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An Interview with Vina Morales


Me with Miss Kagay-an 2012 Greanne Trisha T. Mendoza who also interview Miss Vina for MagTV Na!

Me with Miss Angelina Lim owner of Ystilo Salson Limketkai.

Vina Morales at Ystilo Salon Limketkai

Last October 11, 2013, Actress-singer Vina Morales visited Ystilo Salson Limketkai branch for Ystilo Salon’s 15th Year Anniversary. I had the chance to interview with Miss Vina and it was actually my first time to do a celebrity interview. Good thing I prepared some questions on my mobile notepad. ^_^ So here goes a video of my interview.

Krispy Kreme CDO Pre-Briefing

You heard it right folks! Krispy Kreme invited CDO Bloggers, Bukidnon Bloggers and Lloyd of for a pre - briefing for Krispy Kreme CDO which will soon to open this coming November 2013 at the Limketkai Center. Oh Im so excited for this! 

Kasalan Sa Kagayan 2012

I love weddings! And I do hope mine will come soon. ^_^
This coming September 13-15, 2012 the Kasalang Filipino will yet again have its local wedding and tourism industry display at the Limketkai Mall Rotunda. What you will see at the Kasalan sa Kagayan 2012 are wedding fashion shows, bridal make-up competition, bridal make-up demo and the creative wedding displays from local wedding suppliers, wedding photographers and videographers.
Its actually the perfect time go hopping for wedding services since most of them will give you discount if you book for the services till the end of Kasalan sa Kagayan bridal fair.
Last Kasalan sa Kagay-an 2010 I was there and I cant imagine my reaction while hopping from one booth to another. After the last booth I visited, I said to myself my dream wedding will really leave my soon-to-be-husband's pockets butas! lol Anyways, I will still be going and do another booth hopping for wedding services. Who knows I might meet my future husband there also. lol
And oh! If your looking for a photo and video services for your wedding dont miss to drop by at One Happy Story booth they have freebies and merchandise to be given away for engaged couples. And they will also be giving promo rates for couples who'll book till end of bridal fair.

Mozilla Firefox 4 Launch Party

I attended the Mozilla Firefox 4 launch Party at Big Flat Bread (BFB) Limketkai yesterday. It was fun and I had a blast of pizza. :D During the party we discussed about the new feature of Mozilla Firefox 4 which encourage me to upgrade my current Firefox browser today. I usually don't upgrade my Firefox browser because of compatibility issues on some add-ons that I need to used for work. Knowing the risk I still give it a try and upgrade my Firefox. Check out my online web guide for the installation details, errors I have encountered and features which I find very useful even for those who are not doing SEO works.
You guys ought to try it also it offers great features that will make browsing in the internet easy and fast. Also help you organize most visited webpages. It also check up on suspicious sites, avoid Web forgeries, do not track option, and parental control.

Bonding with Friends At Limketkai

It was a blast day yesterday after I went Missy Bon Bon's Gelatorama, I had the chance to hangout with Janlac and Cherry. If I haven't mention it yet in this blog, both Cherry and Janlac have been my co-worker last year.
It was never a planned actually, I just texted Janlac if she's in Limketkai Mall and when she replied yes I then went over to her most favorite place in the mall --Worlds of Fun. Indeed she was there busy playing along with Cherry and also on Janlac's hand was a bag of stuffed toys and other prizes she gained from the WOF tickets. Which reminds me to thank Janlac for the stuffed toy she gave last month... Well, actually it was more of a "toynap" coz I didn't gave it back to her the moment I played with it. :D
Janlac loves collecting stuffed toys from Worlds of Fun that is why she always budget money and time visiting the place almost every weekend. Yeah a different kind of addiction which is beneficial coz playing is one of the best escape after a long week of work stress.

After a few games more at Worlds of Fun we then ate at Greenwich. And then went to CD-R King coz Cherry bought a mouse and lastly to Missy Bon Bon wherein our lucky table won an additional 1 cup of gelato.

