What I Wore | Monster High Venus Flytrap Inspired

Happy Halloween everyone!
Before bidding goodbye to October and saying hello to November. Will be sharing an outfit inspired from the Monster High character. 
This isn't actually a latest outfit, its one of those forgotten one... However, I am so glad to find the perfect time to share this to you. Wore this outfit at my niece Monster High theme birthday party.
I am loyal to my real name so I choose to dress up like Venus Flytrap. I have so many plans on my look but ended not wearing any accessories and didn't even complete my make-up because I was so busy with the party details. I worked on the decorations of the party and also help the birthday girl's friends on their costume. I also did all the kids make-up.
I am glad I was able to have few solo photos though... I never thought I could. 
That explains the a bit messy make-up look and outfit in this photos because this was taken after the chaos... errr party! :D
Watch out soon on the blog, will also share the kids Monster High outfits.
What do you think of my Venus Flytrap outfit?

What I Wore | Pink Long Top/Dress

Hey everyone! Hope you're having a fun and well-spent weekend.
This long top or rather dress I'm wearing is not mine actually... A friend who is equally fashionista and more shopaholic than me purchased this online at Shopthiseasy.com.
At first glance, I know why she purchased this... It's because she loves pink. However, she told me she purchased this because she finds it very attractive on the model. ^_^ hahaha

Do you buy clothes because it looks very pretty and attractive on the model/mannequin? 

Well, I use to do this before, but not now anymore. Nowadays, when I buy I have to think of the comfort, flexibility, and functionality of the clothes.
Back to the dress details... 
Its cloth is suede fabric. The style is perfect for my friend because she is pregnant. The golden mask feather Corsage can be optionally removed if you don't like it.
Lastly, it was on sale so it's really a good buy.

The model that made my friend purchase this dress. Photo grab from the online shop.

Long top/Dress: Shopthiseasy.com

#Foodtrip: Roti Mum Singapore's Best Coffee Bun

Happy midweek!
Long day starts tomorrow, as I have too many things line up for me.
Will be going on field trip with the kiddo tomorrow, buy some baking stuff after and then work.
Then the next day will attend an event, after that work and then hopefully squeeze some test baking for the cupcakes I will need to prepare for the next day...
Will be making some minion cupcakes from scratch for the first time as requested by a friend for her nephew's birthday on Saturday. So that's kinda making me nervous, although Ive been baking cupcakes already. Its because of this nitty gritty details of the minion design that I will need to achieve.
Since its been a busy week, I am hoping to end it with a long overdue foodtrip that Ive been craving. It really frustrates me that Roti Mum's not in Centrio mall, of which is my go to place. This mall kinda like my extended neighbor already because I regularly visit here for leisure, errands, work and whatever purposes.
One of my favorite place to hangout and have coffee is Rotti Mum. Funny how I just ignore this kiosk in the malls before. However, when a friend invited me to rest at Rotti Mum after a tireful stroll at the mall, thats how discover my newest fave. My friend recommended to order the coffee bun with coffee combo. And she was right because after that it has always been my fave. I am not sure if it was me being a coffee lover, but all I know is I do love the taste of their bread!
Do you like Roti Mum's coffee bun?

Roti Mum SM City
Ground Floor Level of SM City Cagayan de Oro
Roti Mum Limketkai Mall
2nd Floor Level of Limketkai Mall, Cagayan de Oro City

What I Wore | Knitted Top and High Waist Denim Skirt

Hey everyone! How was your weekend?
As for me, it was a weekend well spent. 
I just started watching Hart of Dixie and really getting hooked on it. So this TV show just ended its last season this March 2015 and I just learned that there will be no season 5. And that rumors has it that in season 4 the episodes not getting interesting. Im still far away though, Im still in season 1. And since I am still very interested in it, will see. 
I just love Rachel Bilson in this TV show. She's drop-dead gorgeous. I also love her outfits, so chic!
Anyone of you watched Hart of Dixie too? 
Now, about my outfit... Talking about denim being never out of style. This high waist skirt has been mine from college days. And that's more than 10 years ago... And it still fits me?! Wow!  I remember buying this with my girl friend... Risa. We both have the same skirt, you know that matchy-matchy fashion we do with our besties. ;D
On my top, I also shop this with my other besties... Dee has her fave pink knitted top while I have it my fave color, blue. ^_^
Do you also shop matching clothes with your friends?

GT Cosmetics Papaya Lotion

How was midweek so far?
Today I will be sharing a product review.
Last week, PR Works inform me that they will send me GT Cosmetics papaya lotion for review. Honestly, I am not familiar with GT Cosmetics and so I made a research online and read a lot of great reviews regarding their carrot soap and lotion. I have also learned that this is proudly Philippine made beauty product.

GT Cosmetics Manufacturing had its humble beginning in Liloan, Cebu, in 1994 after Engr. Salvane decided to put her dormant craftsmanship — as a chemical engineer — to good use. Salvane started the marketing of her brandless product by just giving out samples to neighbors and friends, who then became her first customers and later dealers of her line of soaps. The soaps remained brandless for a couple of years until Salvane decided to go full blast with the business and put a label to her product in 1996. Thus, GT was officially born, and the rest was history.

The package arrived last Saturday. It was place in a cute gift box with not just the papaya lotion but papaya soap, carrot soap and bleaching soap.
On the lotions packaging...
The GT papaya lotion is a 3-in-1 lotion that instantly whitens, moisturize, and protects skin from the sun’s harmful rays through its. It has collagen that helps reduce signs of aging.
Now on to the review... 
I like the easy squeeze bottle, its very convenient. I think this lotion is only available in 75ml as I check on their website. I also like that expiry date of the lotion is visible in the top-front of the packaging. 
The lotion comes with light fragrant scent.
As for the whitening I cant tell much because I just use this product for a few days yet. For its sunblock this is pretty great with SPF 40 but I read at the back instruction; Do not stay too long in the sun even while using sunscreen products. 
Now on the moisturizing, its very effective specially for me who has dry skin. Its keeps my skin hydrated for a long time. And its moisturizing component doesn’t leave a sticky feel. 

GT Cosmetics products are available in Watsons, SM Supermalls, Robinsons Malls, Gaisano Malls, Metro, Prince Hypermarket, and Mercury Drug.

Facebook: Facebook.com/gtcosmetics
Instagram: Instagram.com/gtcosmetics
Twitter: Twitter.com/iLuvGTcosmetics