GAPACU-ED Family Get-together

I am honestly excited for this... The other day I shared the link of my GAPACU-ED Family blog on Facebook and tag some friends with a simple message attach "I miss you guys!". After a while Janice commented and suggested a get-together since she miss all of us also. The next day everyone is commenting they want a get-together and told me to organize the event. Oh no! I want a get-together too but right now Im so busy with work so I suggested if we all plan the event. So I created a form from Google Docs for them to suggest the when, where and what of the event and shared it in there Facebook inbox. However, I know not all are going to check Facebook more often and others don't even have an account so if your one of us go and sign the form: GAPACU-ED Family Get-together to help us plan! See you soon all!
I also created a new form: Get-together Planning!