Missy Bon Bon's 1st Anniversary

Yesterday was the 1st year anniversary of Missy Bon Bon! There were already lots of people inside and outside when I arrive. Everyone are busy eating and purchasing goodies and snacks. But the highlight of the celebration was the Gelatorama, it was like a feast of gelato's! There was a lot of new flavors to choose from and for costumers who had the Gelatorama pass including me had a blast of the unlimited gelato scoops.
There were also lots of prizes given like if you purchase a 200 worth of goodies will have the chance to pick an egg where you can found a prize inside. In the evening also there was a live band, Q & A games and prizes found under selected tables and chairs. Our table won a prize of yet another cup of gelato... hahaha

Heres our empty cups with my fellow CDObloggers...

Something About Fashion!

I have been planning for a fashion blog. However, since there's not much time for regular updates and don't have much ideas when it comes to fashion industry along with kikay tips I have decided to squeeze in a fashion blog here in my personal blog. I'm not really into the expensive brands when it comes to my things. Mostly I wear what makes me feel comfortable and confident. So basically I will just be blogging my fab outfits and then some details like where I bought it. Enjoy! ;)

Me going out, not for a Saturday night out but for CDOBloggers core group meeting at Missy Bon Bon.
Yellow Top, Skirt and footwear from Chili Girl Boutique, Limketkai Mall

Orion's Birthday Surprise!

Last Friday was the birthday of my freelance job team mate - Orion. It has been a month-long plan that boss is going to give Orion a gift with the help of the group. It took many gift suggestions before our boss agreed on giving him a surprise birthday instead. However, it was not a typical surprise birthday since Orion is from Pagadian and most of us or should I say the rest of the team are based here in Cagayan de Oro. So as per suggested by no other than myself ;) Orion traveled from Pagadian to Cagayan de Oro with free transportation provided. Our boss chatted him on the day of his birthday that he needs to travel Cagayan de Oro the next day for an emergency meeting with the rest of the team.

So Saturday Orion was pick-up at the terminal, treated to lunch, strolled Limketkai Mall, and enjoyed the teams company playing at the Worlds of Fun. Later in the afternoon they head on to Big Flat Bread for the supposed to be “Meeting”. A surprise Orion was shocked when he taught that BFB crew is just going to sing a Christmas carols at their table but instead they sung a happy birthday song for him. Sadly, I missed that part there! I was a late comer on that day... :P

So when I arrived I just grab a bite of BFB’s Godfather Pizza, finished two sliced of Red Ribbon Chocolate Cake, and took a sip on the Juice Coolers and then we headed to Willsbar Music & Video. The rest of the night was spent with music and a bottle of beer…

Sanuk Sandcastle Competion

Yesterday CDObloggers where invited for Sanuk Sandcastle Competition at the Limketkai Mall Parking Lot E. It was fun witnessing 8 groups busy building sandcastle's. They all have different designs in there sandcastle some of it are sanuk sandals, turtle, sharks, mermaids and different types of castle.
The winners of the event are:

Dark Green Team - Sand Nuke

2nd runner up
Lightgreen - Debuho Iliganon

1st runner up
Orange team - Adcashemanic


Big thanks to Sanuk and to Miss Tara Valencia for inviting the CDO bloggers at the Sanuk Sandcastle Competion. We will look forward for next year.

After the event we had dinner at The Bridge formerly Skypark at the North Concourse Limketkai Mall.

And as usual I ordered there specialty and my fave grilled stuffed squid.

Bonding With Couz And Niece

Earlier this afternoon my cousin called me up to go out for lunch. I was hesitant at first since I still have loads of work to finish but since this rarely happens and i'm not yet in the mood to work I decided to go out with her. We had lunch at Pancake House.

My cousin ordered for a Clubhouse Sandwich with Avocado shake...

I had a Mango Crepes with four season juice.

After lunch we went strolling at Limketkai Mall. Esa, my cousins daughter enjoyed the fun rides while my cousin went to buy a mouse and a laptop jacket like mine but unfortunately no size fitted her Dell lappy.

Next stop we went shopping for a lappy bag at Robinsons. I was browsing shoulder bags which is big and durable for my laptop while my couz went looking for backpacks. However, after looking around we both ended buying a very durable backpacks worth Php 1, 759 (originally Php 2 200).

It's already dark outside but couz still eager to buy accessories for her lappy. We found ourself at Handyman were couz bought a bed table for laptop.
And finally it's dinner time! We dine at Mooon Cafe were couz ordered for Porkchop and for me Mooon Steak.