo above. I am looking forward to own and wear the following wishlist items. I have been wanting them quite some time now and Im so glad to found it at Dresslink at a very affordable price. I shall purchase this soon!
How was the start of the week for you?
Have you tried purchasing at too? Would love to hear some feedback.

Edgy Chic Fashion Wishlist

Aside from Bohemian style another style that I hold very near and dear to my heart is the edgy chic or the rocker-chic style. I just love how effortless, sexy, baddass and creative I can be with this style. To create this style I mix the basics with key pieces. The goal is turn boring into something unexpected, cool and a bit mysterious.

Here's how I make my style more edgy...

  • I am a big fan of the half-tuck. I usually do this with my tee shirt, blouse or a button-down. 
  • Boots. What I love most of this type of shoe is that you can wear it with dresses, skirts, leggings, jeans and even shorts! 
  • Little Dress. Wether its a skater cuts, floral patterns, or dresses made from lace or velvet, it will look edgy with a combat boots. ;)
  • I add life to a dress or skirt by wearing it with black tights, studded boots, and a denim jacket/vest. 

Here's some edgy pieces on my wishlist that Im hoping to own soon... 

PU Jacket
Loose Half Sleeve T-shirt
Tassel Short Sleeves
Black Lace-up Ankle Boots
Cut-out One-piece Swimwear
Bohemian Retro Rings Bracelets
Incase your interested on this pieces, all of this are from You can also check their little dresses here, maxi dress here and sweaters here.

Nine West Shoes Wishlist

Was browsing online for some fashion inspirations and landed into a page of shoes from Nine West. Since Christmas is fast approaching thought of writing my wishlist for Nine West shoes. Who knows I’ll receive one of this shoes from Santa…

Aside from boots, I love strappy flats that’s why I own a few of this babies. I am attracted to strappy heels but I don’t own any of this yet so im really digging to atleast own one or two sooner. Hopefully any of this Nine West babies.

Bet this two are perfect for events and parties.

Leather Heels with Ankle Cuff
Laced Heels
And this two pairs of flats are for stylish casual wear. I just love slip-on flats and zip fastening at back heel because it’s so comfortable and easy to wear. The reason most of my flats are in this style.
Thin Strapped Sandals
Studded Sandals
So why Nine West? Because I love their designs. Most of their shoes are on trend and stylish perfect fit for any casual and formal wear. I’ve also read a lot of good reviews on the quality and how affordable they are, close to a designer pair of shoes. To add further more interest… Are you a Gossip Girl fan? I have also known that Gossip Girl uses a lot of Nine West accessories, be it shoes or bags.

Okay, so Im already advertising Nine West to much… I just hope my ‘style fairy goddess’ will guide Nine West to read this post of mine and grant one or all of my shoe wishlist. By the way, Im not paid to promote their brand… Im just wishing hard to be their brand ambassadress that is.

In case you’re interested on the shoes I have shared, I found a discount coupons at iPrice Shop that you can use in purchasing on online shopping site like Zalora.

2014 Blog Wishlist

EmoteraGoddess 2014

What I want to achieve for my blog this 2014...

1. Blog more. Last year, I have so many things to blog for but was lazy to even just update pictures of it.

2. Find a "photographer". Since I started fashion blogging I realized it was not easy when your in this journey alone. You need to have supporters and paparazzi. :D Other fashion bloggers got their boyfriend, sibling and assistant who took their outfits shots. Sadly, I got none of the mentioned person. Hopefully I can have someone who will take my outfit shots this year. If you have the same dilemma I'm open for collaboration just message me!;)

3. Own a tripod. An alternative for number 2 is the tripod. Some fashion bloggers took their outfit shots with their tripod so why not try it right?

4. Video blogging. I have lots of videos stored in my external hard drive. It's probably not to late to edit and share them. And yes hopefully capture more and share it here in my blog. :)

5. Master photography. Last year, I manage to get some items in my wishlist one of which is a DSLR camera. This year I should make use of it and enhance my photography skills.

6. Plan! I'm not a planner type of person. I tried buying a planner before but it all ended in my drawer... Dusted and bored to death with no plans written on it. This year will yet again try to be a planner bit by bit until I'll get use to it. I didn't buy a planner notebook for myself but a blogger friend gave one as a gift. Now I have another reason to really use it. ^_^

7. Travel places. So I can use my planner! haha I should seriously try this to gave my life a different scenario. Will start with nearby places maybe in Cagayan de Oro and hopefully if budget permits go national and then international. (*crossing fingers*)

8.Share more. Until now Im still searching for reasons and trying to bring back my enthusiasm to blogging. I really can't figure out why it took me so long to find that enthusiasm in sharing things in my blog. Hopefully, this year I can share more in my blog with the help ofcourse of my "photographer", tripod, planner and travel experiences.

9. Companion. All this things I listed would be much more fun and possible if I have a companion who'll support my crazy adventures. It doesn't have to be a boyfriend (though I'm praying for one.. :P) but whoever who is willing to share their time with me.

10. Go out! I shouldn't just work in my home office, or dining room table. I should take my laptop to the mall, or coffee shop once a week or so.

