Mozilla Firefox 4 Launch Party

Sunday, May 01, 2011

I attended the Mozilla Firefox 4 launch Party at Big Flat Bread (BFB) Limketkai yesterday. It was fun and I had a blast of pizza. :D During the party we discussed about the new feature of Mozilla Firefox 4 which encourage me to upgrade my current Firefox browser today. I usually don't upgrade my Firefox browser because of compatibility issues on some add-ons that I need to used for work. Knowing the risk I still give it a try and upgrade my Firefox. Check out my online web guide for the installation details, errors I have encountered and features which I find very useful even for those who are not doing SEO works.
You guys ought to try it also it offers great features that will make browsing in the internet easy and fast. Also help you organize most visited webpages. It also check up on suspicious sites, avoid Web forgeries, do not track option, and parental control.

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  1. That's awesome.
    I like using Mozilla better than other browsers.

  2. wow, this looks like a great event!
    stopping by from the blogger's exchange + do visit my site + i do hope you can join my giveaway too :)


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