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GAPACU-ED D' Reunion Planning

Last Saturday…

I had a good time catching up with Marriane and Carmen at the Village Den. I expected to see a lot of all old faces from way back high school but sad to say only 2 arrived. But that’s okay as long as they won’t miss the Reunion Day. Yan ang importante!
Anyways, we manage to finish the agenda that night the planning of our get-together. We were planning while having chikka about how we are doing now in between. It’s been 8 years past and we are excited to reconnect with former classmates who have been part in the 4 years of studying at Cagayan de Oro National High School. I really wonder how they are all doing since our class is composed of different characteristics, complex and talented people.

The reunion planning…

Together with Marriane and Carmen we plan the details of our reunion and discussed every detail and possible questions that other may ask or want to include. And here was what we have decided:
  • Where: Midway Beach Resort, Lasang, Divine Mercy
  • When: Weekend.September 18-19, 2010
  • Assembly time: 6:30 AM, Mcdonalds DV Soria
  • Departure: 7:00 AM
  • Tentative Reg. Fee: Php 500

  1. During my online survey most of them likes beach so we decided Midway Beach Resort is the perfect place since meron din silang pool, group cottages for overnight stay, zipline and more activities to enjoy. A perfect place for bonding talaga!

  2. The tentative registration fee is Php 500 pero this will change if marami ang mag confirm and meron ding magsponsor sa major expenses. I know this may seem to be big but this is also the main reason as to why sa September na ang reunion. Para na din to give others the chance to save. Pero sa hindi talaga maka-afford the whole bill just conact me ill arrange whatever you can give basta ang importante is ang presence nimo. Just help me convince others to sponsor nalang dayon. Hehehe … And please sa mga ka-afforrd share your blessings and sponsor. ;)

  3. The When. Well, we weigh things over talaga. During the survey most people are available during weekends lang, so majority wins. Then others from far towns are going to file leave of absence just to attend this event so might as well give them much time to spend with us.

  4. Assemble time is early because we need to travel from CDO to Initao. So we could spend much time na talaga.

  5. To others who will not file leave of absence you can attend on Sunday activities instead.

  6. The itinerary. Might be meron pa changes kasi Marriane and I will check the place pa. But here are the fix activities:

      • Saturday:

      1. CDO Departure

      2. Midway Beach Resort Arrival

      3. Lunch

      4. Catching up

      • Sunday:

      1. Lasang for zipline adventure. (Or if you want naa sad Lasang Park you decide which is which.)

      2. Devine Mercy. Might as well hapit ta diri since malabyan mani in going back CDO.

  7. Couple issue. Ahmm.. we decided that this event will be exclusively for us GAPACUED Family because as what Marriane said “Mas nice magcatch up na dili matunga ang attention because of the babies and GF/BF”. But don’t worry guys! We will meet your GF/BF, Husband/Wife and babies on December sa Christmas Party. (Basta paningkamotan nato na madayon. Think positive!) But this September na event take it as your vacation or give yourself a break and have fun like we used too in highschool. As in reminisce ever jud!;)

So thats it! Kung naa mo comments suggestions, reaction, questions and whatsoever feel free to comment below. This is Venussmileygal reporting. hehehehe ;)

GAPACU-ED Family Get-together

I am honestly excited for this... The other day I shared the link of my GAPACU-ED Family blog on Facebook and tag some friends with a simple message attach "I miss you guys!". After a while Janice commented and suggested a get-together since she miss all of us also. The next day everyone is commenting they want a get-together and told me to organize the event. Oh no! I want a get-together too but right now Im so busy with work so I suggested if we all plan the event. So I created a form from Google Docs for them to suggest the when, where and what of the event and shared it in there Facebook inbox. However, I know not all are going to check Facebook more often and others don't even have an account so if your one of us go and sign the form: GAPACU-ED Family Get-together to help us plan! See you soon all!
I also created a new form: Get-together Planning!


GAPACU-ED. The name was composed of the sections we had in high school from freshmen to seniors at Cagayan de Oro National High School.(Galileo, Pasteur, Curie, Edison)
Dubbed as the noisiest class in the whole batch, this class composes of still unique individuals. It was always been misconception that the class is made up of a happy-go-lucky, out of reach, messy and weird individuals. The truth is that the class is composes of various exceptional, extraordinary and inimitable persons who unconditionally willing to all times to share whatever they have, who are eager to give their time and advices to those in need and who utterly open to each other. Although this class is composed of different characteristics (emotional people, funny, hardworking, war-freak) you can still say that this class is united in its own right with fond memories to tag along. Memories like the crying teachers (badlungon/stubborn), the Noli/Fili and the Activities in school (minsan palpak!) the rehearsals of the musical play (squat ky late!), the beach hang-outs (after exams!), the snack sessions after class (Gaisano Cogon Food Area)and the bonding that forever will bring us close. GAPACU-ED 1999-2002 is indeed a class that could make you 'Sholalang' and feel so young. We are the batch that as they say you need to "Check this out!

Forever you will remain in the biggest part of my heart... I miss you guys!