Book: Your Mind At Its Best

Everytime I pass by at National Bookstore - Centrio I always go inside and visit my favorite spot... the Religion/Inspiration bookshelf. I am actually looking for a book called The Secret Daily Teachings but they only have The Secret on display always. I haven't checked other branches though if its available there because I often visit Centrio Mall and National Bookstore is in an area where I often pass by whether I'll go grab some meal or going to grocery. Most of the times when I visit other malls I always forget to check the National Bookstore.

Anyways, today I checked on the books on display and I saw Rhonda Byrnes newest book Hero (The Secret) is now available. I am tempted to buy it but I really wanted to own first The Secret Daily Teachings. So instead I checked on other books. There where a lot of new books on the shelf and I was attracted to this book... Your Mind At Its Best: 40 Ways To Keep Your Brain Sharp by David Biebel, James Dill and Bobbie Dill. I got curios and so I run through the pages on one of the unwrap books. I find it useful and interesting to read and so I end up buying it instead.

Your Mind At Its Best Book

Your Mind At Its Best Book

Aupie High Street Fashion

Hi everyone! Hope you're safe and dry wherever you are now. That super typhoon Yolanda (internationally known as Haiyan) was scary good thing though here in our city everyone is on alert and have taken precautions. Those who live in danger zones have evacuated so we manage to have a 0 casualty. Thank God! However, still praying for safety for those places who are badly hit and currently still under typhoon signal #4.

Anyways, Im here and back to my online shopping confessions. I think I'm already making this a habit post... So I met yet another online shopping website which offer high-street fashion clothing, accessories, jewelry, bag and shoes. <3 The site is called Aupie. Cute name! was established in the 2008's Christmas night. Just within half a year, Aupie has changed from a simple vintage specialty shop into a pint-sized platform of high-street fashion.
Under the accelerating development of information today, FASHION, known widely by those SWEETS, no longer only belongs to the editors or stars. In latest five years, more and more accesses are made towards the street talents, for instance, LOOKBOOK.NU and chictopia and so on.Runaway is no longer the only origin of fashion inspiration. In the next 5-10 years, or even half a century, the streets will become the exclusive type of an important trend. Wherever you are in a small village in Switzerland or in the fashion capital New York, whether you are a student with a love of fashion or a fashion blogger, in the absolute world, the street is runway, where you can prove to the whole world that "I am a fashion girl" with your styling inspiration and cameras. So of course, there must be Aupie collections in your extraordinary wardrobe.

Here are some interesting service they offer.

Aupie High Street Fashion

So after checking out the site I immediately sign-up for an account and yes save some items on the wishlist. I love it when online shopping websites have this options. Hopefully everything I added in my wishlist will be mine soon. So if your are curious here are my most favorites...

#Wishlist: Double Wear Boots

Anyone seen the latest Facebook update? Facebook now have a photo collaboration wherein you can add your friends as contributors to your album... Kinda like Pinterest. ^_^

September is here! The start of 'ber' months reminds most us of Christmas is coming soon. Oh I love Christmas! Since Christmas is all about giving, I'm adding two gorgeous boots to my wishlist. Hopefully Santa didn't added me to the naughty list... Tehee!

Bohemian Dresses

Hello Goddesses!  Lately, I'm inlove with Bohemian fashion style. I was browsing for some outfit ideas and the lucky me bump into an online shop that offer affordable clothing, I signed up in an instant after picking several items that I like. When They have a wishlist option that I have added lots of dresses and shoes. I do hope my budget will permit me to buy all of it soon. (Im such a shopengera!)$_$

Will try to post my own Bohemian look but for now let me share to you the Bohemian dresses that I like.

Bohemian Layering Flouncing Totem Beige Chiffon Mini Dress
Bohemian Fashion

Monday Wishlist: Bagable

I discovered this website who sells different types of bags, the name is Bagable. As I browse into the site I've had a several bags that I want to own and so I created this wishlist post. :)

Here are my top picks:

Fossil Key-per Flap Satchel Bag (ROSE) - I dont have a bag like this yet so im excited to own one. :)
Keyper flap Satchel bag

On Piercing and Tattoo


Piercing and tattoo are 2 things still pending on my wishlist. Since highschool I have always wanted to have my nose and toungue pierce and tattoo on my ankle and shoulder. However, I grow up with a conservative family so my uncle would kill me if I did piercing and get a tattoo on any parts my body that time. I remember at college when I my cousin got busted on her belly piercing her dad was really furious.

Anyways, im looking to atleast get any of this 2 probably the piercing. Now the question is would it be on the nose, belly or toungue? ;)

Ultimate Christmas Wishlist

I know its way too late for me to post a Christmas wishlist but I cant get over this gadget I have been wanting to have, as they say better late than never. Actually, I almost have this gadget last week but to my dismay it didn't happen. ;( I was really disappointed.
So what is it that Im dying to have?! Its...
Oooooooooohhh.. Santa please make my wish come true! Just grant my Panasonic Lumix GF1 and I'll promise to be good... ;)